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ICYMI - 20 states now added to and updated! Check out the newly added links to Free Online Historical Newspapers. So far these 20 states are updated with 575 NEW links and a total of 6,670 links:

Alabama -
Alaska -
Arkansas -
Colorado -
Connecticut -
Delaware -
Georgia -
Indiana -
Maine -
Minnesota -
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Nebraska -
New Jersey -
New Mexico -
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Virginia -
West Virginia -
Wisconsin -

More states soon!

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The strangest story in the world
The story did not occur in the world
 He cuts off his hands for fear of God
The oldest young man ...... Ali Afifi is called upon to apply the law of God and set the limit on himself
After four years, his left hand was amputated without anesthetic by placing it on the rail of the rail to pass one of the train wheels. It was a horrific horror and justified that he wanted revenge from himself, which paid him and still pays him from time to time to steal the property of others .. After the wound wound the lightness of his right hand remained intact and the soul that caused this twisted warp did not preach and did not hide from the punishment of God, After his right hand returned the ball to the theft again, I again cut off his right hand in the same way as the first to remain without a hand. The amputation of the hands together for him repent to God to receive his punishment in the world before the Hereafter.
Some of the sources who reported the news that his father did not make mistakes in raising him is a mosque preacher and urged him a lot not to steal but things were beyond his will.
Strange in the news that this young man is considered the first thief in the world
Islamic law in Egypt applies to itself and cuts off the two hands under the wheels of the train to turn to God Almighty
And ended the news by presenting this young man who is afraid of repentant God
Oh God, thank you and thank you for wellness .. And God does not know ..
That Allah forgave him and that he will compensate him good, God willing .. Name Ali Afifi Address the village of Meet Hobeish Tribal Tanta Governorate Western province in the Arab Republic of Egypt and to reach me via telephone
or Wats or Emo 00201123901089
أغرب قصة تحدث في العالم
والقصة ولم تحدث في العالم
يقطع يديه خوفًا من الله
أقدم شاب...... يدعى علي عفيفي على تطبيق شرع الله عليه و إقامة الحدّ على نفسه
فبعد أن مر أربعة سنوات على بتره يده اليسرى بدون مخدر بوضعها على قضيب السكة الحديدية لتمر عليها إحدى عجلات القطار . وكان مشهدًا مرعبًا مروعًا وبرر ذلك بأنه أراد الانتقام من نفسه التي دفعته وما زالت تدفعه من حين لآخر للسطو على ممتلكات الآخرين.. بعد أن التأم الجرح خفة يده اليمنى ظلت على حالها والنفس التي تسببت في هذا الاعوجاج الخلقي لم تتعظ ولم تخف من عقاب الله، وبعد أن عادت يده اليمنى الكرة مقبلة على السرقة من جديد، أقدم من جديد على قطع يده اليمنى بنفس الطريقة الأولى ليبقى بدون يدين. وكانت عملية بتر اليدين معًا بالنسبة له توبة إلى الله لينال جزاءه في الدنيا قبل الآخرة.
وأشارت بعض المصادر التي أوردت الخبر أن أباه لم يخطئ في تربيته فهو مؤذن بإحدى المساجد وحثه كثيرًا على عدم السرقة لكن الأمور كانت تفوق إرادته.
الغريب في الخبر أن هذا الشاب يعتبر أول لص في العالم
يطبق الشريعة الاسلامية في مصر علي نفسة ويقطع ايدة الاثنين تحت أسفل عجلات القطار ليتوب الي الله عز وجل جلالة
وأنتهى الخبر بتقديم هذا الشاب الخائف من الله التائب
اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر على العافية .. واللهم لا تبلانا..
أن الله تعالى غفر له وأنه سيعوضه خيرًا إن شاء الله تعالى.. الاسم علي عفيفي العنوان قرية ميت حبيش القبلية مركز طنطا محافظة الغربية في جمهورية مصر العربية وللتوصل معي عبر الهاتف او الوتس او الايمو 00201123901089
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Irish ancestors? Several New free links (51 total) - Historical Irish American Newspapers Online. Use these (mostly) free links to search for your Irish ancestor newspaper articles.

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The Swiss National Library's new digital newspaper project has just been launched with 87 titles and over 3.6 million pages!

Check out the details at

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Did your ancestor or relative go to College? The student years are a substantial part of one's life. Maybe he or she were cited in the student newspaper. Worth some research on your part.

Here are 1,175 links to free historic student newspapers from all 50 states

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1,270 newly added FREE U.S. Historical Newspaper Links! - This Second 2018 Update now totals over 23,300 Free Online Historical Newspapers from all 50 states. Biggest updates from CA, FL, IN, MA, MI, NY, OH, PA, and TX. Click on the link below and then select your desired state to research!

Hutchinson, Kansas, USA, Obituary, Marilyn Olson, 2004

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