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Thanks for all the help over the past few weeks voting.  We're closing the vote now, but hopefully you'll be happy to hear that a resounding 83% of the (over 1,000!) votes were Yes.  We're now sharing our holding page, so please show your support and register your interest at the link below.  We're currently looking for investment and are hoping to launch the website early in the new year.  If you're interested in investing or know anyone that might be, then let us know!

Thanks again.

I have a Pagan blog that I've been writing for the past couple of months now, and I was curious if I could post a link to it here and potentially expand my following.
If not, I totally understand, hence why I asked first ^^;

I will be doing psychic reading prices are $10, $20, and $30 witch is a $1 a minute phone readings are also available as well as facebook, Skype and discord. credit and debit cards accepted this event will happen regardless of the weather... For more info just ask

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Join illuminati now ..i am a business man i join illuminati if you are ready to join contact me

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So for as long as I've practiced Wicca I've seen as many variations on Wicca and Witchcraft as I've met practitioners. Those who are new to Wicca, or are maybe just exploring, tend to get overwhelmed (a personal observation). I've worked with a few novices myself, and I've found that it’s best to allow an individual to find their own answers. The main question then becomes- Where do I look? and What am I looking for?. This is why I've written ‘The First Year and Day.’
This is a comprehensive guide with research, reflection, and written exercises designed to point the Beginner in the right direction, and to build a good foundation of sense. Rather than preach about what Wicca is, and why, these exercises give a guidepost so that a novice will know what to look for allowing her to build her own knowledge and make her own conclusions. Rather than provide a grimoir of spells, which many many books on Wicca do, this book is a starting point in Wicca, not Witchcraft, so that the beginning practitioner can learn the difference and make his own decisions later rather than mimick someone elses.
This is the first installment of ‘The First Year and Day.’ While it can be read in the short part of an afternoon, it’s designed to take 30 days to complete the included exercises.

Has anyone researched Mithraism it is a religion that was started 2000 years before Christianity and has to do with the worship of the sun . It was spread by ancient times by Persian empire and was world wide. Christianity has taken a lot of it believes and put it into their religion it is a way to control masses o people religion has and is still being used to try to control todays society

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Interesting sentiment analysis of Sunday's debate

Donald Trump’s dwindling support - The Economist

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for those who might be interested this is today

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Today I will be meeting with the Goddess in all her forms, What are you doing under the Dark Super Moon?
The Dark Moon in Taurus creates a great energy to spend time with the Goddess in all her forms. Here is a meditation to guide you on a journey with the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
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