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"The Assassin and the Prince"

Dipper Pines was one of the best Assassins in town IF not the best that the town had. He had no friends...No family...Just him, Work, And his money. That's the thing he couldn't work without....Payment. He had killed time and time again no matter who was the target, He had a price. The higher the position of the target the More silver it costed. Recently he was given a "quest" or a "hit" for the Prince of This Trash heap...Y/N. Somebody obviously shared his hatred and wanted to see him dead, Of course Dipper asked no questions and had agreed because...Money is Money and he needed it. Around Twelve Thousand Silver did the trick to assure that he took the job. He got dressed in a simple jumpsuit wearing a cloak over his clothes and finger-less gloves to assure that he didn't lose his grip on the bow or knife if it came to close combat. Soon after he set off with his weapons and things of that nature towards to the Palace. He hid atop a nearby building, his bow carefully aimed at the Prince's heart, He narrows his eyes slightly as the bodyguard stood watch. The Bodyguard was looking around cautiously but...something seemed "off" about him, Dipper tightened his grip on his bow when he heard a loud caw as a crow flew out from behind him causing him to jump slightly causing him to misfire...the arrow landing in the dirt by the Prince's feet. Y/N jumps as he looked to his feet in astonishment, meanwhile his body guard had caught sight of Dipper. He cursed under his breath and makes an attempt to hide himself before the Prince saw.Y/N's Bodyguard lets out a shout before Dipper feels heat on his upper arm, having to bite his tongue to keep from screaming, It's obvious only now that the guard is a sorcerer "Of course...Of fucking course a god damn Sorcerer! Fuck me gently with a god damn Chainsaw." He whispered to himself before the Other guard hurls his dagger as He jumped down from the lodging into his shoulder groaning and wincing in pain landing in front of the prince.. 'Get him and bring him to the Dungeon.' Y/N Commanded, the guard giving a heavy and painful bash to his skull causing him to pass out. After a while Dipper woke up in a Dark Dungeon, The first thing he noticed was the smell. Though being tolerable it smelled like Cow Manure and Rotting Flesh. Surprisingly enough they hadn't bothered to take his cloak, he goes to reach for his dagger chains pull his hand back. 'You're awake...' He was so busy he hadn't noticed the prince in the room, He simply grits his teeth ignoring the other before Y/N...

✦5+ Lines
✦Open to Anyone really but mainly Uke ✦Comment "Caged Assassin" if you read it all and desire a PP

"Even beauty is found in the rot of war;"
"In the grass that grows from the mouths of dead men,"
"In the crimson pools that plague obsidian shores."
"And in a world such as this, war never descends;"
"It merely blooms again, like a field of ruby poppies."

((Roleplay will contain dark and extreme themes, such as war, torture, rape, and bondage. Be prepared to write descriptively, and match the persona of a cruel and abusive king, prince, or warlord. You may choose your character's title and race.))

It was not supposed to end the way it did.

Every warrior cried for the loss of their beautiful and holy queen as she was struck down before their ranks. Their sacred realms were brought to ruins beneath their feet. Their brethren and elven sisters fell beside them, with their own swords lodged between their ribs, and their own blood spilling from their gullets. But the elves fought on. Even as their land was ravaged by the opposing army and their livestock stolen, they had sworn to fight until the bitter end.

And a bitter end it was.

The only elves that remained were a mere one thousand, being held as war prisoners in a kingdom that was not their own. They were forced into slavery, and when the king found out that the elf queen's own son was amidst his slaves' ranks, he had him caught, bound, and brought before him for his own personal use.

*He was dragged before him now, thrashing in the guards' vice holds, angered beyond words. He would not be broken easily, but the king was prepared for that.*

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"Stop Kyo!! Stop!! He's had enough!!" y/n is my younger brother and you live with me ever since our mother and father moved to another country. Since it was my job to take care of you I thought it may be a good idea for you to come work at my bar as a singer. Many people loved your voice and music including me. One night when I was working behind the bar making drinks while you were singing I heard a man shouting for you to get off stage. I looked over at him and saw that he was drunk I saw him pick up his cup and through it at you. At that time everything went blank and I walk to him and started to punch him "don't. You. Ever. Though. Something. At. My. Brother!" When I punched him I got him in the jaw breaking it then I continued to punch him. That's when you ran to me trying to get me to stop. That's when some workers came and pulled me off of him so I would stop.

((You the one with white hair))

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Seme needed to roleplay as Wade please
Anything is allowed, except killing Peter. The most is nearly killing him but not fully.

