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You are allowed to choose existing characters from Movies, TV Shows and Comics that relate to Mechs and Robots. But if someone else takes that character you have to change it (For example, Optimus Prime's taken and you make him a Gundam).

Profile Essentials and Guidelines:

Name of Pilot:
Mech's Name:
Pilot's/ Mech's Age:
Mech's Powers:
Mech's Weapons:
Pilot's/Mech's Friends:
Pilot's/Mech's Enemies:
Pilot's/ Mech's Race:
Pilot or Mech's Hometown, world, universe or dimension:
Faction (Good or Bad):

Your Mech needs to have at least one weakness regardless of how minor it is.

Important Information:

A Tournament Starts when every 15th person joins.
War is able to start when the first Tournament has passed and if someone declares it.

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Zoid's name: Murasame Liger
Height: 9.2m
Weight: 87.0 tons
Max Speed: 307 km/h (190 mph)
Weapons: Murasame Sword (Signature), Dual Sword Cannon, Triple-Barreled Shock Cannon, Tail Blade
Team: Striker Team
Equipment: Pile Bunker (2)
Bio: The Zoid's main weapon and most distinctive feature is the Murasame Sword, a large blade on the Zoid's back. The blade is mounted on a swiveling arm, which allows the blade to cover a 300o arc and to swing 90o from the top of the Zoid to either side (similar to the Blade Liger), but only one side at a time, meaning the pilot has to constantly switch the blade's side and position depending on which direction the enemy is attacking from. The weapon is made from Metal Zi, an incredibly strong ancient metal. The Murasame Liger is fast and agile, its overall performance is comparable to the Liger Zero. To further enhance its performance, the Zoid is equipped with a pair of pile bunkers on its legs that allow it to make sudden high-speed turns.
The Murasame Liger Has two other forms that it takes:
The Mugen and Hayate Ligers.

Hayate Liger

Zoid's name: Hayate Liger (Murasame Liger's first form)
Height: 10.0m
Weight: 100.0
Max Speed: 420 km/h (266 mph)
Weapons: Murasame Blade, Murasame Divider, Chase Pile Driver (2), Cowl Strike Blade (9), Crush Bite, Strike Laser Claw (4), Tail Blade
Team: Liger Team
Equipment: Hayate Booster (2), Hayate Stabilizer Blade (2)
Bio: The Hayate Liger is a form that the Murasame Liger takes in certain situations.

Mugen Liger

Zoid's name: Mugen Liger (Murasame Liger's second form)
Height: 9.2m
Weight: 137.0 tons
Max Speed: 280 km/h (173 mph)
Weapons: 3-Shot Gravity Cannon, Crown Strike Blade (13), Mugen Blade, Murasame Blade, Crush Bite, Strike Laser Claw (4), Tail Blade
Team: Liger Team
Equipment: Infinite Belt Drive, Platinum Zi-Metal Armour, Smoke Dispenser (4)
Bio: The Mugen Liger is a form that the Murasame Liger takes when Situations are difficult and different.
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My Profile:
Zoid's name: Liger Zero Gold/ Zero Gold
Height: 10.8 m
Weight: 135 tons
Speed:  357 km/h
Weapons: Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (4), AZ 208 mm Double-Barreled Shock Cannon, Vulcan Pod (2), Flying Vulcan Pod (2), Laser Blades (2), Hybrid Cannon (2) consisting of AZ 216 mm Railgun and AZ 108 mm Beam Gun, Five Shot Missile Pods (2)
Team: Dawn Team
Equipment: Changing Armour System (C.A.S), Aero-Fairings (4), Large Ion Boosters (2), Side Thrusters (2), Multi-Blade Antenna (2), Objective Blade Sensor (2).
Bio: The Zero Gold's Construction Plan  was made during the war between The Imperial and Republican Armies (Chaotic Century) and was improved by the time Bit Cloud joined the Blitz team (New Century), it is now piloted by David. R Dawning and has better speed than that of the Zero Jager.
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