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I'm trying to get organized for the 1st PPLD maker club meeting. My hopes for the group are to create a group with regular formal meetings (once a month) Where makers can meet to discuss project and share ideas. The PPLD 21c makerspace is interested in hosting and growing such a group in a way that will promote the library and its facilities.

I'd like to see collaboration among club members between meetings to do lots of hands-on detail "maker" work towards our projects at the level that can't be reasonable done in the monthly group meeting.

I expect the monthly meeting to cover the following items (but we will play it be ear and see how it goes and what works for the group):
* meet and greet - introductions with small and tell about maker projects.
* Discuss club issues - organization,planning,projects, budget
* Current Club Project - updates, demos, teams

Membership is free. Anyone can participate. I will try and jump in where needed but I expect many makers from across various fields to be the real experts on things.

I tried to plan something simple for the first project just to get people started. It is a small electrostatic generator (similar principle as a Van der Graaf generator). It can be built in 10 minutes if you have the parts. We will design and build most of our parts using the makerspace. Once built you can use the spark stick to create small sparks, power electrostatic motors, maybe flash a photo strobe tube... You get to decide. You design or redesign it making whatever changes you like. You get to keep what you make.
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