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“Bonjour! It’s Simone, the Park Avenue poodle, saying a big welcome spring!

It’s a little chilly outside, but I’m so happy the new season has arrived!

My Ode to spring:

‘Couples swooning . . . Flowers blooming . . . Butterflies soaring -- It’s so alluring.

Easter bunnies and colorful eggs in baskets . . . And, that’s not it . . .

The big bears wake up, and I see tiny pups (but, they’re not mine).

Most of all, we said goodbye to fall. And, au revoir (until we meet again) to winter.

Moving with renewed ease . . . Green grass and majestic trees, swaying in the warm breeze . . .

Nature at its finest for me and you . . . Bright tulips on Park Avenue . . .

Yay! it’s the first day of spring! Of course, Mojito (my Chihuahua walking partner) thinks he’s king!

What’s better than warm weather and shedding the coats and sweaters?

Nix the boots, wool hats, or fuzzy socks. And, we've changed the clocks.

Weddings and graduations -- so many occasions . . .

People are in a good mood with an upbeat attitude.

Pretty dog outfits and matching bows . . . No more getting cold on my nose and toes.

Wearing spring frocks make me the hit of the block!

As a maven of fashion, I must look smashing. The many spring styles make me smile. Yes, I’m a trendsetter and a go-getter.

So, what’s new on Seventh Avenue? Lavender galore, wearing pink with red, and dresses with fringe, resembling birds -- too pretty for words.

Asymmetrical necklines and puffy sleeves -- More choices, if you please.

Floral prints, and black and white polka dots, which I think are tops.

Boho-chic blouses and dresses with flounces . . . Ole! Let’s dance all day!

Wide-leg pants and statement earrings are the “in” things.

Crisp white suits and fanny packs . . . Why, thanks! A dog needs snacks to eat, and derriere packs are perfect for bacon treats.

But, don’t really get why jeans have rips on the thighs and at the knees. Maybe for a little breeze?

Sequins and appliques on shirts and flowing skirts . . . The bolder cold shoulder . . .

I’m only one poodle, and I can’t wear them all, even though I am rather tall. Jacques Seine can design canine spring dresses, to look great against my white tresses.

Nouveau (new) human make-up trends of rainbow colors and glossy lips. Must be hard to take sips. Mascara and a strong brow give an eye wow! Wearing bronzer creates a sun glow. Voila! You’re ready to go!

How do I know all this? Mom shows me the hip fashion mags -- I respond with happy barks and tail wags!

Longer days and more sunny rays . . . Won’t even balk when Frank takes us for walks. He’ll have a bounce to his step and more pep.

I’ll throw caution to the wind and run. Scampering and having loads of fun . . . Jumping, skipping, and strutting outside without a shiver or quiver . . .

Humans and pooches with happy faces, yearn for open spaces.

Runners wear their Nikes, and others ride their bikes.

Trying different venues on other avenues . . .

When we window shop, I won’t want to stop. Love looking at the pretty displays -- makes my day!

Lunching outside at our favorite, Cafe Beaucoup: Me, Ricardo, Frank and you know who . . . The waiters fuss, and Mojito will make a muss.

That Chihuahua will have his nutty antics, and Ricardo and I will be romantic. Taking long strolls and drinking Perrier from our silver bowls . . .

We’ll saunter down the street and grin at the dogs and people that we meet.

Keeping the energetic pace with my usual grace . . .

Admiring glances follow me wherever I go. And no more snow!

I’d like to mention, I’m the center of attention.

An elegant poodle, I prance, but now I’ll twirl and do my joyful dance: "Five . . . Six . . . Seven . . . And eight . . . Isn’t spring great?"

Pictures of moi will be taken. And, I’m never mistaken:
I’m THE Park Avenue poodle with a very good noodle.

"Simone! Simone! Can we please snap a pic?" I hear.

I reply: "Oui! Bien sur! (Yes! Of course!)" It's important to please my fans.

Our apartment will have such a sheen. Francine, my nanny, will spring clean. Love her motivation, but how about a vacation?

Why does she have to sing? Francine can't carry a tune, though she is cheerful. But, listening to her, you get an earful! Even vocalizes in the lobby. Can't my nanny get a NEW hobby?

I’ll bark: "Where are my special earphones? And, can I please have my steak bone?"

Mom will don a different hairdo. Short or long, with her good looks, she can’t go wrong.

Fashion forward is she, just like me! She should be on a runway! Someday . . .

A soiree will welcome the new season. What better reason? The fragrance of flowers will last for hours.

Dainty hors d'oeuvres with Sauvignon blanc and Chablis, served by our butler, Ardsley. How about a taste for me?

As we dine, candles will shine. Chocolate and carob cakes (for pooches) will be baked, not to mention eating sirloin steak! How about cupcakes with icing? Talk about enticing.

Ricardo’s person is our chef extraordinaire. Between me and you, there’s nothing super Jorge can’t do.

My beau and me can spend time together without worrying about the weather.

Can’t wait for adventurous days with lots of time to play.

Romping in Central Park and going for a carousel ride . . . Exploring more of the East Side . . .

Oh, to be fancy free! Ricardo will catch a Frisbee and toss it to me.

The flock of birds return from the sunshine state, flying high. I missed them when they chirped: 'Bye, bye.' Vivid blue is the sky.

Sitting by the lake, but making sure not to bake, in the sun that is, and we're just like kids. Frank slathers on sunscreen, puts us in floppy hats, and there's something protective about that.

Hope to discover a new café that we find along the way. Give the gang and me a comfy seat and yummy things to eat.

Dogs are welcome at many places -- Everyone just wants to see our cute faces.

People say: "Aw . . . Oh . . . can I please pet her, or is it a him? (Excuse me, I'm a HER!) I love the white poodle! So pretty! Is she a show dog? (I could be one!) What's her name?" (How could they not know that?)

They don't often ask to pet Mojito, so he says he feels incognito. His typical growls follow.

FYI, terriers on neighborhood terraces are yapping. I feel sorry for people who are napping.

Charlene, the agitated terrier on a terrace, barks as we walk by -- We just want to say: "Hi! Chill out! Don't scream and shout. You're just anxious that your people let you out. You make me tense, so use good sense. You don’t have to patrol the whole street. Just be sweet. Try just a bark or two, that translates: Nice to meet you."

So, as we usher in spring, let the warm weather begin and stay. Here's to fun-filled days!

Bienvenue Printemps (Welcome Spring) to humans and canines! Hope it’s sublime!'

P.S. Tulips abloom is the first photo.

A canine in a floral spring dress, is the second pic. Frank showed Mojito, and he’s smitten: “She can be my 18th wife and we'll have a great life!”

One look at the third shot of a tutu-clad Chihuahua, and Mojito had excited bow-wows: “She’s perfectly pink for me, and here’s to as many wives as can be! I’m the Don Juan of Park Avenue. Yahoo!”

The fourth photo Frank took of my boyfriend and me in the park: "Can we stay all day, until it’s dark?”

