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10 things you need to know about a beard transplant

An increasing number of men are today embracing facial hair and beards as it is a global craze and sign of masculinity and not a clean-shaven look. As it takes some time to grow a beard and it can be a challenge for some to even grow stubble, this transplant can be the solution if you are keen at sprouting more facial hair. However before you head to your hair restoration surgeon, here are some important things you need to know.

1. Similar to a hair transplant
2. Takes time
3. Hair growth is like facial hair
4. Not only beards
5. Practically no pain
6. Fewer hair means fewer future hair losses
7. Varied reasons for a beard transplant
8. Shaving?
9. Permanent solution
10. No joking

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Men Are Spending On Transplants To Get The Perfect Beard !!
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After Beard Transplant : The hair growth will begin and continue to grow as it does on the rest of the beard, sideburns, and moustache.
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Stainless steel folding comb
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The lads take a rather slanted look at a certain select group of super efficient classic razors and then duke it out in a shave acronym showdown...epic! All this and more "mi shmegegi", which is *Spiddish...So poor yourself a cup of joe and a bowl of instant oatmeal it's time for episode 7 of I'd Lather Be Shaving!

[*Spiddish is not real.]

I'd Lather Be Shaving is a weekly, morning, Traditional Shaving Show! Join us each Friday morning as the boys dish out some not too well known history, DIY Tips and more, Much More...all this over coffee! Thanks for Watching and Stay Tuned!
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5 Tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard at #ThickerBeard

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Men love beards. Women love beards. So the question may not be “if” you should have one, but rather, which style do you want? Read on to find your beard mate. #facialhair  
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