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+Bucky Barnes
After this week we will do the rivalry games then week 2.

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I tweet

What's up I am going to be in LA for my autograph signing party with the Raiders

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Texas Tech

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I call Clemson

Rivalry Games
Louisville vs Kentucky(CBS)
New Fashioned Hate
Georgia Tech vs Georgia State(Acc Net)
Miami vs Florida(ABC)
Tennessee vs Memphis(ABC)
Houston vs Texas State(ESPN)
Texas vs Texas Tech(Fox)
Georgia vs Georgia Southern(ESPN(
Alabama vs S.Alabama(later on)
S.Georgia vs W.Georgia(ESPN)
Tennessee Tech vs Tenn-Martin(ESPN)
Mid Tenn State vs Tennessee State(ESPN)
Iron Bowl
Auburn vs Alabama(CBS)
The Game
Michigan vs Ohio State(ABC)
Michigan vs Michigan State(later on)
Illnois vs Chicago State(ESPN)
Indiana vs Notre Dame(later on)
Indiana vs Purdue(ABC)
Green Bay vs Wisconsin(ESPN)
Syracuse vs Rutgers(ABC)
Stanford vs Cal(Fox)
UCLA vs USC(Fox)
Virginia vs Virginia Tech(Acc Net)
North Carolina vs NC State(Acc Net)
North Carolina vs Duke(later on)
UNC vs Wake Forest(ESPN)
Buffalo vs Rutgers(ABC) later on
Buffalo vs Syracuse(ESPN)
Oregon vs Oregon State(Fox)
Territorial Cup
Arizona vs Arizona State(Fox)
Colorado vs Colorado State(Fox)
Utah vs Utah State(later on)
Clemson vs S.Carolina(Sec Net)
Air Force vs Colorado State(later on)
Air Force vs Hawaii(ESPN)
Alabama vs rest of the sec
Georgia vs Georgia Tech(later on)
Alabama vs Penn State(later on)
Thompson Cup
Army vs Navy(ESPN)
Battle of The Tigers
Clemson vs Auburn(later on)
Auburn vs Florida(later on)
Auburn vs Georgia Tech(later on)
Battle of The Tigers 2
Auburn vs LSU(later on)
Auburn vs Tennessee(later on)
Auburn vs Tulane(later on)
Backyard Brawl
Pittsburgh vs West Virginia(later on?)
Battle for Nevada
Nevada vs UNLV(ESPN)
Baylor vs Texas A&M(later on)
Baylor vs Texas(later on)
Baylor vs TCU(FOX)
Battle of The Palouse
Idaho vs Washington State(later on)
Baylor vs Texas Tech(later on)
Bedlam Series
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State(Fox)
Battle 4 Idaho
Boise State vs Idaho(ESPN)
Boise State vs Nevada(later on)
Border War
Kansas vs Missouri(later on)
Boston College vs Rest of acc
Cal vs USC(later on)
Battle for Cali
Cal vs UCLA(later on)
Boston College vs UMass(ESPN)
BYU vs Utah(Fox)
Cincinnati vs Louisville(ABC)
UCF vs Uconn(ESPN) later on
Georgia State vs S.Alabama(ESPN)
Clemson Vs Georgia(Sec Net)later on
Colorado State vs Wyoming(ESPN)
Colorado vs Nebraska(ESPN) later on
Crab Bowl Classic
Maryland vs Navy(ESPN)
Auburn vs Georgia(ABC)
Boston College vs Notre Dame(ABC)
And More

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South Florida

Can I have Louisville

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LA Tech

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