Fashionable pooch pics: Don’t the girls shine in their stylish outfits? Whether it’s rose appliques, polka dots, or lavender, they’ll look great on any doggie her!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle
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FAST FORWARD TO FEBRUARY 14, 2018: “Bonjour! It’s Simone, the poodle! I’m thrilled to share Valentine’s Day with Ricardo, my poodle boyfriend.

Before I had my beau, I would look out my window and dream of romance. And, then it happened to me.

Today Ricardo is holding a red rose in his mouth, for me. And, I gave him the striking black scarf with the red lips.


(Dictated to Frank, my astute dog walker, who understands poodle)

‘Love started in Central Park, where we first met -- a day I’ll never forget. The sight of handsome you, holding a Frisbee, made me feel giddy.

In this city of millions of people and dogs, I found you! And, now we are two.

You’re striking . . . You’re sweet . . . You bring me special treats to eat. Love the bacon biscuits in the shape of a heart, and you’re so smart.

Kind and dashing, handsome and strong, in my eyes you can do no wrong.

I’m your ‘Baby,’ and your hair is wavy.

You’re always there for me - - I’m as lucky a poodle as can be.

No one likes to be alone. I’ll even share my steak bone (if it’s a big one).

We’re a couple who strolls on Park Avenue. We lunch at Café Beaucoup (with Frank and Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner). There’s so much to do.
We window shop in the stores - - Life is never a bore.

It’s because we’re together, in all kinds of weather. We might be wrapped in coats or hats, and there’s something cozy about that.

I might wear a red dress and matching bows. Lilly (my stylist at Ma Belle Chien) might paint my toes.

But, whether I’m in chic clothes or in just my fluff, you assure: ‘I’ve got the right stuff.’ Underneath it all, it’s just two poodles whose love is anything but small.

You whisper sweet nothings in my ear and tell me I’m dear.

I’m happy, not sad cause’ your smile brightens each day. My worries fly away.

You say there’s nothing I can’t do. Where would I be without you?

When you tell me you love me, I feel like I’m floating. I’m not trying to brag -- I’m not even gloating.

Love can be just around the corner.

My poodle advice to single dogs: Once you stop looking, your romantic life starts cooking.

Je t’aime tres beaucoup (I love you very much), Ricardo.

Be my Valentine today and every day! 💘 💘 Love, Simone’

My pet parents gave me a heart shaped box of carob treats. They’re yummy, and I gave them “I love you” kisses!

Ricardo followed in my footsteps: "Hi! It’s Ricardo, and I wrote a love poem to Simone for Valentine's Day. She inspired me, but I don't I hold a candle to her - -
I think that's the expression.”


'This is to Simone - the poodle who loves a yummy steak bone (me too).

You are sweet . . . You’re pretty . . . You're even very witty.

You dress up so well . . . It's like you cast a spell . . . That is, on me, and I feel happy as can be.

Your hair is white, and your eyes sparkle like the night.

Your pompoms and fluff are so soft, not rough.

Your flair for French makes me smile ear to ear . . . It's no wonder I call you cherie: dear.

As you prance down the street, everyone stops and stares, and praises: 'Look at her puffy hair!'

You've got style, class, grace, and what a beautiful face.

I'm entranced . . . That's all . . . When I'm with you, I feel 10 feet tall!

I'm in a tizzy. I feel spontaneous and sometimes dizzy.

You've captured my heart, and boy, are you smart.

It doesn't matter if we go to the park or cafes. Being with you makes my day.

I look at the sky above and emote: 'This is what they call Love!'

And, I love you the MOST, and I will boast!

Not like a rain drop, but like a rain fall . . . Not like a breeze, but like a windy day . . . My love for you won't ever go away.

I love you, not like the lunar first quarter, but like a full moon . . . Not like a bud, but like a rose in bloom . . .

My love is not like one star in the night, but an evening that's shining bright. My feelings for you are so right.

It’s not like a flurry, but rather, snow coated all over the ground. There's no deeper love to be found.

I adore you, not like a branch, but like a whole tree. You're the only poodle for me.

I love you like the sun bursting in the sky . . . Like the changing seasons that go by . . . Like the colorful butterflies that fly . . .

I love you like the graceful birds soaring. I don't even care if it's pouring.
Since I have you, I'll never be blue.

Sometimes I can't even speak. You have me in a trance, or I jump on my hind legs and dance! I've been known to twirl, and I'm thrilled you're my girl!

Put your paw in mine, and celebrate with me this Valentine's Day. Let's go someplace special to play and maybe to a romantic café.

I give you this rose, and my love for you forever grows.’

Je t'aime toujours, mon belle poodle (I love you always, my beautiful poodle), Simone. 💘 💘 Love, Ricardo’

I’m almost speechless about Ricardo's first poem to moi! It's really something! Ah . . . He's so romantic.

I hope Mojito finds love, so he can enjoy Valentine's Day, too. Mojito has a major crush on me -- He's always making eyes, but je suis poodle, and I'm spoken for!

I wish Grace and Raymond, Frank, and Jorge (Ricardo’s human), a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

To all pets and people: Amour est magnifique! (Love is magnificent!)”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle: first poem and
Ricardo, Simone's boyfriend: second poem

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FAST FORWARD TO JANUARY 14: “Hi, humans and pets! It’s Simone, the poodle, in Central Park, and I’m thrilled to say it’s 'National Dress Up Your Pet Day!'

I’m celebrating with Frank, my dog walker, Ricardo, my poodle boyfriend, and my Chihuahua walking partner, Mojito. Other doggies are joining us on this special day.

As a Park Avenue poodle, I’m the pet kid of Raymond and Grace, and no one can take their place.

Coiffed tresses . . . Stylish dresses . . . No messes . . . I’m elegance defined, and I certainly don’t mind. I’m one of a kind.

Dressed to the nines, that's me, and I feel fancy free. I’m often decked out in pretty clothes and matching bows. I even get painted toes.

Beauty days at Ma Belle Chien and naps in my Park Avenue den . . . I’m tres bien -- very well -- Why, I feel swell.

Today my hair is the star of the show: I’m styled as a very puffy poodle. Lilly at the salon spent four hours doing my blow-out! Frank waited patiently with the other dog walkers, while sipping lattes. Mom chose this look since she wanted me to stand out, and my fans will scream and shout!

Ricardo nixed a costume and came with me to get a blow-out. Lilly added extensions to Ricardo’s short hair, and he loves it.

Dressed in a bright sweater, Mojito gave a "Paw's Up" for his outfit that Frank bought him.

Je suis Simone, and I’ve written a poem! I’ll recite it to you now (Frank translates), and then I’ll take a bow:

‘To all people and pets that are shy and bold, young and old, skinny and a little fat, and yes, this even applies to cats: Happy National Dress Up Your Pets Day!

Brush your pet’s fur or hair with a lot of care.

Dress them up in chic frocks or smocks. Put a barrette on top.

Why not take your furry babies to a doggie café on this very important day? Something yummy to eat will be a special treat. How about a steak and a canine friendly cake that’s freshly baked?

