Is anyone still using this device? When they started advertising Lima Ultra recently I remembered where I put my Lima and tried to reinstall it. It keeps complaining about a failing update during the initial installation and I cannot get it to start even once. Any experience with the recent software or similar issues?

After many MANY wasted hours rtying to get this to work on W7 and W8, plus ruining my MacBook by "upgrading" it to the disaster that is El Capitain so it would work with LIMA, I have come to the conclusion that this product is unfit for purpose.  Anybody have an alternative view?

Anyone using Lima now? 

Is anyone actively testing their software at this point?

So is there any progress?
The current v.0.10.2 seems incompatible with Windows 10 - keeps crashing all the time...

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So I tried to upload my photo database (~30k images) onto my Lima device (3 TB HDD attached) and the upload-speed (copy from local folder to network drive in Explorer) of the files was okay. Not fast, but not too slow either. Comparable to a USB attached drive.
However, the Lima Systray-App still tells me, it is "transferring" the files.
This is going on for several days now!! What is going on there? What is taking so long?
It's just 30k files (~120 GB). Even with my limited upload speed to the internet, this file transfer would have finished several times by now (to GDrive, Dropbox, etc). But my Lima is in the local network and can be addressed directly using the local IP!

Also: I cannot see the list of files being transferred! The number of files there is varying from time to time between 400 and 600 - so this can only be a subset of all uploaded files. However, I assume these to be different files over time, as the number sometimes increases again.
Alltogether very strange behaviour and unclear to the user what is exactly happening.

I hope they are not transferring all files over the internet with their VPN to the drive, that is literally 1 meter away from my home computer!

Any clue, what's going on,+Lima ?

OK I moved some test files and it seems to work OK.  Is there a way to view pictures on a phone, the small picture they display is so tiny.  Also can you use Lima with a tablet?  If so, how do you install it?  Thanks in advance.

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