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Gen 1 baby
I am proud to be one
.since gen 4

for all those who have a gen 6 game I am doing my first giveaway If any one can guess what my favorite Pokemon is I will give that person a lv 100 Registeel (no it is not Blastiose).
the requirements are simple just guess the one that you think it is

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Checkout the trainer's meeting system
Looking for pokemon trainers for twitter, facebook, even google plus? Try my trainer directory for all three! Just go here: It has a lot of trainers that want you to contact them right away so try it

Are you tired of looking for friend codes on here? Why not try a directory for google plus twitter and facebook pokemon trainers just go to this website: to contact the trainers follow the steps on the directory

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Need friends .......

arceus code if wanted,ask for code

Up for trade: Message here if you are interested
Shiny Vivtreebel Lvl 57 (Levels might change)
Shiny Mew Lvl 100
Shiny Torterra Lvl 56
Spiritomb Lvl 72
Ill give anyone free eevees if you need one Lvl 1-10
Xerneas(hopefully for yveltal)
Phione Lvl 33
Arceus Lvl 100


Attack stat must be higher than the Defense stat.

Attack > Defense

Attack stat must be lower than the Defense stat.

Attack <Defense

Attack and Defense stats must be equal.


All Tyrogue evolve by level 20.
Adjust the stats you need to change at level 19 to assure the evolution you want.
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