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I × toy frddy or foxy or spring?
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Hi if u want me to advertise ur community u will need to give me mod

Rat: laughing
adventure Rat: eating candy apple
Spring Bonnie: drink tea
Andrea: drink milk ^^
Puppet: not laughing guys -_-
Funtime Chica: meow 0-0
Toy Chica: howls hi BF
adventure Toy Chica: mom you and Dad are weird
Nightmare: >: (
Adventure nightmare: -_-
+Danny BronxNY718
+Cute Little Toy Chica Fnaf

Toy Chica: -_-
Andrea: ,0-0
Golden Freddy: drink coffee
Puppet: you are both ok
Spring Bonnie: 0-0
Funtime chica: 0-0
Adventure Toy Chica: ;-;
Nightmare: drink coffee
Shadow Chica: hold bat
Adventure shadow Bonnie: MOM ;-;
Shadow Bonnie: 0-0
+*Andrea* .S
+Danny BronxNY718

Adventure Toy Chica: ear down dad miss you so much ;-;

Golden Freddy: turn Danny and adventure Toy Chica , Toy Chica into Wolf's woof
Spring Bonnie: -_-
Puppet: -_-
Andrea: ear down Toy Chica she not here guys
Funtime Chica: ear down oh no
+Danny BronxNY718​​
+*Andrea* .S

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Adventure Toy Chica ^^
Puppet: meow ;-;
Nightmare: meow
Spring Bonnie: woof ;-;

Golden Freddy woof >:3
+Danny BronxNY718
+Cute Little Toy Chica Fnaf

Toy Chica: Purring
Adventure Toy Chica: scared and cry
+Danny BronxNY718

Adventure shadow Bonnie: I have sisters
Andrea: ^^
Shadow Bonnie: ^^
Shadow Chica: ^^

Adventure Toy Chica I don't have one ;-;
Toy Chica -_-
+Danny BronxNY718
+*Andrea* .S

Toy Chica good morning BF
Adventure Toy Chica hold cupcakes
+Danny BronxNY718

Toy Chica *hi BF meow
Adventure Toy Chica eating pizza-_-
+Danny BronxNY718
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