"Peter! Don't go there!"

I giggle hearing my dads both yelling at me, the famous Tony Stark aka Iron Man, and the famous Steve Rogers aka Captain America were my parents, well adopted parents. They heard about my situation of no parents, no one to take care of me, and well Steve found me in an orphanage while he was doing charity work. He noticed something strange about me but he didn't know what exactly. They were wonderful parents, even though they'd fight sometimes they'd make up and be happy with me. Today, we were at the park since I loved being outside, and well, I had a sort of 'stalker.' Honestly, it wasn't a full grown adult, but it was you. You were my age, and you had superhero parents too, they were already training you while I was still oblivious to many things. Since you were getting trained, you would use those moves to follow me around, for some reason you felt this strange attraction to me, and you followed it. Exactly how we became friends.

At the beginning we adored being around each other, but when you became seven you were a bit, too affectionate. I didn't know what it meant, you did since your parents taught you majority of things by now, even the non-superhero things. You knew you were gay, and you hope I was too since I'd blush, but since I had two overprotective dads I didn't fully comprehend much of the crush and love scenes. Years slowly passed which meant we should practically be best friends and know everything about each other, but our relationship took a turn for the worse. It was one day in middle school, I was talking about one of my new friends, Gwen Stacey and how cool she was. Honestly, you hated it, you wanted me to stop but I wouldn't stop talking, not even for a second. Suddenly, you punched me, which got teachers involved our parents involved, everyone. And after that, we never talked. You regret it honestly, but I would avoid you, a bit hurt that you did that but also because my 'family' which included Hawk Eye, Black Widow, Hulk, etc. told me to stay away from you. And we both knew, I always listened to my family. So I stayed away, for years, until we had to talk, when we got into the Avengers.

You didn't exactly know that I was Spiderman, you just knew that he was someone who sounded familiar and well talked the same, I knew that you were Deadpool, since well it was obvious. After a while, you figured it out and you took advantage of these missions since you knew I couldn't avoid you even if I wanted to. When we weren't on missions, you didn't know where the hell I was, but at the call of being a hero I would appear almost out of no where and whisk you away with me so we could fight. Today we were supposed to go around and patrol the area, I was frustrated since I didn't see you at all where we were supposed to meet, in fact I didn't see you at all. I went to your house before growling lowly, a bit that you were asleep and well, you had a body pillow of me. "Wade! Get up!" I yell at you sternly, you...
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Open RP
Master X slave

You have been my slave for a while now, your still a little miss behaved but you listen every now and then. I sigh as I walk into the room I keep you in. Your laying down on the bed in only boxers. I shake you a little to wake you up

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We decided to have a little work out session together. I start doing some pull ups and you came out of no where and pulled down my shorts. If I would have let go I would have fell so I tried to go down slowly but you came underneath me and started licking my butt hole what are you do? i yelled from the licking slowly getting hard why do you taste like cum? you asked. I started blushing deeply as you continued licking

((Rough seme needed. Please ask first and state your name after asking. No one liners and no text talk and of course there will be lemon))

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Of all the sinners,
You're first in line,
So go to hell and tell the devil I'm not that far behind!~
Fuck you and your decisions!
'Cause it's not mine!~
What goes around comes back around in time!~
You don't know shit!
You don't know shit, about me!
You don't know shit! Shit! Shit!
Don't know a god damn thing about me!~
Keep looking down on me, I am more than you'll ever be!
Cut me deep but I won't bleed!
Go to kick! Kick! Kick me when I'm down!
By all means, put me through hell and I'll make you see
I'll be your worst enemy!
Try to kick! Kick! Kick me when down!
Kick me when I'm down! Down! Down! Kick me when I'm down! Down! Down! KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN!

Loud cheering and clapping emitted from the crowd. Y/N especially. You adored this handsome and dangerous looking rockstar, his name was Damon. Damon was the lead singer of a very popular rock band. Both women and men fell for him because of his looks. He was around 6 feet with scarlet red hair and crimson eyes. He wasn't very muscular but remained pretty toned. He also had a few piercings along with a dragon tattoo on his left arm. As the young male put down his microphone he made eye contact with Y/N. His hair was loosely fallen in front of his face as a small smirk teased his lips, he then handed Y/N a backstage pass before he walked offstage. After the audience was beginning to clear out Y/N made his way backstage, beaming in excitement since he was about to meet his idol. Damon was in his dressing room removing his sweat stained white t shirt, revealing his toned torso as Y/N walked in. Damon grinned as he looked at the other, running his fingers through his hair "So I hear you're my biggest fan huh?"~

-I apologize for the rather long intro but I really love this storyline, the song in the beginning is Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens if you'd like to know.

