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The Dark Sin
The valour of your fake strength..
Quenches my soul deep a length!
Chaining my pinions with the vows..
Won't create a new heaven now!

The marks of love of your rage...
Won't be a colourful camouflage!!
When you chose sunset over sunrise..
The bitterness crept round the corner in a miniature cage!!

Under the thatched roof of tenderness...
Rested a demon full of kindness!
The skin burns with the pleasures of sin..
Righteously the colour of broken means!

To the love of my eternal being....
Marital Rape is not just a thing!!!
-Suchismita Kundu

Behind those bars of my cage..
Lies my freedom to rage!
Under the ceiling of that shabbiest room....
Dwells my sanity in a frame!

I see them dancing with mirth...
With stain marks on their shirt...
Their insanity of being free..
Doesn't affect their educational degree!

The mischievous smile of the setting sun...
The mockery of the endless run..
The sound of the recess bell..
The cacophony of life in each cell!!!

The more I see my younger days..
Passion for life increases!
The days of the stolen past...
Circumferences around the trapped soul of an young adult!!
-Suchismita Kundu

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The sound of autumn bells..
The taste of festive hails..
The hue and cry of the mongers..
The traffic of the honkers!

There I stand aside..
On a path so wide...
Unknown to the way of the respectable...
I watch happiness chained in a stable!

The vermilion on your face..
Even your kohl is of praise!
Your lips smirched in colour...
Still it's just your honour to care!

I being the women of someone's need...
The plant of some unwanted seed...
The colour of the black canvas..
Hides the desire of my breed!

"You deserve to be like this"
Is the only phrase my ears kiss...
I'm not the soul of the improper...
Just the tag of the respectable lacks my honour!

RESPECT being a word of the dignified..
How come an escort's soul be sanctified?
The bitter marks of humanity..
Revolves around my stable until the arrival of the deity!

Days revolve with my shadow being kicked...
Nights revolve with my soul deceived!
Still the carve of your IDOL..
Needs the sacred mud of my dirty stable!!

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No one is born free...
Even the birds are chained to the sky😊😊😊
#positive_vibes #phototry #evening_clicks

Like the bubbles in the water,
Like the sound of the hawker,
Like the cacophony of the crowd...
Like the music for the loud!

Like the chilly winter mornings,
Like the sweet yearnings,
Like the roar of the falling dew..
Like the melody of the crew!
Like the kindness of the broken,
Like the song of the taken,
Like the love of the insane...
I rise like the Phoenix time and again!!!
-Suchismita Kundu

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The pain that is hidden behind the chaotic smile of millions of lives that is difficult to decode! Inspiring people to live life positively is the only motto!thanks :)
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