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+Eloy Lasanta any plans for when Google+ shuts down in April?

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I have a couple of questions for the larger community...and since it seems like people only check this once every 9 months, I'll ask em both together :P

1) In what way are there NOT samurai in NC2E? Is the idea to just avoid Bushido themes for Izou military types so the ninja traditions can hold to noble ideals of honor and wisdom? (Because there are totally samurai...but they're more realistic and historical, I'd argue, rather than the romantic literary figures of L5R). Personally, I use lots of samurai pictures for character art when I'm depicting named Izou military NPCs, as well as Land of Five Blades types (ninja and otherwise). There is a warrior caste, shoguns, samurai armor in the artwork...just wanna be clear that I understand what's being excluded when the book says there's no samurai.

2) Has anyone else considered a "Karma Meter" for their setting? Of course we have a karma pool, but I mean Karma Meter in the sense of the
(like Humanity in V:tM). I want to differentiate ninjas based on their existential relationship to the setting in both a mechanical and descriptive way. Like Naruto's chakra feels bright and warm, and Sasuke feels cold and dark (according to Karin), and that comes from the state of their 'soul', for lack of a better word. I'd like to add a mechanic which reflects moral degeneration and inner turmoil, since that sorta thing appeals to me. Anyone else?

3) This one isn't a question, but I love listening to The Wooden Dojo, and I'm really glad someone is making actual play for NC2E! For a game with such popular themes and a cool system, the community seems creepily quiet :(
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Hi again.

New year comes with new ideas. I’ve decided to create only one file with all my creations. There are 12 clans (the old six and the new six) with a new 99 Style (old work here too), the YinYang jutser; basically Nature chakra of Naruto. Some of them are requests from players and 2 of them are almost a creation of one player (Bewitching Foxes and Brotherhood of Blood).

The new clans are:
- Mystical Gatekeepers (create gates with which they can teleport).
- Fighting Masters (8 gates of Naruto).
- Bewitching Foxes (Clan based on illusions).
- Soul Hunters (Ghost hunters based on Bleach Shinigami).
- Eternal Ice (Ice users).
- Brotherhood of Blood (Clan based on bleeding).

I divided them for geographical position and origins (in my mind) but of course they could be played everywhere. All 5 Blades creations are related to Celestial Beasts, Crashing Waves to sea, Exalted Flames to monks, Blossom to nature/life, Mountains and Valleys quite generic as Izou Empire.

I have noticed only now that there are some missing information (some “Other Nicknames” and similar), I’ll fix them in the next release. The only important one is that Mystical Gatekeepers haven’t jutsu because they aren’t ninja and rely only on their gate manipulation ability and familiar.

Not all Clans are balanced (someone on purpose) so I’ll tell you before that Fighting Masters, Soul Hunters and probably Mystical Gatekeepers (even without jutsu) are very strong.

I hope that you’ll like this work too and if you have requests on something don’t be shy to ask for it, I’ll see what I can do about your request. I hope also that some ideas here could help Lasanta with his great work.

As always this is an UNOFFICIAL work so for any doubt ask here.

Good reading and happy new year to everyone again.

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Hello folks. Just wanted to let folks know that the indexes have been updated. There's no bookmarked PDF versions at this time, but I'll be working on it. I'll post a message to this as an update once CP2 has been added as well.

Ninja Crusade Index RTF Files:

There's an excel spreadsheet version in there too that you should be able to sort through if you are the type who prefers computers. The 1 column ones are meant more for screen reader devices as the ones with multiple columns probably won't display formatting correctly. The rest...well, those are for printing if you should desire.

Edit: Added in CP2.

Happy new year to everyone!

Recently I’ve started some NC2E game sessions, this game is really awesome and players are happy to play with it (asking even for more material). Hope to see new books soon.

1) I have a question (or better a doubt clarification) about resisting jutsu (other ki type +same skill). On self and environment aren’t resisted, just 1 success and the minimum to avoid backfire. How does work on other exactly?
-If I make a jutsu on something that affects the target (Ex: mud terrain, illusion on self, etc), there is a TN to avoid the effect.
-If I make a jutsu that implies an attack it is resisted with a normal defence.
-If I make a jutsu with effects (Ex: only mental conditions, paralyze, illusions in his mind) DIRECTLY to the target, it is resisted (other ki type + skill) as described in the paragraph.
Am I right or I missed something?

2) Jutsu that makes other attacks with environment (Ex: Shadow Fists), what pool use for their attacks? Jutsu activation pool or ninja’s skills (fighting, marksman, speed, etc?)?

3) Another question is about lore. Are there other clans in the Land of Seed and Blossom? They have a very particular lore and are a lil bit xenophobic so I see hard the birth of new clans there. Maybe sub clan from the original ones but shouldn’t be this an offence towards Gods?

I have a question about the multi attack jutsu. For example, the attacks bonus from 10.000 fists could benefit from weapon\martial styles? Meaning that on attack boost could make other attacks (wildcat style) or deal more damage if at low initiative (sloth), etc? Asked in general, attacks gained with jutsu could benefit from style bonuses or are made as simple ones except with jutsu bonus if any (the 2 basic warrior jutsu for example)?

This is not a problem when done against squads or alts, but when all attacks are concentrated on a single enemy could means almost surely a one shot.

Clan pack 2, how could I have missed the release? I need more NC2 +Eloy Lasanta! More books!

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Santa Claus also travels to the Ninja Crusade nations bringing gifts almost everywhere.

Hi again. This time I made a little different work. A clan collection of my creation. There are 6 clans (also the already showed ones). One is a little bit reworked (Celestial Guardians) and 2 new clans from the Land of Crushing Waves (sharks and corals theme).

I hope that Eloy Lasanta will not kill me for posting so many works ^_^’ (as always NOT OFFICIALS of course).

Good reading to everyone and if you have any suggestions on my works to make them better feels free to share them (or if you want that I think on something in particular).

Oh … I’ve almost forgot it. Merry Christmas to all :) (even if a little bit before it).

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Hi to everyone again. This time i want to share a clan that i figured for Naruto long time ago. Even if i used Mu image in it, it isn't about disintegration like in Naruto but Mummies. This is a second work on something inherent the Land of Exalted Flames (limited only to the Great Desert and its defence). On the original work, the curses were genjutsu (for this reason they deal psychic damage). I also tried to create a new 99 style: Necromancy. Of course everything is not tested. As always i hope that this work can help someone and that you will appreciate it.
Cursed Ones.pdf
Cursed Ones.pdf
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