Parade them down the street, and they’ll entrance everyone they meet. Gallivant around town. Go all out, since that’s what it’s all about!

Show your pets off with pride. It’s not a day for them to hide.

What could be better in this weather, than your pooch in a warm coat or sweater?

They shower you with love, so wrap their paws in socks, boots, or gloves.

Indulge your canine with a new collar, bows, or painted toes. Perhaps your cat would enjoy a fun toy, whether it’s a girl or a boy.

Sprinkle on doggie perfume (I wear ‘Poodle Number 1' from Paris) that leaves that unmistakable trace of scent in the room.

Man’s best friend will let you know when it’s ready to go, with that “I’m special” glow.

Adorn their heads with hats, and this goes for dogs and cats. A beanie or beret won’t fit on a turtle, gerbil, or fish, but this is my sincere wish.

Your animals simply want your undivided attention, and there’s something else to mention.

Be thankful for how much your pets care -- that they’re always there. Greeting you when you get home, so you’re never alone . . . Sitting with you watching TV, making you as joyful as can be!

It’s not so much what you put us in, but that you take the time to dote. But, I wouldn’t mind getting a fancy fur coat.

You make yourselves look nice, so here’s my poodle advice. Tell your pets, who you idolize, that you have a surprise. This is THEIR dress up day! Spruce them up, and then take them out to play.

Maybe they’ll make a four-legged friend . . . Meet and greet dates in the park and happy barks (meows if they're cats) . . . Or, they’ll converse with a chirping bird -- the sweetest sounds you’ve ever heard!

Might be hard if your animal is a horse, but you can make it look good, of course. Brush your mare (or stallion) with tender loving care. Put a bow on your horse’s head, maybe one in red.

Snap a pic of your pet or two, and how about a selfie with you? There’s no end what you can do.

Give them a big smooch and extra strokes on this holiday! In return you’ll get more love than I can say.’

P.S. Mojito in a cute blue and red sweater, is the first pic that Frank took. “I’ll snag all the girl dogs with this striking outfit! It brings out the brown in my eyes. Hello, ladies!” he brags.

Moi in the second pic: My look is over-the-top and very coiffed! I like it! I’ve been getting a lot of stares due to my big hair, and yes, Simone is under there!

Frank snapped the third shot of a female Yorkie, here at the park.

He showed me it discreetly and asked if he should share it with Mojito? I shook my head, as I know Mojito’s: “She’d make a great girlfriend/wife!” routine.

But, the nosy Chihuahua saw the pic: "Wow! She's looks pretty in her red and blue dress, and we match! I love Yorkies! Maybe I can meet her! Si! I am Park Avenue Chihuahua!’"

I scoffed: “Decked out or not, you’re a nutty Park Avenue Chihuahua! And, that would make her the umpteenth dog that you like!"

“Who’s counting?” answered the conceited Mojito.

Fourth photo: Another sweet girl Yorkie that Frank’s walker friend sent him. He made sure not to show this one to Mojito. Decided to keep it incognito.

Fifth pic: My Ricardo, in his new hair style, which makes me smile. He looks dashing and smashing!

Sixth shot: A handsome bulldog in a tux, who sure looks luxe! Wonder who his girlfriend or fiancée is, or is he in show biz?

A quartet of fashionable pooches at the party, is the seventh photo. The tiny Chihuahua is a boy, but Mojito is giving the three girls ‘Come hither’ looks. He’s one for the books!

Hurrah for National Dress Up Your Pet Day!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle

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Simone, the book’s poodle star, hopes all dogs, other pets, and humans have a great time celebrating the start of 2018!

Fast Forward to New Year’s Eve:

“Bonjour! Hi! It’s Simone, and where did 2017 go? Oh, I don’t know . . .

My parents, Raymond and Grace, are having a big bash at our Park Avenue apartment with lots of festive decorations, many friends, my poodle love, Ricardo, and great food! It really puts you in the mood.

Frank, my great dog walker, took me out earlier, and had a New Year’s champagne toast with my folks. They laughed and told some jokes. He’ll celebrate with his family tonight.

Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner, is with his people. I saw him before, when Frank walked both of us, and he wished me a Happy New Year. The busy doctors are finally off and will usher in 2018 with Mojito, at their Park Avenue abode. I hope the dog is on his best behavior, but don’t know about that. Good luck dealing with the nut. Calm? Anything but . . .

Jorge, Ricardo’s charming person and our super chef, will create a lavish buffet with gourmet goodies and oodles of freshly baked sweets. Surely, they’ll be so much to eat! Culinary delights that we’ll indulge into the night!

Jorge will celebrate with the gang, and the flutes will clang. Wonder who he’ll kiss at midnight? Single girls, you better not fight. Take a number and stand in line, cause’ Ricardo’s dad sure is fine!

Ardsley, our butler, is serving, wearing a tux. Everything, and everyone look very lux.

Wearing a glittery gold gown, Grace is the toast of the town! Raymond dons a white silk suit and a gold tie – My, oh my!

My look is puffed out for the night, courtesy of Lilly, my stylist extrordinaire. I really have a lot of hair, and yes, there’s a poodle under there! Ricardo looks black poodle snazzy, and we’re both feeling jazzy!

Everyone will wear hats and blow horns, and watch the 2018 ball drop. Partying until we must stop . . .

Music will be playing, as the people (and dogs) are swaying.

I don’t w ant to boast, but I can’t wait for the champagne toast!

Of course, I wrote a poem to welcome in the New Year, and to appreciate what I hold dear:

‘2017 . . . 2017 . . . What did it all mean?

Lots of strolls with Frank, who I owe many thanks . . .
Who else understands poodle, but my dog walker with an astute noodle?

Mojito repeated: ‘Bow-wow,’ standard fare for the high-strung Chihuahua.
It’s really been non-stop yaps - - I wish he’d take more naps.

Lunches at Café Beaucoup: Frank, me, and you know who . . .

Forays with Mojito, who’s been known to eat cold franks and Fritos . . .
He’s tiny, but as if he’d ever be incognito!

Walking with that loony Chihuahua is far from breezy.
Doesn’t realize that he’s got it easy.

Thinks he’s the king of Park Avenue and wants 12 wives!
Envisions that he’s the greatest dog alive!

I’ve been keeping very busy . . . Sometimes I’m in a tizzy.

Activities here and playdates there . . .
Then there’s frolicking like I don’t have a care.

Scampering in Central Park, sometimes until it’s dark . . .

Ricardo often came along, and I burst out in a song!
I’m such a romantic at heart, and I’m very smart.

Perfect poodle pirouettes and many prances . . .
My pet mom taught me some balletic dances.
Yes, I have four legs, not two, but I adapt, wouldn’t you?

I learn quick and perform lots of tricks, and I’m not talking about grabbing a stick.

But, the most fun were the quiet times with mother and dad . . .
Made me so glad . . .

Stories that were read . . .

Being tucked in my bed . . .

Steak bones I devoured . . .
I could eat them every hour!

