Help & Hope for Children with Digestive Disorders
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My Grand daughter is 12 weeks old and just dianosied with A1 Anti Trypsin Disease her liver has been effected since birth she is 7lbs 10 oz and on a high calorie diet and also on vitamins which she isn't absorbing at this point she is a very rare case and the only child with this disease in Western Ny if there is anyone else out there with this disease in would be interested in speaking with you so I can find out more 
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Nikhil Pai

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So far this group is basically the: Nik, Eric and Jason club.  But with a logo.
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Aimed to promote NASPGHAN Foundation and (which is undergoing heavy maintenance in terms of content and hopefully function).
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About this community - the patient and parent education website for children and teens with digestive disorders

Morgan M

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Hi I watched one of your videos about constipation and I liked the video +GI Kids 
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