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digiKam 5.8.0 will come with a new UPNP/DLNA server inside...

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a problem with appImage and my databse mysql I think...

I tried to load appImage new DK 5.6 but I got an error in the final upload ... attached photo

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Good morning, all boys, I've been using digikam for years with great success and suggesting it to others as well.
Unfortunately I still can not understand the actual use of the tags in relation to the xmp file and database.
I've changed my database several times by moving sqllite to mysql on external server nas in NFS format.
Currently I'm writing a tag to me regularly writing it in .xmp (I do not know if it also writes in database), reopening it reads me regularly.
but if you move the tag under another "tree" or join some tags, the .xmp file remains anchored to the first one, ie I have to manually make a "write metadata in the image" from the context menu ....
and this should not be so
so i do not know how to first write the tag in .xmp and the second tick, moving and editing "tag trees" writes in the database?
having thousands of photos with multiple tag trees I've changed has lost a lot of information ....
It would also be nice to have the function of directly linking some tags that have split up under other "trees" automatically or semi-automatic ...
have you an idea on workflow about "tag"

this image is only an axample...

Guys, I have problem with Digikam 5.6 on my new laptop HP x360 running WIN10. Digicam can't access default Windows storage c: so it only shows thumbnails, but it would not open or preview any picture, while on SD card, for instance, everything works just fine. It have tried to allow full access in permission settings first for the pictures folder and later even for the whole entire drive, but no success. Running Digikam as Administrator was also useless. Do not know, what to do...
Any suggestions, pls?

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Randa 2017 projects

#Randa2017 is heating up. More things we are finding out from developers is that they will be working on improving Kdenlive's user interface; pushing forward with Kube, the new email, contacts, calendaring, and tasks software that will take over from Kontact; and KMyMoney, KDE's personal finance assistant, will get a more consistent keyboard behaviour and help with its port to Windows.

Stay tuned for more!

Help us make Randa possible by donating to the crowdfunding campaign:

Does anyone here know of a way to search by custom EXIF tags within DigiKam? I'm re-organising my photos and would like to separate the RAW and in-camera JPEG files from the JPEGs produced by post processing in applications. I can see the EXIF field that I want to use in the metadata viewer when I select a photograph: "Image Information -> Software". This contains values like "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom" or "RawTherapee". However I can't find any way to search or filter on that field. Is there a way to search for, for example, all photos produced using RawTherapee?

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digiKam digiKam clone tool in action, done by a student this summer. I think to include this tool in next 5.8.0 release...

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I just completed the digiKam 5.7.0 official bundles. The source code tarball will be build tonight. Announcement will be done next week, when all files will be uploaded to KDE files repository.
Note : more than 500 bugzilla files have been closed with this release.

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