Brunches at cafes that welcome canines . . .
The food was divine!

My mommy, pop, Ricardo, and Jorge . . .
Those were some of the best days!

Sipped a little champagne . . .
Almost forgot my name!

Got a little tipsy! Yippee!

Heart-to-hearts with my love . . .

Wearing booties, aka dog gloves . . .

Oh, and having salon Beauty Days . . .
And, I didn’t even have to pay.

Being a dog sure has its perks.
I don’t have to work.

But, I have a proper poodle image to maintain . . . even if it rains.
Must always look and act my best . . .
I think you know the rest.

And, as for resolutions, it’s the usual stuff:

Saying merci (thank you) and ‘I love you’ to my parents, Raymond and Grace, and Ricardo more . . . Getting pets galore!

To Jorge, Francine (my nanny), Ardsley and, of course, Frank: giving more poodle thanks.

Watching my weight and feeling great!
Remembering to be wise and exercise . . .
For real wealth is good health.

Chilling and not spilling my food, cause’ that would be rude . . .

Patience with Francine, who sings off-key to me . . .
At least she tries to vocalize, but I don’t think she’ll win any prize .
Perfect pitch? I only wish!

Trying to understand Mojito’s insecurities, since he’s a much smaller dog than me . . . Has a crush on moi, and who can blame him? But, maybe someone can tame him. He’s unrefined and crude, and likes weird food.

A dog whisperer would be great, and how about finding Mojito a mate? A pooch as crazy might be a fit, provided she knows how to be quiet and ‘sit.’ Will she find him alluring? We’ll see, but he’s anything but boring. I want him to be happy, but, please, stop being yappy.

I hope people and dogs treat each other right and don’t fight. I’ll ignore canines that are mean, but speak up when need be. I’ve got to be proud poodle me!

I want abandoned and neglected animals to find a forever, loving home, so they never have to be alone.

Je suis Simone, the caniche, and this is my special wish:

When the Times Square ball drops from the top, 2018 will be here!

Happy New Year to everyone, and have loads of fun!’

P.S. First pic: Do you like my new blown-out hairstyle? Ricardo says it makes him smile.

The second photo of the golden doggie, was sent to Frank by his dog walker friend. Apparently, the cute pooch got the Santa hat for Christmas and wants to wear it to celebrate the New Year. Here, here!

Bonne annee (Happy New Year), and that’s to you from me!

Hope it’s the best year yet, and this goes for people and pets!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle, with help from Karen-Cherie Cogane

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” is available at:

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Fast Forward to Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017:

“Bonjour! It’s Simone, the poodle, here on Thanksgiving, wishing everyone a fantastic holiday! It’s a day to appreciate all our blessings, whether we’re canine or human.

Thanksgiving concerns the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, giving thanks for their food and harvest, but to me, Turkey Day really is the: 'Holiday with Non-Stop Eating!'

I’m here at home in my Park Avenue apartment with: my pet parents, Grace and Raymond; Grace’s sister, Patty, her husband, John, and their kids, Susan and Stephanie; and Raymond’s brother, David, his wife, Alicia, and their sons, Larry and Spencer.

We’re about to sit down to eat, and Ricardo, my handsome black poodle boyfriend, is here, with Jorge, his charming person. Nothing like being part of the family; They have a chair for me at the dining room table and one for my beau. Jorge is seated between us and will feed us.

This year there is no kids table, and the human tykes are sitting with their parents. I should be flattered that I used to be at the kids table, since I’m like Grace and Raymond’s child.

Hostess, mom went all out! Since she doesn’t cook much during the year, this is her chance to shine! Food is so plentiful on the dining room table that you can hardly see us dogs and the people.

Grace cooked a big 30-pound turkey, that is golden brown on top; mashed potatoes; giblet gravy; sweet potatoes with marshmallows; stuffing; fresh cranberries; a green bean casserole; squash; and mixed vegetables. FYI, Grace also bought an extra ten-pound turkey and put it in the fridge, in case we need it!

And, Jorge, a former head chef at the four-star French restaurant, ‘La Bonne Maison,’ in midtown, baked a loaf of fresh bread.

Whew! (I take a deep breath.)

What to drink? How about organic juices or apple cider from upstate New York, or a nice Oregon Pinot Noir, chosen by dad? Red and white wines from France, like Nouveau Beaujolais and Sauvignon Blanc, will also please the palate.

I might sneak a sip or two, or three of wine, if my humans don't offer it to me. It's a holiday and time to celebrate. Oh, and I also see a bottle of fancy champagne on the table! Count me in for a taste later.

Dexter, our ‘bartista’ (bartender and barista), worked at our Hamptons parties, and is serving libations. Get ready for the best cappuccinos, lattes, and mixed drinks! Still say they should make special coffees for dogs and open a ‘Starbarks!’

Let’s not talk about the sweets, which Jorge created! Think apple pie, peach cobbler, and pumpkin pie! Oh, my!

An Angel Food cake with vanilla icing, is the fourth choice, and mom says it doesn’t have many calories. Decisions . . . decisions . . .

Today, the piece de resistance is a dark chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache frosting, and raspberry puree filling! My mouth is watering! But, if I do sneak a snitch or more of the chocolate cake, my brown whiskers (which are normally white) will be a give-away.

Mission accomplished: I think I’ll go with the Angel Food, since pooches are not supposed to have chocolate. Wish I could have it, though.

At the Margery’s household (my last name), we always have at least five desserts for parties! My generous parents allow our human guests to have all of them, if they wish.

I’ve noticed the ladies, who often come to our parties, partaking in second and third helpings. They look embarrassed while they take small bites. ‘Normally I don’t eat so much, but I just couldn’t resist,’ I heard one say.

As the single women stare at the handsome Jorge, they bat their eyelashes, and giggle. “You made this?” they ask, and Jorge nods. He loves the female attention and smiles. Grace glances and grins at Jorge, while she indulges in his desserts. Meanwhile, Raymond, who’s been known to be jealous of Jorge, rolls his eyes.

Today all the human ladies here are married, but that doesn’t mean they don’t admire Jorge . . . because they do.

My astute poodle nose can detect these enticing flavors coming from the kitchen. Isn’t it grand to have all this talent in one elegant and fluffy body?

Je suis tres faim! (I’m very hungry!) Ricardo and I are licking our chops and counting the seconds until we dig in. Can we begin?

Dapper daddy, wearing a burgundy cashmere sweater and black slacks, is seated at the head of the dining room table. He’ll have the honor of carving the turkey.

Always the fashionista (like me), mommy’s outfit is an emerald green sleeveless dress. It looks striking against her golden blonde hair.

At pop’s request, Grace is not wearing her usual short mini, but has gone with a more conservative midi. But, mark my words, Grace’s long gams and wonderful figure, still stand out.

To accentuate her slender neck, mom’s hair is in a refined upsweep. She dazzles in an emerald necklace and emerald floral earrings.

Raymond is beaming and looks very proud of Grace. Who wouldn’t love her beautiful face?

