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Welcome, fellow Inverters. To get the discussion going, let's introduce ourselves in the comments:

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Hello guys i have ask do you have some codes to play ember? I wanna play it so much but im waiting 3 months and still nothing ty for answer to

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Broadcast date: 1700 Hours UTC 03/22/38
In a faithful effort to restore emergency power, Control is investigating the Grid Control System. Assistance is requested from all factions. Emergency sustainment and support can only be initiated within the next 82 hours, at which point the GCS system will permanently go offline. Your help is needed.

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Sweet home Chicago.
Broadcast date: 1400 Hours UTC 02/26/38
The Chicago Inverters have amassed a considerable amount of generators. This appears to have been an appropriate response to what was discovered about the EMBER program. Funded under the defense budget, EMBER is described as a method of accelerating scientific research, however it carried with it significant risk for unintended results. The program was terminated on 01/17/38, however its data storage center remains operational.

Hi all, I've set the group to be a global group instead of limiting it to our local area.

Feel free to invite any of your inverter friends.

Keep Resisting.
Charles "TritonZA" Schreyer

Good morning, like the other post there are no groups withing my country and thought the best way to help understand the game / process is to share with like minded people. Not really sure what to do yet or how to play (only 1st real day of looking) but I am sure I will figure it out.

Thanks for accepting me to the community! I know I'm not in your area of operations, but this was the only Inverters community that exists so far! Hope we can help each other learn and fight the global fight!

IGN: "K"
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