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anti gay/Lgbt marriage and adoption,anti communist,anti fascist,pro capitalist,pro republic,anti islam,anti immigration,anti judaism,pro Protestant,pro life,pro meritocracy,anti catholic,pro right to work,pro rights.Protestant ethics and values,pro second amendment,anti eu,pro 4th amendment,pro protestant human rights,pro rights,pro family,pro business,pro Cardinal virtues,anti hollywood,anti sodomy,anti feminist,anti Affirmative action,anti misandry,anti Misogyny,anti Abortion,autism skeptic,ADHD skeptic,Anti-corruption,anti social justice,anti zoinst, anti globalism,anti sodomy,pro semi free market,anti porn.
go to for info about sexism in the west.
good book's to read
other party's
go to!bible// for bible online
go here for info about islam
download this web browser
we endorse the nra and
make voting age 25
out law roe.v.wade
bring back Coverture law's
out law lgbt adoption
out law sodomy
out law lgbt mariage
build wall
ban islam
ban qaran
ban muslums from the usa
end misandery
ban misandery
out law misandery
protect second emendment
end globalism
end all immigration
exit the United Nations
exit the N M Rothschild Sons
restrict imports of soy
outlaw stripping
outlaw sex work
outlaw Prostitution
outlaw/ban porn
end the civil service
put Hillary Clinton in jail
put Barack Hussein Obama II in jail
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