I really enjoy describing fashion -- Maybe I should work for Access Hollywood as an entertainment reporter. Nah . . . I’d rather be on the Red Carpet at the Emmys and Oscars, when I’m nominated for my acting performances.

Just in my birthday suit, I was coiffed by mom earlier, so my hair is smooth. Now I wish I had a dress on, since I feel kind of naked. Oh well.

Back to Thanksgiving: The ambiance is striking and to everyone’s liking. Fragrant gardenias in a Waterford vase, are the centerpiece. English floral bone china, crystal stemware and sterling silver flatware, adorn the dining room table. It’s elegance all the way for this very special day!

Little pumpkins (cute), small gourds (colorful), and an assemblage of scattered fall foliage (pretty), enhance the Thanksgiving motif on the table.

Orange and red roses in full bloom and lit scented candles, are placed on end tables. It smells like a garden! Guess mom assumed us dogs would knock over candles if they were on the dining room table, but Ricardo and I are coordinated poodles.

I must admit something: I kind of feel guilty to eat the turkey. Raymond and Grace used to take me to a farm on Long Island to see the live turkeys. They were so cute with their feathers and skinny legs. I also remember peacocks with vibrant plumage and Long Island ducks. So, sorry turkey . . . sorry . . . I hope you’ll forgive me.

When I told Ricardo about my ‘turkey guilt,’ he said: ‘Well . . . Maybe we can have pizza . . . pepperoni pizza, instead.’

Moi: ‘Pizza on Thanksgiving Day? Are you kidding?’

‘Why not? It’s great to eat when watching football,’ my boyfriend remarked.

So, I retorted: ‘As if! We’re having a formal Thanksgiving dinner, not a football game watching party!’

Ricardo: ‘Yeah, but, we could adapt and have pizza instead for the entrée.’

‘How can you say that when Jorge, your pet dad, is a gourmet chef? How? Jorge cooks us such fancy meals, and he made all the desserts for dinner! And, Grace cooked a huge feast today!’ I snapped.

My beau’s response: ‘But, if we order pizza, you wouldn’t have to feel guilty. We can eat it, and then indulge in pop’s sweets!’

‘No! No! No! I’m not having pizza today, pepperoni or otherwise! Are you crazy? Are you trying to upset me? You sound like Mojito, who likes cold pizza!’ I exclaimed.

‘Mojito? You’re comparing ME to that nutcase Chihuahua, Mojito? Really, Simone? MOJITO? And, I didn’t say ‘cold pizza!’ I mean hot pizza!’ Ricardo inquired.

Me: ‘Well . . . If the shoe fits,’ I replied.

Then there was silence, as I turned away from Ricardo, and he did the same. He tried to stroke me on my back, but I moved his paw away. Yup! I mean, I have pride, and I’m an assertive, self-assured poodle.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, right before dinner, Ricardo and I had an argument
My boyfriend explained: ‘You don’t understand that it’s hard to be the pet son of an expert chef. Sometimes, I just want French fries, pizza, hot dogs, or chips. I don’t want to hurt dad’s feelings, but I feel pressure to always eat his gourmet food.’

‘Pressure? Huh? Jorge’s dishes are beyond excellent! Don’t you appreciate how lucky you are? Any dog or person would love to be in your shoes!’ I exclaimed.

‘Yes, but . . . I mean, I’m a guy and like boy stuff: junk food. I just want to act like a regular male, at times,’ Ricardo chimed in.

I scoffed: ‘That’s not the point. It’s a holiday, and that calls for certain food!
Pizza . . . pizza . . . pizza . . . And, pizza isn’t one of them! Anyway, you know pizza isn’t good for us, since it has cheese.’

Looking very guilty, he tried to calm me: ‘But, I want to taste pizza. Jorge doesn’t let me have it, and once, I snuck an itsy-bitsy snitch. I remember that it smells and tastes so good.’

Moi: ‘Well . . . We’re not having it today! And, if you want to watch football, it’s AFTER Thanksgiving dinner!’

My beau: ‘Got it . . . Look, I’m sorry that I upset you, but I really didn’t want you to feel bad about eating the turkey. Whatever you say, Simone. Really.’

There was quiet . . . Didn’t say a word, so Ricardo inquired: ‘Simone? Are you there? Can’t you talk to me?’

In a huffy voice, I answered: ‘Yes, I’m here. Where else would I be?’

Ricardo looked sad, and then I felt guilty for comparing him to the obstinate and unrefined Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner. I shouldn’t have said that, but I lost my temper.

‘I said I’m sorry. Do you forgive me? Do you?’ Ricardo asked and added: ‘You know I never want to get you mad.’

My response: ‘But, you did. You aggravated me, and it’s Thanksgiving Day! I’m stressed from all the activity. Grace is rushing to get everything ready. Ardsley is shuffling the dishes and glasses around, and things are clattering. Jorge is busy finishing baking. The florist delivered the flowers. And, dad keeps telling mom that he’s hungry. It’s very hard to relax. You should be understanding.’

‘I apologize . . . I just want you to be happy. You know that, right? I love you,’ Ricardo said.

I emphasized with my chin up: ‘I know, but . . . And, I’ll deal with my ‘turkey guilt.’ Mom cooked all this special food, and you’re going to eat it! Correct?’

Ricardo enthused: ‘Sure. I love turkey, and it smells great! And, I’m really hungry!’

My reply: ‘So am I.’

‘Are we okay, Simone?’ my boyfriend asked.

‘Yeah . . . um . . .Yes, I guess we are, but I’m still a little upset,’ I chimed in.

Ricardo meant well, but I can’t believe he suggested eating pizza, today of all days! Sometimes, I just don’t understand men (and boy dogs). Why do they say the wrong thing and then act nice out of guilt?

And, what is it about males and pizza, chips, and football? Maybe it’s since they can eat the food with their hands (or paws) and be sloppy. And, maybe they like the sound of the crunching chips. Who knows? At least Ricardo’s neat when he eats, but not all boys are (I clear my throat).

But, since I don’t want to fight on Thanksgiving, I’ll give Ricardo the benefit of the doubt. So, after many pets and romantic words from him, we kissed and made up.

All this talking about the bird, has tempted me to grab a piece or one whole turkey leg, but I will exercise restraint.

Since it’s formal, and the relatives are here, my best manners are necessary. A properly poised poodle am I, and behaving is in my DNA.

But, sometimes, I just want to behave like any other canine, and jump up on my hind legs, and go for it! I’ve been known to do that at our barbecues in the Hamptons when Dad wasn’t looking -- although I think he figured out I grabbed some burgers and hot dogs -- just couldn’t resist!

‘Do you think Grace will give us dog-size portions for dinner or human-size helpings? I vote for people portions, and I’m ready to cast my ballot! I hope she gives us BIG HELPINGS!’ I say.

Ricardo nods, but then reminds me to watch my figure. Translation: He wants to keep admiring it.

I’m kind of sensitive due to our tiff, and I thought he was trying to get a dig in, so I roll my eyes. But, Ricardo praises how beautiful I am, and I take it in stride.

