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Kinu: She smiles softly as she gently holds her hot cup of green tea, her soft pink hair glowing in the lights of Tokyo. She looks over to a nearby sign, as she does so it seems that to your perspective she is looking at you. Since she isn't that far off from you you call out to her and ask her what she's doing in a night like this. Kinu then jumps a little, finally noticing you after a few seconds. A bright shade of wine red blush fills her cheeks as she quietly responds with I..I was just t-trying to look to the sign..

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Name: Anabelle Yumeko

Age: unknown

Weight: unknown

Gender: female

Personality: quiet, reserved, hateful when approached, can be nice, dominate

Weapon: 9mm pistol, pepper spray, butterfly knife

Ability: able to create vivid illusions

Sexuality: bisexual

Bio: I seem like a typical teenage girl, but I have a dark obsession with making people suffer. I've lost count of my victims but know that I will torture you first. I have no regrets of my actions. I guess you could call me a serial killer. It's time to continue my reign of terror in another place.

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Name:Akane Mino



Likes:Milk,cuddles,and many things.....including Death.

Dislikes:Blood on my clothes, Losing control of "magentono".

Bio-Son of unknown parents, only to be adopted by humans. Always shy but can make things get very very tense if near. Hair changes to white if calm and controlled and eye color faded blue. Changes to black when Angry and annoyed and eye color is blue. When lost of control unusual infinite power is awakened for a short period of time up from 5mins to 8mins.
Personalities: Sweet.Caring.Kind. FatherandMother like role model. Always shy and distant most of the time
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Name: Kinu Kano

Age: 22

Kagune: Bikaku

Likes: Green tea, dark and quiet spaces, time for thinking

Dislikes: Loud places, crowded spaces, no time for thinking

Bio: She has never really had the time to meet anyone outside of her house ever since she was a little girl. Her parents never had the time to speak to her so she learned her academics alone in her room from a tutor they assigned her and so now if there were anyone to meet her she would just try her best to not bother saying hello or she'll just give you a small wave and continue on with her business, but if she trusts you enough she'll probably have a small conversation with you. She can have soft pink hair when she's calm enough but when angered her hair will turn from that pink to a deathly type of black.

Personality: Isolated, quiet, calm, shy, 
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