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Fans of Fandoms (my page) has a new community! I hope you check it out. :D
This is strictly a role play community, and if you want to join, you have to think of a character you want and ask me if he or she is available. If this character is not, ask me for another one. But if he or she is available, you can create an RP account and ask to join! There are still a lot of roles that aren't taken! Please add to our numbers! :) Love to see you there. Requests are welcome, but they already may be taken! Oh, also, I will kick you out if you don't go on frequently so that someone else can have a chance to be that character. :) To ask me about a character, just comment with your request! Also, if you are a Doctor Who fan and would like to join a roleplay community like this one for that, there is a link to one in the community. (The idea for this community came from the creator of that community.)

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