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Hi I'm just wandering why I can't I find this exact mag.....need evaluation.... can anyone help me please...

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Nostalgia to end the year on. July 1981 Mad Magazine 90¢. CHEAP

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When will the next magazine come out?

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HI! My name is Maylen  and I am studying Visual Communication Design at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
I am a devoted admirer of MAD, and that is the reason why I decided to choose it for my thesis work. 

If you can help me with this very quick form! I will be very happy! 


Just to make sure, were any of the "Tales from the Crypt" films in the 1990s based on any specific EC comics story?

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In the latest issue of Casual Connect features an article about Robots & Pencils, the videogame company that made a mobile game for “Spy vs. Spy.”  In the article, the following is written:
“The most recent game to be produced by Robots & Pencils is also based on a preexisting property. However, unlike World Explorer and Hidden Cities, which are based on properties that are only a few years old, their most recent game is based on a property that goes back to the 1960s—Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy.” While “Spy vs. Spy” has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity because of its presence in a cartoon on the Cartoon Network, there was also a video game was based on the comic strip published by First Star Software in 1984. Thorsteinson had fond memories of the game from his youth, so periodically he would check the App Store to see if an updated version had been released. Finally, he got tired of waiting and took matters into his own hands.
Thorsteinson reached out to Richard Spitalny, the founder of First Star, to see if the rights to the
game might be available. Spitalny connected Robots & Pencils with Warner Bros./DC Comics (who hold the rights to “Spy vs. Spy”), and before long they were all collaborating on a remake of the game for mobile devices. Considering that Spy vs. Spy was, as Thorsteinson puts it, “spawned out of us just wanting to play it on our iPhones but not being able to,” the success has been remarkable. Spy vs. Spy has become Robots & Pencils’ bestseller in 11 countries.”
What do all of you think of this MAD Magazine strip becoming a mobile game?

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