-A uke is needed by the way

-Just so that I know that you read the intro comment "Kick Me!"

-No one liners please, try to be descriptive, I worked really hard on this starter.

-Lastly, have fun!
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• Theme:  Marauders Lullaby
 • Name: Shay Shadow-Moon
 • Alias:  Cat spirit
 [Basic Details]
• Gender:  Male
 • Age:  20
 • Race:  Human
• Species:  Human-animal hybrid
 • Date of Birth:  10-09-1995
 • Birthsign: [Zodiac] Liberia
• Place of Birth:  Lab underneath the Capital
• Languages Spoken: Animal, English, Italian
• Faction/Guild: (Abandoned) Spider web
• Rank: Spymaster
• Relationships:  None
[Biographical Details]
• Personality: Kind, sweet and deceptive Shay is by far a true master of deception, never letting anyone know what he is truly thinking or feeling he feels safer keeping his problems to himself and distasting himself from others
• Biography: Shay was unlucky when he arrived at the capital, he was a simple country bumpkin seeking a way to the top of the imperial army, he planned on during it with his skills and determination but he was plucked off the streets the first night he stayed in the city and was experimented on to create the ultimate spy, one that was silent and good one   He was placed as the head master of Spider Web there reconocence team tasked to find Night Raid's base and silently take them out, after multiple failures the program was shut down and the members executed as traitors to the country, Shay managed to escape and is now doing odd jobs for private employers.
Other: He is Gay
"Secrets are valuable to everyone, and everyone is willing to pay to keep them from coming out"
-Shay Shadow-Moon

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(Yaoi!!! Open to sub male) you've been in an arranged marriage sense birth. A lovely girl. Her name was Ally. And she always came over every summer to visit you and the rest of your family. You where both very rich people. Your parents beleived in love at first sight. They thought you really loved Ally but you knew they would accept you changing your mind on what you wanted, company or love. You've been the best of friends with Ally for forever but when you get to her place for the first time and you meet her brother. And you felt instantly different. You had been walking by when you saw me meditating in the garden a waterfall behind me and a soft mist by me. You tried to get closer to me and I jump up and you feel a cold blade to your neck. I was a samurai?!
Continue from this:
Ally called out to us "(y/n), Kanda! What's wrong?" she asked running over "this... Baka... decided to disturb me." I hiss and Ally gets between us "it's okay Kanda... I'm sorry I've got this..." she gently pulls you away and I slowly sit back down and put my sword away closing my eyes and meditating again "sorry.... that's my big brother Kanda.... he doesn't like to be bothered unless it's important... but he'll be around later... you can talk to him properly at dinner."

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My name is Daisuke 'Dai' Wakahise, 17 years old, uke
Please state Name, age, Seme please
It's a long term RP, no immediate sex please or at least build up to it
Three lines please, preferable/Cussing may be involved, I don't mind the words cock, ass, etc.
Anything is allowed, kinky or not, aka toys and other things are allowed, please be over-protective, slightly clingy, easily jealous

_ Let's go in the garden. You'll find something waiting. Right there where you left it. Lying upside down._

You laughed as you ran outside to go and play with your family, but you stopped standing on your lawn. Across the street, a family was moving in the house, you watched as they carried boxes inside and would come out to get more, the cycled repeating. You were about to ignore it, until you see a boy around your age, peeking out the car before he hid again, you walked over to the car, well sneak your way to it before you suddenly open it. There a white haired, light grey eyed boy sat there, looking scared before he turned to where the sound came. "Who are you?" You asked making the boy pale, you didn't understand why he didn't reply until you feel someone gently pull you back. Your mom talked with the other boy's mom, he was still hiding in the car. You snuck in closing the door, the boy sighed in relief thinking that you were outside. Out of nowhere you spoke again. "Who are you? Are you going to live here now?" The boy was whiter than a sheet, he just fumbled a bit before he nodded, his hands were on a guitar as he whispered. "Y-Yeah, I'm Daisuke, who are you?" You grinned as you shook his hand. "I'm (Y/N)! Nice to meet you! Let's be friends!" The boy slowly smiled, realizing he had a new friend. After a few years, of having to go to his house and nowhere else, you figure it out, he is blind. You decide to make a way for him to move around, you made small signals to tell him when and where to walk, to step, you'd write things down and describe it to him, you did everything to make him see, you were his eyes. He didn't mind, in fact because of you he became more open, he was a bit shy, but when he got his hands on a musical instrument, he played his heart out. He was a musical prodigy and you were a (Please state what kind of prodigy). You told him of a college, one where prodigies would go to learn, it was near home and you were willing to go, you even got him to be excited. One day, you got the chance to get into the prep school, training kids to get into that school, but it's out of state, it saddened you but you left. You didn't leave a note, voicemail, message, nothing. Just left. That was 10 years ago.

