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Fnati Mickey

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Origainal  Name: Torikku
Name resraunt wise:Toy Tricky
Age of Creation: 1 year
Species:Golden bear anmiatronic
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I don't know if many of you know, but Matt quit the game which is a shame. He was pretty chill.
But, Purity Sinners has the game now. What do you guys think about it?
I also keep having a feeling they forget I was a voice actor for the project.
What do you guys think of this whole switch?

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It's your last night~
Animated Photo

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Name: toy Jones Bonnie
Animated Photo

Name: May
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Mouse
Parents: Minnie and Mickey
Personality: Kind, Sweet, Friendly
Likes: Kids and Fun
Dislikes: Some Adults, mean kids, Nightguard
Job: she is always with her Parents Mickey and Minnie
Appearance: Like Photo Negative Minnie

((I'm Aerial from the Little Mermaid))
Flipping robotic fin around in water, a little glitchy
Under the sss-sea uuuu-under the sea!, hm... Ddd-doesn't seem aaa-anyone is cc-coming here... Ffff-flounder! Ww-where You?
((Open RP))

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I haven' drawn FATI for a while.
Minnie and Lisa have had it with the men.
Up to you. 

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Look at this awsome picture of a white and gold Oswald I found!
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