Hey guys!! I´m REN!!
I´m visited this community!!!!

Talk if you can read this, whatever happened to the server? I haven't been on to see what's going on.

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Takkanny needs to fix this server, have 1 port, unban david, and make it so we can actually play.

Takkani if you read this than the new mixed port thing sucks. Plz get rid of it. I cant play anymore.

Im working on the spleef now :)

Well this community is officially dead.

Guys , what's the ip ? I'm new here

What should I do to become vip of this server?

The guy who got VIP class have to login every time.
When you join, it says "Type the password" so you have to type the pass phrase whatever you want and you have to login everytime you join after register.
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