"When you finally find it. You'll see how it's faded. The underside is lighter. When you turn it around."

You finished the prep school, top of the class in fact, but you had to work hard and barely got accepted into the college. You were going back into your home town, happy that you might see old friends, family, and him. However when you got home, you saw that his parents were at home, he wasn't. Maybe he'd come home from school and hear that you were home, run and welcome you. That didn't happen for the rest of the summer. It was finally time to move into your dorm, two days before school started you took your things to your dorm, your dorm-mate was there already apparently. You walked in seeing an albino, he was laughing with some friends, you were excited at first, but realized it wasn't him. He was blind, anti-social without you, shy this couldn't be him, this albino was quirky, random, loud, outgoing, and most importantly not blind. You were about to say hi but you saw he walked right past you, his eyes were cold and he didn't have a smile anymore. You set up, you'd never see your dorm-mate unless it was when he left or came back, you never knew where he would go.

"Everything stays. Right where you left it. Everything stays. But it still changes."

It was finally time for school, you enjoyed seeing prodigies interact with other prodigies, you'd sometimes see your dorm-mate, but he was usually with his gang, so you'd never get close enough. You had to take English and Math, everyone did no matter what, and guess what, you had those classes with your dorm-mate. You noticed he sat down in class with a phone out, ready to record, he wouldn't write notes and he would just sit there, listening, nod as he understood. One day, during English, the professor asked two people to act out Romeo and Juliet, just the ballroom and kiss scene, he chose your dorm-mate and one of the many out-of -the-closet guy musician in the school. You sighed as you thought this would be boring, but no, the albino made it interesting, he sang the dialogue in a ballad, but a edgy tone as the other male took the dialogue into opera you watched as they danced and sang, it was beautiful. Everyone was entranced, when the kissing scene the taller male hesitate but the albino pulled him into a kiss, the two decided to play a bit by grinding against each other before they broke the kiss. They bowed as the professor hit them with a rolled up script of the play. "Thank you Dai and Jon, for that wonderful performance." Your eyes widened slightly as you looked at the albino, he high-fived the other male as he grinned winking at the teacher. "No problem prof!" The other students laughed as you watched him, you watched as his smile disappeared, he glanced towards you and you could see it all, the hatred, anger, sadness. On a side note, the drama department was going to throw a play of Romeo and Juliet.

"Ever so slightly. Daily and nightly. In little ways. When everything stays."

You would stalk the boy a bit, see if it really it Dai, the one you knew was shy and just, so awkward. They were the complete opposites, this Dai was loud and open, once he kissed a random guy and they went to the club, after they would call each other bro but still kiss. Another time, him and his friends were in a Chuck. E Cheese, playing all day and night. You sweat-dropped as you watched this boy, who looked, independent, fun, and just weird in a good way, you finally saw something that confirmed, this boy was Dai from your childhood. It was his guitar, the guitar he's always had since the day he was born, he was playing it in the living room of our dorm, his eyes were closed as he hummed softly laying down on the couch. You made sure to not make a sound, slowly you made your way to him. When you got to him, his song stopped and he looked up before he sat up about to leave till you grabbed his shoulders. You were about to hug him till you felt your hands being slapped away, his eyes were narrowed, they didn't stare directly at you, but you could feel the anger radiating off him. "Don't you dare fucking touch me." Your eyes widened shocked as he ran out, after that you stalked him even more, you became obsessed, his friends saw that you were stalking him so they would always be with him, protecting him from you. Soon, you'd start leaving gifts on his desk, his locker, near his classes, anywhere you know he'd be, you left the gifts there, his friends of course would throw them away. You became a bit obsessed with Dai, wanting him to be only yours, wanting to have him love you, care for you, need you, lust for you, everything and anything, you wanted him to only think, of you. That was your mission, well you had two, one was to figure out why he was mad the second was to make him yours. You saw him one day, he was at a cafe sitting alone on the balcony, you...
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