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For everyone who joined I'm serious no fighting unless I'm there with a bowl of popcorn.
That pic don't look like I be joking

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Angels Quotes

1. It doesn't matter if you get pushed down. What matters is whether you decide to get back up.

2. When someone blocks your path keep walking 'cause there is no detour.

3. When there is an obstacle in your path, find a way through it, 'cause you can't go around it and you can't go over or under it.

4. Don't regret your mistakes 'cause your mistakes helped mold you into who you are now.

5. When you have a goal, strive for it. Don't let anyone stop you.

6. If you want to change the world, then change the world!

7. If you have an impossible goal make it possible.

8. When people laugh at your mistakes, laugh with them.

9. Cuts are meant to heal. Scars are ment to imprint. To remind you of the hard times. They remind you that you're here 'cause of these scars. That without these scars you wouldn't be where you are now. That with these scars you are You. That with these certain scars you will stay you and not anybody else.

10. You can rush all you want but there is always gonna be a line.

NOW LISTEN UO Y'ALL THERE IS NO FIGHTING!!!! Unless I'm their with a bowl of popcorn
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