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Working on supporting 3rd party widgets. 😰


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Coming soon: Multiple pages 

In beta.6.6, the app Iʼm using suddenly shrinks and then resizes back to normal again within about a second.
It seems to happen when I touch the screen. Very often when scrolling, but also when opening links and other things.
I uninstalled Renegade Launcher, and this behavior stopped.

In previous versions of beta.6,the message «Unfortunately, Renegade Launcher has stopped» appeared under the same circumstances.

Huawei Y530
Android 4.3

I have an idea for a concept launcher - which does not have folder icons, as the Renegade one, but!

+Han Honso what is your opinion on a concept, where you do not need to swipe to get from one screen to another, and assign icons to different "folders", but you have different wallpapers, which are visible from one main screen through "holes".

There is a homescreen, and you are able to mark one part of the screen, and tap to it (you are allowed to use built-in shapes for this mark: circles, squares, squircle if you want). Then it is opens a new canvas, where you are able to assign a different background, like the original homescreen - then you are able to add icons and widgets.
Once you hit the "back" button, you will get back to the original home screen, and on the selected area, you will be able to see the other scree you just created, like you are able to look through on a hole on a fence to a different picture. You will see icons through (if you placed them on that given area of the screen) or only the part of the screen wallpaper - either a part of a widget, if it falls onto that area of the screen.
Then you are allowed to create this holes nested, and each hole directs to another desktop.

What so you think on this concept? :)

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You can have rounded corner in next update. #Renegade 

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By using multiple clock widgets with different formatting, you can have unlimited style for digital clock. 

I see big improvements.
1.Now need a reference for the internal commands: all available "o:commands"
For example with the the gestures i want a double tap to off the screen.
2. Is there a way to recreate the shaded squares up and down the screen or only reset everything? 

Before we could configure the buttons, now not!
How can stop back button to bring layout setup! 
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