Not to worry: My strutting on Park Avenue and the Upper East Side, will work off the extra calories.

But, then I think: 'Mon Dieu! What happens if I really do gain weight from this non-stop eating feast? I’ll never be able to show my face again, since the other dogs will make fun of me. What if I turn into an over-stuffed poodle?’

Calm down, Simone . . . Calm down, but how can I stay svelte and still enjoy the holiday?

So, I came up with a solution, but first, I told my beau this also applies to him. I mean, even though he’s slender, too, he should exercise. It’s only fair, right?

My goals: Ricardo and I will get up from the table every fifteen minutes and prance around the living room. Wait . . .That might disturb everyone, especially Raymond who can be impatient. On the other hand, it's a holiday, so pop should be in a good mood.

What will we do? How about we jog in the hallway, or as us Park Avenue types call it: the foyer (far enough away from the dining room), after the salad? Oui!

When we finish the pumpkin soup, we’ll do it again. Then we’ll proceed with the turkey and the trimmings.

To get ready for the mega calorie desserts, we can jump up and start skipping. Calories will be burned during the meal, so we don’t add pounds. When we complete the sweets, we’ll repeat.

You might think it’s disruptive. Rather, I consider it constructive. And, since we’re dogs, and especially poodles, we get away with things that people might not. Fluffy hair, pompoms, wagging tails, and standing on our hind legs, really do come in handy. We add a doggie head tilt, and play it to the hilt!

Another bonne idee! Dad can put the exercise bicycle in the den, and I can pedal after dinner. Might be hard for another canine to figure out, but I'm a poodle with a high DIQ (Dog Intelligence Quotient). Raymond will have to hold me on the bike, and I hope I can reach the pedals.

Smart thoughts, but can I put them into action? Pensez vite, Simone! Pensez vite! (Think quickly!)

And, I can wear one of those Fit-Bit watches on my paws (daddy or Jorge can put it on me), and count my steps.

Maybe, I’ll have just one piece of pie, but which one? Nah . . . I’ll go for all of them, or should I?

No pun intended, but I can’t have my cake and eat it too. So, what will I do?

A nice long walk after dinner will help (Jorge can take us, since Frank, my dog walker is off), but that might not be enough.

Or, I can simply throw caution to the wind and forget about it, and enjoy. But, there must be a way to solve this dilemma.

I know! I’ll do at least some of the afore-mentioned exercises. Then I can dance after our feast. Mom and Dad always play lilting music, like Tchaikovsky, and I’ll pirouette! I want to dance to 'The Waltz of the Flowers’ in ‘The Nutcracker!’ I’m a graceful girl, and what better way to exercise than to twirl?

Ardsley, our usually huffy butler, is starting to serve the salad. FYI, he’s behaving better lately, since mom put Ardsley on probation (for fighting with Jorge at our parties).

Didn’t know poodles like lettuce? Well . . . It’s bib lettuce, and I dig it (with a little lemon vinaigrette). Greens are good for you, mom tells me. As Jorge feeds me the green stuff, I'm preoccupied with tasting the beautiful turkey.

I must run now, or should I say, go, since my first round of exercising starts after I finish my salad.

But, I’ve written a Thanksgiving Day verse with some practical tips for dogs (and humans, too). You didn’t think I would miss out on this opportunity to exercise my writing chops, did you? I dictated it to my dog walker’s voice sensitive I-Phone, before the holiday.

I should pen a column: 'Tips for Poodles and Other Dogs on Health, Nutrition, and Beauty, by Simone.' Hmm . . . Hmm . . . It's food for thought.

Now here’s Simone’s Turkey Day Poem:

‘Thanksgiving -- It’s a day to rejoice and to give a voice.

It’s time for gratitude and an appreciative attitude.

All that we have can’t even be measured, but it should be treasured.

If you help someone in need, that will be a wonderful deed. Whether it’s a human or a furry friend, their gratefulness will never end.

So, I give thanks to: mom and dad; Ricardo; Frank (my dog walker); Francine (my nanny); Jorge; and even, Ardsley.

Yes, I even thank Mojito, the Chihuahua. He does get on my nerves, and he’s temperamental. But, at least he keeps me company on my walks, when Ricardo is not around.

Merci to the chefs and waiters at Café Beaucoup, where Frank often takes us for lunch. I love all the gourmet food and the people we meet -- It really can’t be beat!

And, I thank Lilly, my hair stylist and masseuse at Ma Belle Chien, the salon I go to on Madison Avenue for my Beauty Days. She makes me look so pretty and feel, ah, very relaxed. Love the rubs on my back.

It’s a holiday to eat and to have endless human treats. It’s a day to put up your feet.

I hope mother and dad give thanks for me. It stands to reason that they do. Wouldn’t you? Je suis Park Avenue poodle, and when they parade down the avenue with me (although I get walked by Frank mostly), I really make them look good!

Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, desserts, and a whole lot more. So much food that you can barely make it out the door!

My poodle advice: Eat in spurts, and don’t forget your girth! Take some bites, and do a little run. It can really be a lot of fun.

Dine on some turkey and before you get full, head to the treadmill. Just be careful not to spill.

Take a chance, and perform a dance. You won’t be judged on TV or win a shiny trophy, but you’ll feel very free!

Spoon in some yams with gooey marshmallows, and then skip to the beat. Then get back to something to eat.

Before your sweets come, do another run. Your parents won’t think you’re lazy, but they might think you’re crazy.

Even if you have to adjust this routine, you’ll remain lean.

Savor the flavors of this great day, and the pounds can still melt away. Pay attention to your waist, but not in too much haste.

Don’t be stressed; Just give it your best.

Have a wonderful holiday, and remember that these tips apply to people, too. You might have to be a little discreet, since you’re bigger than us dogs. But, that doesn’t mean you have to gorge like hogs (Sorry, pigs, but you know what I mean).

Indulge and enjoy, whether you’re a girl or a boy. And, see that lonely running machine? It’s waiting for you, today and not far away!

If you run out of steam, just head back to the table. Just be ready, willing, and able -- to be wise, and fit in exercise.

And, regarding when to stop (eating, that is), please do so before you pop!

Happy Thanksgiving to all: dogs and their pet parents; kids and their parents; relatives; boyfriends/girlfriends (of humans and pooches); dog walkers; chefs; stylists; nannies; friends; and cats, other pets, and their owners!

Merci to my mom and dad for all the great food. Thanks to them for the roof over my head and for my comfy bed.

Thank you to my parents for their love; I appreciate your spending time with me, which makes moi as happy as can be.

And, to anyone I've missed, I'll blow you a poodle kiss!’

P.S. Proud dad took the pics of the turkey and the sweet potato casserole that mom made. Don’t they look yummy? Can’t wait to dig in!

The first photo of me, Simone, mommy snapped, when I conked out on the living room couch, after Thanksgiving dinner. I love the holiday, but I'm so full, and very fatigue (tired). I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I exercised up a storm!

