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To install Go FPV from the Google Play store, click this link to become a beta tester:

Then install the app:

You just need one of these UVC USB Capture Cards and a recent Android phone. You must get a USB capture card that supports UVC! Easycap cards may be supported in the future but are currently not supported.

Install the app before buying the capture card and it will check if your phone should be compatible. If you see a thumbs up in the app, it should work and you can order the capture card.

Please post any issues, comments or suggestions to this forum and do my best to take care of 'em.

Thanks for trying out the latest version of Go FPV!

I want to use this with an Eachine ROTG01 and a Lenovo Tab 4, has anyone tried that combination or any of the Lenovo tablets? It works great on my Edge 7 (Android 7.0) but not my Fire 7 or my Samsung Tab E Lite. I believe that's due to no UVC driver support on those tablets.

Has the issue been addressed with Android 7.0 and above yet? If not when can we expect this to come? Ive been holding off from posting a review video on the phone dongles because I want to mention this app but cant until I can use it on my nexus phones.

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Hi I was wondering if my Samsung Galaxy s5 will work with this app. I'm planning to use one of those phone video receivers so I don't need to buy an expensive screen.

Can you help me with VIVO X3S mobile seems that the app is not compatible with my phone.. I bought the OTG FPV 5.8G receiver from banggood. Any solutions or any compatible app that i can download from the Play Store.

Thank you in advance

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Have I got a nice thing for you:
And it works with Go FPV

Hi. I have a UTV007 chipset usb video capture. Is an EasierCap. It gives me a black screen with this app, but with fpvDrone it works flawlessly. Is that chipset UTV protocol? I tested in a Moto G and in a Moto Droid Turbo with the same resoults, both Android 6.0.

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Hi guys how can i conect the video receiver directly to the uvc adapter without the needed to uses all the av cables i want to use a vr box 2 but i want to make a clean build without a lot of wires

By the way this adapter does work perfectly

To be able to support wide range of devices and driver won't be a problem how about the community will move into something like this?
A wireless solution. The only thing that is missing is an app ;)
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