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This is the Google+ community for the Alpha test of the "Drones in Schools" challenge.

The broad aims are:
- For students to design, make and test a drone using open source parts.
- To compete against others student Engineers.
- To develop expertise in free / open source CAD/CAE e.g. OnShape, etc.
- For students to make significant Design and Engineering decisions in areas such as Design for Manufacture, iterative design, the Circular Economy etc.
- To apply mathematical and scientific principles.

All aspects of the proposal are up for discussion, so please get involved.

First competition!

I've recently had some really encouraging conversations and communications with Autodesk, Rapid Electronics and Ultimaker about this project and they have got some really exciting developments that are coming soon.

I'm keen to keep up the momentum so i'm asking for expression of interesting in having a little get together / first trial competition near to the Christmas break.

I am hoping that we can use the Design Museum as a venue.

Who's in?


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Wow, a 3D printable (downloadable), folding, racing drone design!

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Anyone else seen this. Basically a giant drone.

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How drones are being used Post-Harvey. A useful case study.

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US robotics company Zipline has been delivering emergency blood supplies within Rwanda since 2016.

Is anyone planning do running a project / club / other along these lines once term starts? If so, it'd be good to try to try to work together to see if we can coordinate some sort of a friendly competition element...

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This is a great link to a drone being used on the International Space Station. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) say the "Int-Ball" could make astronauts more efficient on the ISS. JAXA says crew members spend 10 percent of their working hours with a camera in hand, photographing work or equipment that requires further evaluation. A floating camera drone could, in theory, alleviate the crew of that responsibility, giving them more time to conduct experiments and carry out repairs.

Thinking about OCR's work on Design Fixation and the structure of TASK: PRODUCT > PERSON > PLACE this has great case study potential.

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I recall being invited to an event at bae in Warton. It was around the topic of drones and included a resource pack and each school was to be given a drone to take back to schools. We didn't go in the end because I wa already involved in the Cisco iot competition. Here's the link.
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