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Name: Older Len Kagamine
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Neko,Human
Likes: Friends
Dislikes: bully's,mean people
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((open role play)) you are walking up some hills and you look down and you see me sleeping on one of them and is sound asleep

((open rp)) You're walking around and you walk up a large hill that's a bit away from the town and you see a small boy siting on a rock drawing

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Name: Sakura
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Races: human
Likes: sweet, new friend, fun, animal
Dislikes: spider and snakes

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Name: Sanai Moonlight
Age: 12
Race: half Vocaloid half angeloid
Likes: cats, rainbows, good weather, friendship, happiness
Dislikes: bad weather and bullies
Personality: very nice, sometimes shy, gets angry when you: mess with her friends/family, insult me or someone I love
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Name: Jaqlin
Gender: female
Race: neko
How I look: (picture below)
Likes: almost everything
Dislikes: Bullys... that's It.

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Name: Len kagamine. gender:boy. Race: neko Sibling: Rin Kagamine, And any other Rin and Lens. . Age: 9 Likes: bananas, anything that he thinks is fun, cooking , drawing, singing, making people happy. Dislikes: bully's, and mean people, and  seeing people sad ,being sad ,Scary movies, people that treat him like ......  Secret: Is a really good singer and a good cook and hates it when people don't like it or When People are mean to him.Moods: Is really really shy when meeting people. And is afraid of thunder.

I walk around the park and you see me wanting to make friends((open role play))

Name: Tenshi Akuma
Gender: guy
Likes: Miku, Rin, pancakes, the number 39.
Dislikes: radioactive potatoes, Luigi's glare of death, other stuff
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