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¡Unas horas para cierre de buzón de #NiantiClaus!

Aún pueden enviar sus cartas.

Gracias por todo el apoyo

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Qué piensan chicos deberíamos hacer nuestra #Taconomaly?! No sé, piensenlo 😏

I've been trying to find the words for this event. This was yet another amazing experience. Some have followed the terrible campaigning for an anomaly in Iowa. Maybe the campaign was too terrible, but what came from it was so much better.

+Gabe and I have run our fair share of IFS events, and this took it to the next level. We like the format for IFS events, but we didn't have anyone really new to the game. This is where we came up with the idea for the Battle for Bandshell Park. We tracked additional stats, had to drop some very ambitious ideas, and agents had a good time. This is significant to Baconomaly, because we never stopped finding ways to spice up the events. Extra pages were added to the default sign-in sheet, and we started giving point values to different things. Our end game from this could finally be realized.

Over a year later and I setup a Google Sheet with many pages that takes input from forms for signing in and out, purges duplicate entries to only use the most recent, and only uses the input from assigned dates. It also allows assigning teams to individuals and input to determine the value for different stats. I'll be releasing these publicly in the next few weeks for anyone to use. It became the backbone for Baconomaly.

The communities surrounding us donated missions (ladyserene, rainbowdragon99, guashoe, happyc, adamsmasherjr), cake (afoxinsox), stickers (ewsghost) , wooden nickles (nr0x), a freaking trophy (hartattack), volunteered (opelblitz, ladyserene, unitog, afoxinsox, imaclassylady98), and live coverage (The Portal Hunter Club, phixxation, redfox1701, humancube), “smack it” promotion (AgentAcademy, goonieguy, s0h0), and the DJ (r0thbard). Also huge thanks to the countless agents for the relentless promotions to +Andrew Krug , +Niantic , and +Ingress over the months. You guys are crazy and I love you for it. Lots of gratitude to agents from Wisconsin, Kansas City, Minnesota, and Illinois for making the trip. I owe a lot of the success to you all.

And then it started.

After months of planning and getting agents worked up, it was time. Honestly, it started like any regular IFS with agents showing up. Granted people were coming to Iowa from much further than our other events. cough Kind of highlighting the huge potential Des Moines has to attract agents from surrounding states cough. Agents showed up, we had fired up the grills, people hung out eating food and socializing. When the volunteers showed up, they started checking agents in and handing out swag packs that had 2 stickers, a Baconomaly token/coin, and one of two bio cards from a local agent. It was really cool to see everyone meshing well and everyone at least pretended to love each other in the photo with the Baconomaly mascot (slipsec).

After the photo is where the real fun began. Xfac teams were announced and split up. Each team got a box. In the box were either red or white Mardi Gras beads agents wore so they could identify their own teammates, and sheets of intel identifying volatile portals. Like all of our events, we had a typo and the times were off by an hour! Easily fixed with the #CalvinBall of them being in Mountain Time. Agents really came together and started the awkwardness in building their strategy to win.  Meanwhile, I had a list of the portals and times and only needed to refresh the scanner and look at the key to see who would win the volatile points for their team. For the first time ever, we managed to start an event early!

Team 2 (for Project B.A.C.O.N.)
Immediately went and inoculated portals and held most the volatiles for checkpoints 1 and 2.

Team 1 (for Project FAK.N.)
Upon seeing team 2 had the drop, they adjusted to focus on high portal turnover rates. They managed to hold most the volatiles for checkpoint 3.

Team 2 had a few agents following groups from team 1 snaking portal captures. This worked to their advantage. Volatiles canceled each other out to a difference of 1. Team 2 won and it was discovered that bacon is a good thing for agents. We will have to wait until next year to discover if alternatives (fakin bacon) is also beneficial to agents or if they should be regarded as a second-class item.

You'll have to check the coverage from The Portal Hunter Club for final scores and prizes. 😉 (Seriously, a lot of effort went into making that a thing...go watch it!)

Which brings me to a fun and amazing thing to come from Baconomaly. Next year we have plans for the community run Breakfast Anomaly series! Dates and food items aren't exactly set in stone yet, but…

Iowa: baconomaly: 4/20/2019
Wisconsin: cheeseomaly: TBD
Illinois: potatomaly: TBD
Minnesota: TBD: TBD

Look for a post around December for a full list of these events around the Midwest (and maybe further). Hell, if you want to join as a POC for your state, hit me up.

This was the first of its kind. We're going to do it again. What can I say?

Thank you, agents.

Photos album will be posted soon [placeholder].

#IowaBaconomaly #AgentRunAnomaly #xfcc #Ingress #xfac and additional tagging to +November Lima and +Ethan Lepouttre cuz #reasons

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QR-Code made with shorturl TinyURL for your coming designs and use...

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The mural sure looks nice early spring!

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Hi Agents, hello XF-CC friends, juhu cross-factioneers!

2018 is a great year for XF-CC Europe, and today we finally can lift the secret of the weekend Friday 29th of June till Sunday 1st of July! This year is the first for us to host a proper XF-CC Meeting, and we're really so, so excited already :)))

Imagine: guided mission banner tours in the nearby play zones like the beautiful Utrecht, NL, during the Weekend. .. A cross faction adventure weekend! Missions created by @DaiyaDawn and featuring @vreezy! Barbecue and more than enough beer, workshops for those interested, or just sit together at a bonfire discussing ingress and non ingress-related stuff in relaxed atmosphere with fun people. Surprises. And maybe, just maybe, even with a very special guest attending..

What relaxed atmosphere? Now for the best part - we organized a complete camping site including a house with big sleeping rooms for the weekend.. that whole thing will feel more like a festival than a mere ingress related meet-and-greet, latest when having a beer at the bonfire :)

Places are limited - so hurry up, come and join the XF-CC Mission Adventure 2018 featuring XF Bannerday 2018 on Saturday by filling the form mentioned in the FAQ!

For more information and/or socializing try one (or all) of the many options:

Telegram News Channel

Telegram Social Channel

G+ Community


- how about costs?
Sleeping on-site is 5€ per night/person (own tent or big dorm without beds - please bring bedroll and camping mat)
Barbecue will be 13€ per person and night, soft drink included
Breakfast 4€ per person and morning, coffee/tea included (more details in the registration form)

- You said beer.. What about beer??
0,33 for 1€ :) Same goes for Soft Drinks as well, case someone is interested.

- is sleeping on-site a requirement for participating?
Of course not! It's strongly recommended, though.. after all- BEER! And fun people! If you prefer more privacy, there's of course lots of hotels in Utrecht

- I can only come one night, what do I do?
Come over! You stay one night, you only pay one night - and we'd love to see you even if you cannot attend all weekend :)

- how about Swag??
Guys, this is an XF-CC event, what are you thinking?? Visit our Swag-Shop to get your favorite design and piece!

- I'm so very in, where do I register?!
Easy, just fill out the form:

- I have more questions!
Not a problem! Feel free to contact @Domfire, @Sv3nvs or @DasHaku in Telegram, we'll do our best to help out :)

- this FAQ is really short..
Ask questions, so we can add answers :) This is work in progress!

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A Very Special Message

+Dan NoReg Happy Birthday!!!

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Agentes de la CDMX jugando y conviviendo

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Démosle la bienvenida a Irlanda 😁
Introcucing our newest chapter, XF-CC IRELAND!
Welcome to the family!
XF-CC Ireland
XF-CC Ireland
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