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Time to make some ground rules for this community. .3.

For member, mods, and owners:

1. You may only make rants about PonyTube or PonyTubers. Any posts that are irrelevant to PonyTube will be removed.
2. While we allow and welcome bluntness in your rants, rudeness is NOT allowed. Anything we deem rude will be removed.
3. Please put things in the right categories. Save us mods and owners the time.
4. Do not insult people because of their opinions. That is considered rude and will not be tolerated.
5. Do not post spam here. All spam will be removed.
6. You may not become a mod or owner if you joined recently. You haven't had a chance to prove yourself yet. Trust me, you will be promoted if I find you worth it.
7. If you want someone banned, you need a good reason. Nothing like "I just don't like them". If that's true, you may ask me to remove them from the community, if you really don't wanna have a fallout with them. But, for someone to get banned, they need to have legitimately done something wrong.
8. Nobody is going to be outright banned unless they do something incredibly heinous. Members will have 3 strikes before getting outright banned. If someone breaks a rule, then, they will gain a strike. If they get 3, they're banned from the community.
9. If you're new to the community, please read the rules. I don't wanna have to warn any newbies because they didn't read the rules. Be responsible.
10. Swearing is allowed. (just nothing like the "f-word" or the "n-word" or the "c-word", or something like that)

For mods [and owners at times]:

1. No flaunting your position to any regular member. It will result in a demotion. [I include myself.]
2. You must ask to become an owner. Give me good reasons as to why you'd be a good owner.
3. You may not accept any mod requests if you are not an owner.
4. No random banning.

For owners:

1. No flaunting your position in front of mods or members. This is self explanatory by now.
2. Don't randomly ban people for no reason. You need a reason and others aware of the situation in order for it to happen.

How to get someone banned:

1. If you want someone banned, request for one. Provide proof as to why this person should be banned.
2. Get 2+ people to agree w/ the ban before it can actually commence.

Miscellaneous reasons to get banned:

- Mod/member/owner abuse
- Rude attitude
- Rants that come off as hurtful or rude
- Ignoring mods/owners/other members
- Trolling
- Hate/Hate speeches
- Spying on us (may be quite rare)
- Consistently posting spam/"reshare or x" posts
- Falsely accusing us of anything/fallacies
- Hypocrisy
- Using slurs
- Bullying

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the "Q and A" category.

If you need any of the mods/owners, please tag any of them.

Here's the list of the current mods/owners, just in case you need them:

+Pizza  Flame (Owner/creator of the community)

+MLPHarmonyBirdsong™ (Owner/me)

If I missed anything or anything needs to be added, let me know! :3

Hey it's Aaliyah/Rainbow Star and I am hoping this is a rant(please tell me it is O^O)
So this is about the MLPTube slogans.I just find them overusing the sentence "Where ponies come alive"Some PonyTubers use it but just switch the words around or make it fairly similar like "Where MLP aren't just toys" or something like that.I am not trying to offend people who have these slogans,I am just trying to say to make it different and unique.I agree it's hard to make your own slogans but if you take time to create one,you might just be able to make a great channel slogan!(I apologize if this is terrible I am not that GREAT at making rants .-.)

Strike one given to princes lilly hearts.


- Posting things irrelevent to the community
- Attempting to suck sympathy out of us

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Changing the community photo to this. .3. I think it fits. What do you think?

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Hello, My name is MlpSkylaFrost and yet, im already going to start a rant this INSTANT.
There is this youtuber named CloudySherbet and she has been a real jerk. First in this youtuber called +MLPHarmonyBirdsong™​. Harmony made a video called "The Top 5 Things Pizza and Harmony do when they are bored" When
Their entertainment was still happening this Cloudy Sherbet came along and destroyed it. She said that Harmony was copying Pizzas video when Pizza was actually in this video. Next on another eventual day, she came back but instead on Pizza Flames video. She said she was permanently sorry when that guarantee wasn't even relied on.
Yet, Pizza gave her chance and Harmony refused to forgive her. Cloudy obviously hates Harmony so she started acting like a true bully again. Then, Pizza stopped her so called "CHANCE" since she's still her previous attitude. After that, she refuted and then starts white knighting me and +MlpTurquoise Turtle™​ just so we can defend her. Yet, me Turquoise refused to defend her since she was the real true bully.
Now not only she white knights, denies, acts stupid. She also told Pizza and Turquoise to die.when that comment was formed, it was night time for Turquoise and she actually wanted to die weather it was for attention or true statements.
She also swears and more.

Please do NOT block this person, yes she was rude but maybe we can change her attitudes.
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