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I'm glad to share a short python script that arranges a tournament with bots in the same folder.

I'm not an experienced programmer and my understanding of the rgkit module is far from complete, but all things considered it works fine if you're not in a hurry.

Where I can get a copy of the rules? The server keeps going down

how do you play????????????????????????
just joined

Hi, long time coder first time roboter, the site is down again, it gives a 502 error. 

It appears as though the site is down -- is there anything anyone can do to help?

is there a means of using the warehouse against set opponents, or offline?

Hey Peter, not sure how else to contact you (rather unintuitively, G+ is lacking a message feature), I intend to rewrite the match execution with serialisation. I'd like to either use C or Rust, got any preferences?

I am getting intermittent DNS failures when trying to connect to the site. I can see that there have been similar problems in the past. Is anyone else seeing similar problems or it is just me?


I've added the rgkit duel server code I have laying around:

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Server is back up.
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