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If you want to do business online with a certain degree of seriousness, D9 Club is certainly to be taken into consideration. I am presenting this guide for you to understand how it works D9 Club is an easy business for everyone and very interesting and important thing is; It is creating financial freedom to many families.
D9 is in fact based on sports trading, but you shall not make bets or anything else, but simply invest money that will be managed by them. Then if somebody asks me how do they give me these interest, my answer is simple, if you have any idea of sports trading you will understand the concept and if not that's why D9 is here to offer you training on the same while making money that is paid weekly out of the profit they make in bet fair exchange.
The concept of sports trading is derived from Forex trading where they buy and sell currency risks then here on sports trading they buy and sell sports risk during the sport event.
D9 Club born in Brazil in January 2016, while the 7 September there was the global launch and in October, 2016 there was an African launch in Uganda East Africa.
The nice thing with D9 you can earn money through two ways and read them carefully:You can have a passive income from your investment without have to talk to anyone means no recruiting people. You can activate with the little amount of money just $50 and start to make network and then earn commissions from your member. If you do not have the time, and you don’t like to enroll people you can earn only from your packs, if you are to do networking by enrolling people you will earn commissions from your affiliates.

“ The sports trading is the exchange of sports betting between sport trader within the Exchange Betting “

Firstly to start you have to buy the START PACKAGE that has a cost of 50 dollars, then choose among the four packages that are presented below; but all packages must include START PACKAGE.
START+BRONZE with total cost of 299 dollars.
START+SILVER with a total cost of 549 dollars
START+GOLD with a total cost of 1048 dollars
START+GOLD+ with a total cost of 2046 dollarsEach package provides a monthly membership of 50 dollars, every month each account will be debited with $50 as a service charge. Lets see what each package gets every week as a fixed revenue.
BRONZE: gains $27,75 for week for 52 weeks.
SILVER: gains $27,75 for week for 52 weeks.
GOLD: gains 51 dollars for week for 52 weeks.
GOLD+: Gains 170 dollars for week for 52 weeks.
Lets apply the $50 deduction to each package per month and see how much you gain to each pack if you don't do networking.
Bronze= $12.75×4weeks=$51-$50=$1 per month
Silver=$27.75×4weeks=$111-$50=$61 per month.. not much
Gold=$51×4weeks=204-$50=$154 per month Good Revenue
Gold+= $170×4weeks=$680-$50=$630 per month.. Excellent RevenueFurthermore it is possible to open more than one account accounts…
How to withdraw money from D9 account.
there are four ways
1. Bitcoin
2. Neteller
3. Skrill
4. Boxbase
All the four ways takes 8working days to receive your money, l advise you to use Bitcoin since with bitcoin you can do a lot of staffs. open an account with and enjoy the ride with D9.
The Gains on D9 By Network (enrolling people) – COMPENSATION PLAN
If your intention is to make money using network or have affiliates enrolled through you, D9 will give you a great reward for having presented the project to other people.
Then when you register someone under you the company will pay percentage depends on the package that you possess, one points correspond to one dollar.
Each package have its points as shown below:
BRONZE: 85 points with 30%
SILVER: 185 points with 40%
GOLD: 340 points with 50%
GOLD+: 340 points with 50%Example: if you have a GOLD pack and you subscribe a GOLD member you will earn 50% of 340 points which is 170 points equals to $170
But be careful because it does not end here!!! On D9 also earn on the binary system!!!
“The binary system works that you have registered people on left and right leg (you choose whether to send the next writing to the right or left) and you will have a gain in % on the weaker leg.”
Example: If you have a Gold package and you have 3 people registered on the left and and 4 on right, where the left leg is weaker with 765 points , you earn 40% of the total points of that leg, which is $306.
To activate the binary system is essential to have at least a member to the right and one to the left with a package from BRONZE and above.
But it is not over here!
There is also a bonus derived from the monthly membership of 50 dollars for every members under you and Indirect bonuses and the career plan.
Other possibilities of earnings
D9 CLUB also gives you the opportunity with packages that buy to have material to become good sports trader and then make trading also to the signals, guidelines, that they will say then with high probability of winning that obviously you will have to follow.

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