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Hello everyone!
I am so happy to find a tribes ascend community here!
If anyone is in NA join "Air combat Free Shrikes server"
There are many players there :)

Add me on tribes : BossSlayeR

Hello every body, I am ShandyGirlHan2003 and I would like to say that Smite and Tribes Ascend are two very awesome games, I prefer Tribes Ascend though. Hi-Rez studios have done a great job.

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I just downloaded this gme from steam and now i cant wait to play

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Hello everyone! My name is Freezonis and I love Tribes Ascend My ingame name is GreenteckXD but I might change my profile name idk.
Anyway I hope I can have some fun here!

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One of if not my best game ever. Placed 4th. =)

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This was so much fun, certainly keeps you on your toes and moving.

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Love the sound editing on this clip. Big smile on while watching it.
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