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Don't mind me, I'm just waiting till Jigglypuff gets announced for Pokken Tournament...

Plz nintendo, we need the Jiggs in that.

Make it happen.

Congratulations! you won the award for making it this far down! Here is what you won!

I need sleep.

The Jigglypuff Group wishes you all a Happy New year! We hope that 2016 would be a great year for all of the Jigglypuff lovers out there!
#ProtectThePuff   #TheJigglypuffGroup   #RightsForAllPuff   #HappyNewYears  

Were Jigglypuffs should go to be protected
Wild Jigglypuffs should be put into sanctuaries and reserves were they can be protected from the dangers of predators and poachers while still have over 4,000 acres of wide open spaces to be free and do what they naturally do. Jigglypuffs rescued from cruelty and neglect should be put into shelters and orphanages where they can be able to be put into loving homes away from abuse.  The Jigglypuff Group will also be doing donations to fight against Jigglypuff cruelty very soon!

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Our goal
Our goal is that all Jigglypuffs are protected, Jigglypuffs are saved from abuse, and that people who don't understand Jigglypuff will understand more about Jigglypuff.
#TheJigglypuffGroup   #ProtectThePuff   #RightsForAllPuff  

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Jigglypuff information and facts
Jigglypuffs are balloon Pokémon. They are known for their soothing singing which puts enemies to sleep. Jigglypuffs usually live in woodland areas( such as woods and forests), jungles, grasslands, and meadows. Jigglypuffs are rare in the wild because of the mass killing of them, low reproduction rate, and predators. Jigglypuffs are omnivores, which means they can eat almost anything they can get to, such as wild berries, food that humans give to them, tree fruit, and nuts. In the wild, Jigglypuffs are prey to many large Pokémon, such as Onix, Arbok, Charizard, Persian, Pidgeot, Aerodactyl, and, very rarely, other Jigglypuffs. Jigglypuffs are normally found in the Kanto region, but can also can be found in other parts of the world as well. Jigglypuffs are surprisingly intelligent Pokémon and can easily follow the commands of their trainer. Along with them being intelligent, Jigglypuffs are very loving and affectionate and can build very close bonds with their owners. They can easily get along with humans and help each other out in situations.
Facts about Jigglypuffs
Did you know? That over 3,796 Jigglypuffs are abused every year.
Did you know? That 97% of the Jigglypuffs in the world suffer from neglect and die.
Did you know? That Jigglypuffs have very good sense of hearing and sight and can see three times better than humans.
Did you know? That Jigglypuffs are very loyal and protective to humans like dogs are.
Did you know? Jigglypuffs can be trained to rescue people from drowning and burning buildings.

Yooo guys. Spread the word to other puff fans. I've seen plenty of other puffs out there who I'd know like to join this group. (: Just check videos that are puff related like "Jigglypuff's song".
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