On the first day of Christmas my master gave to me...
A new body just for me!
12 days to Christmas!

(Something I got from someone)
Mary Sue Test

Clean copy so you can do it if you want to.

OC: Engorethin

(Use an x if it's true, leave it empty when it's not, or when it's a half use a /.)


X They are egotistical
X They have a short temper
[] They are paranoid
[] They are bipolar
[] They are really cheerful
[] They are not very serious
X They are funny
X They are really smart
[] They are depressed
/ They are mysterious/dark (Goth and Emo fall under this)
[] They are a fangirl/fanboy (+1 point if it is a CP)

Total: 4.5


[] Is a girl/woman
X Is a boy/man
[] Natural eye colour
X Unnatural eye colour (Blood red, neon green etc)
[] Full black or white eyes
X Stitches or scars (I think)
[] Wounds (That don't heal)
X Animalistic features (Claws, sharp teeth)
X Pale skin
[] Skinny
[] Chubby
X Natural hair colour
[] Unnatural hair colour
[] Mixed hair colour
[] Looks young or old for their age

Total: 6


/ Uses weapons
X Is Immortal
X Fast regeneration
X Mind Reader
X Telekinetic
X Telepathic
X Shape shifter

Total: 6.5

What are they:

[] Animal Like Creature
[] Proxy
[] Demon/Angel
/ Cursed Being
[] Insane Human
X Crazy Experiment

Total: 1.5


[] Hoodie, sweater or any other shirt (Duh..)
[] Gloves, hat or stockings
X Jeans, pants, skirt or dress
[] Combat boots, normal boots
[] Heels, sandals, flats or sneakers (Converse, adidas etc)
X A lot of black and gray
[] Dress all brightly
[] Wear a Mask

Total: 2


[] Little child 5-10
[] Teen-ish 11-12
[] Teen 13-18
X Adult 19 - ∞

Total: 1

Weapon: (If they don't have one skip these)

[] Knife (+1 point if it is a kitchen knife)
[] (Death) Scythe
X Magic (Light or dark)
X Mind abilities
[] Anything they can find
[] House objects (Hammers,tools,etc)
X Claws, horns, teeth etc.
X Other beings possessed/summoned by them


What Happened To Them:

[] Abusive parent(s)/Guardian(s)
[] Killed one or more parent/family member
X Struggles to be sane
[] (Gone) Insane
X Heard voices in their head or saw things
[] Killed by parents/guardians/bullies
[] Killed themselves
[] Possessed
[] Poisoned
[] Bullied
X Betrayed (Well, later)

Total: 3


[] Have a lot of friends
[] Have little to no friends
X Is in love with a canon character (Meh, at this early on, anything goes. If anyone asks, it's a construct that he made.)
[] Author ships the OC with a canon character
[] Is in love with a human (If that ever happens to a OC of yours then get rid of it)
X Loves his/her family
[] Hates his/her family
X Stays in the shadows

Total: 3

All in total: 31.5

Results Total:

0 - 5: Boring
6 - 17: Okay but could use some work on making it more exciting
18 - 29: Not bad maybe a Tiny bit boring
30 - 41: BALANCED CHARACTER (Yay! A balanced godlike being!)
42 - 53: Overpowered just tone it down a bit
54 - 65: Borderline-Sue - They are almost there and are annoying to RP with probably
66 - 77: MARY SUE - This isn't good go back to the drawing board and take out some things.

.:C l e a n c o p y b e l o w:.

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This is another pic I drew.

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Ok, this is an amazing rock song. When I know how to animate, I'm making an animation to this.

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A picture I drew representing a pair of antagonists I created. Volta and Stellan. These two (later former) members of the High Council of a distant dimension parallel to ours. Thanks to the power of Stellan, a creature made of pure cosmic energy, and a stone that can manipulate time, the continuum bends to their will. However, this created some side effects, like say, for example, rips in space-time.

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They really didnt say anything about god modding, so what gives, why did they get angry when i made my profile? Thanks karn, for the pictures and such

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Poor guy, it was only two characters, and he acts like Empress Lixue has no comic ideas, or copyright

Oh my, how stupendous........

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Warning, my Business partners, this user believes he knows more than we do, i would not advise sny more engagement with this one, this guy is being put on Zapharas Red Flag List
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