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Mah Oc drawing or whatever I call it x3

Hello and welcome to the drawing club, a fun community were you can draw and share it, or just share any drawings you like that you found on the Internet! Here are the rules, please follow the rules so the community is fun and safe for everyone, and do not break them.
1. Be nice to everyone!

2. A little honesty helps everything grow, always be honest and tell the drawers what they could improve on, but try not to be offensive about it!

3. In this community we do not accept any sexual content (naked people drawn drawings with swear words or sex in general)

4. We do not accept any content with blood and guts in it (unless if it's yandere simulator or five nights at Freddy's but don't make it too gross for some viewers)

5. Please do not hate on any of the people's artwork or do not hate on there personality and what they like as you never know what there going threw in real life

6. Have fun! And report to me or a moderator if there's any problems! And have a good time!

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