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Hi everyone!

Quick status update to let you know what's going on. Based on the results of the poll in this community i've started working on a new version of the app which will let you sync your lists between your devices. This will also pave the way for a web UI, allowing your lists to be viewed and updated from any browser as well as share your lists between users further down the line. In order to accomplish this it's required me to nearly rewrite the app from scratch so it will be a little while before anything is ready to test.

I'll be rolling out the new version with minimal features to allow you all to test it and slowly work stuff back in once everything is working as it should.

Lastly, thanks to everyone in this group and those who have emailed me with bugs and suggestions. And thanks for using Best Before!

Hi, just found this app. Looks very promising! Is it still actively developed? I just did a test scanning a thing of Oscar Mayer's Deli meat and while it found the full name it didn't seem to find an expiration date? At the same time though, it didn't say anything (it just left the date box as today's date). Is this how it's supposed to work?

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What feature would you most like to see in future versions of Best Before?
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Synchronization between my devices
Sharing my list with other people
Refreshed UI
Web access to my list
Tablet support

Hey everyone!

My name is Luke Dixon and i'm the developer of Best Before. Started whilst I was at university to ensure I ate my fruit and veg, i've continued the development with the goal that no food should be thrown out for going off accidentally. 

This community will be used to release beta versions of the app with requested features and bug fixes. If you'd like to see anything in the upcoming versions please leave a post.

Thanks all!
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