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My Request For Compensation.

I will forward my appeal for compensation to the Governance, if had a lawyer now. With it no matter what happens, I make sure not one of them is around / escapes. I know almost all group freaks can do.

Since 1994, 365 days, 24 hours and each second (almost) of the day. Subjecting me to extreme torture. Ruining my life and keeping at it. Wherever I go and whichever country I went (decades ago). When I am working for this goodness cause, in the internet shop, they subject me to all torture. Also I am unable to think. Having sex with others and I (forced unnatural ejaculations, numerous times), from various distances and invisible, with their weapons. Transparent embedding porno images and etc, eyes shut. When I pray 10 mins, Divine Mercy chaplet, freaks destroy my concentration by several ways. One giving me sex images on my face and etc. Using all their weapons and techniques on me. Few of them inflicting according to their fancies. They also inflicted my elderly sick parents when, alive. Voters of the People's Action Party, all their lives. My right leg (calf and feet) is injured, accidents, whizzed pass death and etc. I only have $2/ dinner, glad that shop is there. While this group freaks, get pay, increment, bonuses, promotions. HDB flats and maybe condominiums. Concessions of all nature. Paid flight fares, hotel stay, hotel food, transport and others. CPF contributions. Cushy lives. Stealing others promotions. Their families fed well and etc (grades / exams, work and etc), including their parents (keeping it short). 40 to 50 Singaporean Indian females and males, NCOs and maybe grade. One female has not gone aboard. From within their own transmissions, which I am forced to hear (penetrates the brain and chest), one of their torture methods. Satanic ritualistic cult group.

I don't belong to any invisible or visible political party. Even if I was, that is not wrong. Nor of any unacceptable religion or race.

I am willing to pay a lawyer SGD 350,000/, after I receive my compensation (details later). How else I can.
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