The next shot of moi is when I'm chilling, after my nap; Grace took the picture. All the males (including Ricardo and Ardsley) are watching football in the media room and cheering loudly (There’s no pizza, but probably chips). Grace, my aunts, and nieces are gabbing in our kitchen. Can you please quiet down a little? A poodle needs some ‘Me Time.’ I can't always be on show, or can I?

Happy Thanksgiving! Bon Appetit! Merci beaucoup from me to you!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle with a perceptive noodle

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” is available at:

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I was inducted recently into Strathmore's WHO'S WHO. I am very pleased to be honored for my accomplishments and career. The link to view this is:

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THE POODLES OF PARK AVENUE wish everyone a very Happy Halloween on Tuesday, October 31, 2017!

Fast Forward to Halloween: Simone, the sophisticated poodle star of the book, is raring to go:

“Happy Halloween! It’s Simone, and I’m at Central Park for the doggie Halloween Party! Frank, my dog walker, and Ricardo, my poodle boyfriend, are here, as well as Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner.

My mom, Grace, couldn't make it, but promises to come next year. And, daddy, Raymond, is busy working at the bank.

My costume? Well, it’s not really a costume . . . Drum rolls, please! I’m a fuchsia poodle!

I’ll backtrack to three days ago: First Grace, suggested that I go against type: a glamorous poodle. For a laugh, she wanted to dress me as a scary creature.

When I heard that I barked disapproval, and Frank translated: 'Mom, what did you just say? You want to dress me up, like a goblin? As if! I'm proud to be a Park Avenue poodle, and I want to be something feminine and beautiful!’

Enter Lilly, my hair stylist at Ma Belle Chien salon, who Frank called to get her input on my Halloween get-up. She said she could dye my hair fuchsia instead, with a very safe doggie vegetable dye.

Mom okayed it, but my reaction was: ‘Mon Dieu! I said I want to look pretty, and I thought I'd be a graceful ballerina. That would be perfect since I pirouette to Tchaikovsky. Or, I could wear an elegant gown designed by Jacques Seine, befitting a doggie fashionista like myself.’

Frank took me over to the salon anyway, and I hemmed and hawed at the mere thought of a mistake. What if I remain a fuchsia poodle, or my hair becomes a weirder color? Je suis Simone, a white Standard Poodle, and I want to stay that way!

Lilly reassured me that it’s a temporary dye that will wash out easily, like it did last year (when I was a multi-colored poodle). So, I threw caution to the wind, and figured it might be fun to be dyed such a bright color. And, it’s better than being a goblin.

Even so, Lilly relaxed me with a lavender and gardenia facial, a soothing massage, and paw rubs.

It took six hours to transform me! Before I was colored fuchsia, I had my body and thigh hair cut very short. And, I feel, like, kind of naked . . . yeah, kind of naked.

Finally, when Lilly finished, I looked in the mirror, and barked: ‘Wow! Didn’t know I could look SO FUCHSIA! Unusual, but tres (very) striking and artistic.’

To top it off, Frank put a jingling bell collar on me that Grace bought. I know I’ll stand out. Not that it’s ever been a problem for moi. It’s a good thing I’m not a shy dog, though.

‘Simone, look at you! You’re tres belle! I’ve never seen such a bright dog! How imaginative!’ Frank and the pooches at the salon complimented.

I sang out: ‘I’m a fuchsia poodle . . . a fuchsia poodle! La-La-La . . . La-La-La!’ Say that three times fast! Everyone laughed and tried to pet me, but Lilly said to wait until my hair color was completely dry.

Although he didn’t really recognize me at first, Ricardo likes it. Speaking of my beau, he vetoed getting his black hair dyed white, like last year, nor did he want a costume. So, Lilly added many hair extensions, to give him a fluffy and puffy style. It took four hours to get his new look, and Ricardo might consider growing his hair.

Mojito came to the salon also, to have his fur dyed deep purple, but he had a panic attack! The Chihuahua was gung-ho at first, but then he, like, got so nervous at the idea of altering his beige fur color. (Why, I ask?)

Shaking, Mojito yapped: ‘Change my fur color to purple? I don’t care if it's Halloween! No! No! It's not enough that I'm a tiny dog -- Now I'll be a freaky looking Chihuahua with a crazy dye that won't wash out! (Clearly, he didn't believe Lilly that it's a temporary color.) Put me in any costume, but don't change my color! What girl dog would like a purple Chihuahua? I’ll look like a girl! No! No! No!’

My thoughts: ‘What’s the difference? What female will like you, period? I know you think you’re the king of Park Avenue, a Don Juan, and you have, like, 12 potential doggie wives in mind! But, so far, you have no girlfriends!’

Maybe if Mojito stopped acting up, he could find love. He should get the award for 'Dog that yaps the most and the loudest!'

Leave it to Lilly -- She came up with a solution to calm the hyper Mojito and played New Age music by Enya. Then her assistant, Patty, gave him a pampering hour, consisting of a massage and paw rubs. He’s one lucky Chihuahua, not that he’d ever admit it.

This was followed by green juice (made of kale and seaweed) for him to drink, and he complained: ‘Eew! Eew! What’s this icky green stuff?’ After much coaxing from Patty, he swallowed it, rolled his eyes, and grimaced. Typical Mojito.

Finally, the Chihuahua appeared relaxed, but Lilly and Patty mentioned that they never dealt with such a temperamental dog. Welcome to my world!

So, Frank nixed dying his hair. Instead, he decided to get Mojito a costume, and he is dressed as a taco. His garb coordinates with his beige fur, and he, uh, looks cute.

Back to the Halloween Party: Mojito seems to like being a taco, but he should have gone with a purple hair dye. Be more adventurous and stand out! But, the unstable Chihuahua would probably have another tantrum.

‘Simone, do you think the female dogs will like me in this taco costume? Do you?’ Mojito asked.

Me: ‘Well . . . maybe . . . um . . . I guess so . . .’

The Chihuahua stuck his arrogant chin up and remarked: ‘What? Just maybe? I guess so? I look adorable! I’ll entice the girls, and I bet a whole group flock to me!’

After I put my fuchsia paw over my mouth to stop from laughing, I retorted: ‘Oh, you mean a flock of geese will surround you.’

‘What did you just say? Something about a flock of geese?’ Mojito scoffed.
My answer: ‘Nothing . . . Okay, yes, I think the females will like you.’

I mean, what else was I supposed to say? That wacky dog has delusions of grandeur. More like it, when the girl canines see taco Mojito, they’ll get hungry, and run away to eat something.

‘Maybe I’ll find more wives, wearing this cute costume. They’ll be waiting in line to apply!’ he boasted.

‘Really? I think your list is full, Mojito . . . way too full,’ I added.

The Chihuahua chimed in: ‘Why do you say that? You can never have enough options. I can be like the Bachelor on TV -- Only I’ll give a rose, I mean a doggie treat in the shape of a rose, to my female canine choices. And, I’ll pick extra bachelorettes – many extras, so I’m never without girls. I’ll have a harem!’

