Hello I'm new what do I do

Poppystar leapt onto the highrock and yowled. " All Cats Old Enough To Catch Their Own Prey, Meet Under The Highrock For A Meeting!"
The Clan flooded under the highrock and looked up at Poppystar.

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Lol me and my favorite flavor of mt dew

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Here Is A Animal Jam Photo Of Warriors!

PoppyStar  leapt down from her den, and padded over to WillowFall ( Her Deputy ). " Any News? " Poppystar asked. Willowfall nodded  " DarkCLan has been scented on our teritory " She growled. Poppystar sighed " I Just Don't KNow What To Do, Darkclan has been threatening us for our territory for a long time now. " Willowfall hissed " We Must Teach Them A Lesson!" She snarled

Thx for inviting me! :)

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