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Create your date and time using java datetime formats.

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+Multiling O Keyboard
Small feedback about 0.9
❶ It still does not keep settings of the gestures, it returns back to default 0:page- after a while
❷ Now after you launch a program with a gesture the dialog stays open and doesn't disappeare, I suggest to turn back the feature this dialog will disappeare and
❸ Make editable the gestures which have a single program inside and not being renamed to the folder of apps(by pattern) with theit 'default number name'
❹ now, in order to reach layout you have to press twice settings-layout.
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+Multiling O Keyboard
❶ I thing someone have already suggested here a feature to export settings like in Multiling O Keyboard
❷ for me this is already a priority, because i use renegade as a main launcher!! and rebuilding from scratch my layout is a pain!
❸ I launch around 20 apps with single gesture and almost all other apps just with 1 gesture and one click
❹ for now survive with titanium, but wish to see this implemented soon.
Thank you for great and unic app!

Renegade Launcher seems to be quite incompatible with older devices. On my tablet with Android 4.2, it doesnʼt work at all, and on my Android 4.3 device, the Sidekick is still not floating over it other apps.

Do you think it makes sense to try to make it work on older devices, or is it better to focus on the newer ones?

Renegade Launcher is not really my style, so I prefer the native launchers for daily use.
But if you wish to try to make it work on older devices, I can continue testing it, and try to provide some useful information that can help you with this.

+Han Honso
☺👍 for 0.9
Now i'm almost happy.

1) Is there is list of gesture codes?
2) When will there be an update to the app?

+Han Honso
Can I at this stage stop starting layout with the back button?
1. It doesnt keep the gesture settings, from time to time have to reenter, couldn't find the reason.
2. Need a list with possible o:commands
3. If u have only one element assigned to a pattern without changing its name, you can not edit this pattern anymore, it doesnt appear in the list.
4. backup and restore settings like O?

For gestures - when I single tap on the time, I don't get the alarm app.

The code written there is:

How can I fix this?

Regardless of where I place Sidekick along the right edge, it always eventually moves to the middle of right edge. I use the S8+

Ergonomy for pattern launch ?
Using Renegade Launcher is fun, mostly because it promotes the customizable grid pattern. In use, my biggest complain is that it is very easy to draw a 'wrong' pattern, leading nowhere.

Would it be possible to lock the grid to allow only known patterns ? This way, the error rate would decrease. A 'setting' mode would allow to configure new patterns.

Thank you.
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