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Some walls for your pleasure...
53 Marvel + Civil War + Naruto PopHead ArtWork By BossLogic 😍😍
Stay Tuned With Osum Walls ;)

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Awwwww yyyiissssss!!!!

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CS-source to Android?


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Battleborn is out for pre-order....

-- now if only i have 60 bucks... and was available on linux!

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I'm already on the fence about the movie, I'm not even in the yard with the video game.

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Here is another version of my WillowEngine.ini file from borderlands 2. It's a tad-bit darker than stock, but looks WAAYYY better!

- enhanced load times.
- MAJOR enhancements to shadows & shaders
- big adjustment on lights / dynamics
- TONS of alterations on "detail allowances"
- real-time shadows / light-enviroments added
- HUGE alterations to usage / pools / dynamics
- more allowances for "god-rays" and dynamics auras
- increased pools for vertexes / mapping
- increased min/max on all "detail" settings
- increased "allowances" for system-usage
- increased mip-verticies & map-verticies

~/borderlands 2/willowgame/config

Been a week since anything new has popped up...

... Hope y'all are doing good.
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