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New version - 1.24 :
Material design update.
Available Now on play store

Full material design - coming soon!

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I have a question. Is it possible to change the name of one of malls? Because its name is changed. 

About adding a place. when I tap on the "Add a place", it opens foursquare website. But I don't have a foursquare account. I have Swarm app on my phone and I connected via my Facebook account in Swarm. Maybe you can do something about this.

I can translate Clozer into Turkish. :) 

Thank you.

Out of beta
New material design
New icon
Bugs fixes


new version  - 1.18 :

design improvements
tablet ui improvements
alphabetical order
local language in results
foursquare api fixes

Seems to be promising at first sight. Although there's an annoying bug: when choosing a category the map is shown with all markers around my location. But the mail is not centered correctly. The my location marker is always just off the screen at the left side. When pressing the my location action bar button the map centers correctly.

Another remark I'm having is that when I was looking for gas stations the app only came up with one while in the 5km range there should be at least five... I live in Belgium and only the Shell gas station shows up in my area. There are a few smaller stations and two big Q8 stations.

Version: 1.10

new version with foursquare results.! (1.12)

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