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We have just finished more of our RAOK! We hung up signs for people to take what they needed, love, kindness, friendship, peace, confidence. We left an envelope to those kids studying in the library to get free snacks. We finished our blessing bags for the homeless! Let us know what you think we should do next! Free lottery tickets, free gas, free school supplies? Share what you think! 

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Even when the system of interrelations between all living beings on Earth is enormously complex, we can study it and could know it very well scientifically and, then, could influence its functioning to make it more and more rational and humanitarian. 

That is, given that we are aware of what is pain, suffering, fear, anguish, desperation, hungry, sadness, loneliness, etc. (that animals also fell), we could, voluntarily, go gradually eliminating it from among all the sentient beings in our world. So far we only observe it, and we think that it is so, that it has always been so, and that's the essence of "wild nature" ¡But it does not have why remain so! ¡We have the capacity to change it!

Certainly we must do it very carefully, very wisely, for not negatively alter the cycles that keep life rich and healthy on earth. ¡We can positively influence the evolution of life!

Pain and suffering in nature involves many areas of knowledge, including neuroscience, and even ethics and moral.
Human Brain is one of the supreme marvels of the universe. Its capacities are overwhelming: Consciousness, Free Will, Reasoning, Memory, Imagination, Abstraction, Perception of Feelings and Sensations, etc., etc.  And we don´t know yet, from very fundamental principles, what they are. For example: ¡Free Will seemingly  contradicts fundamental laws of Physics!
One Feeling is Suffering, and one Sensation is Pain. These two characteristics, which contain so much meaning for a human being, are also present in less developed brains in nature.
Evolution is another marvel of the universe, and it seems that Suffering and Pain play a very important role on it. 
Besides, we have another Feeling called: Empathy, which (for persons which feel it strong) is in contradiction with the necessity of pain and suffering in evolution of beings on earth.

But  ¡We have Free Will! So, ¡We can change it!  

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Thank you for your open community. I want to share with you the following thoughts. If you already know them or think they are not adequate for this site, please ignore it or delete it. If you want to give me your opinion, you are welcome. Greetings.
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