My new book will be published on 1st Sept. "When Time is at a premium: cognitive behavioural approaches to single session therapy and very brief coaching". London: Rationality Publication. Available also on Kindle.

My name is Sandy Harper-Jaques. I live and work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is my first [long over-due visit] to this on-line community of like minded therapists. Congratulations to Bouverie in creating this forum to promote international discussions.

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Open Dialogue: A Recovery-Oriented Practice Powerpoint:
The Collaborative Pathway
Open Dialogue in Community-Based Flexible Supports
at Advocates
Christopher Gordon, MD
Medical Director, Advocates
Associate Professor Psychiatry, Part-Time
Harvard Medical School
Brenda Miele Soares, MSW, LICSW
Vice President, Behavioral Health, Advocates

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Open Dialogue in Crisis Care Forum Video Presentation.
Consumers, carers and clinicians had the opportunity to hear how one US organisation has implemented the ‘Open Dialogue’ model of psychiatric care at an information session hosted by the Mental Health Commission of NSW on 5 November 2015

This is the presentation made by Christopher Gordon, MD, Medical Director, Advocates, Associate Professor Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Brenda Miele Soares, MSW, LICSW
Vice President, Behavioral Health, Advocates.

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Friends of Bouverie you are invited to the Alumni celebration.

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