‘How about finding one dog girlfriend? Huh? How about that?’ I inquired.

True to form, Mojito bragged: ‘That will never be a problem for me. Never! I’m the sultan of Park Avenue!’

I thought: ‘You mean, you’re the nutcase of Park Avenue!’

‘Well . . . Where are they? Then, where are your love interests?’ I asked softly, so I wouldn’t set him off.

It didn’t work since Mojito stared at me, growled, and snapped: ‘I heard that, Simone! I heard that! And, they’re coming soon . . . very soon . . . You’ll see! Yes! Yes! So there!‘

I took a deep breath and tried to keep my poodle cool, but Mojito really got on my nerves: ‘Keep dreaming, like, keep dreaming, Mojito! Meanwhile, you don’t even have one girl interested in you -- not even a date! Your list is not real; It’s all in your distorted mind. Dressed as a taco or in your birthday suit, who’s going to put up with you? Who? Unless it’s some dog as crazy as you!’

Frank told me not to let Mojito upset me and just ignore his ridiculous remarks, which is easier said than done.

I knew Ricardo was on my page, and I whispered in his ear: ‘I’ve had it with him. He’s just too much,’ and Ricardo nodded.

Then Mojito gave me a dirty look, and got on his hind legs, and howled.

‘What are you doing? Mojito, what are you doing?’ Frank hollered.

Mojito yelled: ‘I’m like a wolf cause’ it’s Howloween! Hear me howl!’

‘Just stop it, Mojito! You’re making too much noise,’ Frank told him.

‘Why?’ he asked and continued to howl at the top of his lungs.

Frank insisted: ‘Because I said so! You’re giving me a bad headache.’

I wanted to disregard Mojito, but he pushed my buttons, and I told him off: ‘I second that! Put a lid on it!’

Mojito mimicked me, so I blurted out: ‘As if you’re yaps aren’t enough, now you howl! All you need is Little Red Riding Hood! OMG!’

The Chihuahua had yet another melt-down: He spun around in circles, yapped, and dropped to the floor on his front, kicking his little legs. Promptly, Frank swooped him up, and scolded him. See, what did I tell you?

Now, to the fun stuff. At the party many other pooches are in very creative costumes.

The cast of characters are: a Jack Russell terrier, Ollie, dressed as Spiderman; a Dachshund in a hot dog costume (not much of a stretch, no pun intended) ; a bulldog wearing a bright red cap and a red and black shirt; an apricot miniature poodle in a strawberry get-up; a doggie decked out as Beetlejuice; a white mini poodle wearing a 1950’s poodle skirt; a Chihuahua dressed in a pink poodle costume; Tilly, a cocker spaniel, as a butterfly; and a retriever as a UPS man!

Oh, and Frank showed us a pic of an adorable dog trio, ‘Trick or Treating’ at a house, that his dog walker friend sent him.

And, remember my friend Lexi, the Old English Sheepdog, who lives in my building? Well . . . She is here, as a Hairy Princess (quite different than your typical fairy princess). Lexi looks so pretty in her light green organza dress and a light green crown on her head. I wonder who created her outfit. Could it be Jacques Seine? Don’t know if he designs for Sheepdogs, too.

Surprise! Surprise! You can finally see Lexi’s eyes! She has bangs now, courtesy of a haircut at Ma Belle Chien. Don’t know how Lexi could see before, which is why she used to bump into things. She’s still furry, but much happier.

Lexi’s standing with Ricardo and me, and, um, Mojito. In case you don’t recall, Mojito has a crush on Lexi and wants her for one of his potential wives. He’s staring at her, as if he is going to make a move. But, I’ve warned Mojito to leave Lexi alone, and I hope he listens. Keeping my paws crossed.

There is a lot of barking going on, but they’re mostly happy barks. FYI, Mojito has quieted down for the time being. Guess he got tired from howling and yapping, and Frank is watching his every move.

So much excitement is in the air, and now I’m glad that I’m the only dog with dyed hair.

I did hear some of the other dogs, except Ricardo; Mojito; Lexi; Tilly, the girl cocker spaniel; and Ollie, the male Jack Russell terrier, whispering about me:

‘Who’s that poodle? Why is her hair dyed pink, or is it purple? Really? She looks like cotton candy! Where did she get that done? Wait! Is that SIMONE from Park Avenue? Figures SHE would have to be different! Why couldn't SHE just wear a costume like us?’ You get the picture.

I was going to respond, but why should I get down to their level? So, I held my tongue and said to myself: ‘I can hear you talking, and obviously, you’re just jealous. Yup, that’s right.’

It’s nothing unusual, since dogs always gossip about me. It goes with being a poodle.

Us canines are with our dog walkers, who are dressed normally. I guess they want their four-legged charges to be front and center. As if I could ever not be noticed!

In honor of Halloween, I’ve written a special ode, so here goes:

'Ghosts and goblins . . . Princesses and pumpkins . . . Spiders and zombies . . . Witches and vampires . . .

Superheroes, scarecrows, and owls . . . Werewolves, black cats, and bats . . . Can you imagine that?

Ballerinas and butterflies, and monsters, oh, my!

Lion-faced dogs and pooches dressed as green frogs . . .

Mickey Mouse and his spouse (Minnie) . . .

A doggie ladybug with a happy mug . . .

Haunted houses, a full moon, and a goon . . .

It’s a night of nights, full of fright! It’s Halloween!

Orange and black . . . And, colors galore! Need I say more? (But I will.)

Halloween is spooky, and some costumes can be kooky. Dogs dressed like a skeleton . . . a sheep . . . and, even Little Bo Peep! (but not together.)

Boo! Boo! It’s scary . . . It’s fun . . . Time to jump and run! Time to prance and dance!

Let’s do the Monster Mash, and then we can dash! Over to the food cause’ I’m really in the mood!

For lots of snacks to eat, but where are the people sweets?

I’m all for bacon things, peanut butter chews, and carob bars, but now I want kids’ candy. I want candy!

A grateful poodle am I, but regular treats are not enough. So, can’t I please have the yummy human stuff?

Give me some M & M’s, Kit Kats (the candy, not the furry animal with whiskers), and Charleston Chews, and I’ll exclaim: ‘Yahoo!’

Throw in some Good & Plenty, 3 Musketeer bars, and taffy, and I’ll be happy.
Feed me a Milky Way, and I’ll even respond to: ‘S-T-A-Y.’

I’m a dog, it’s true, but today, I want to be just like you.

When I bark: ‘Trick or Treat!’ toss in something great to eat! A juicy steak bone is always nice, and will entice, but it doesn’t fit in those Halloween paper bags.

You can give me a roomy jack o’ lantern, and put in apples, and candy corn! The more the merrier, and you can even offer me flavored Perrier.

I’m a poodle with a sweet tooth, so, can’t I please have a pumpkin spice cupcake? It won't be a mistake. Or, how about making some delicious dog-friendly candy? That would be dandy!

Halloween is here, and it’s a special day of the year.

Us dogs got all dressed up for you (and to impress other canines, which is easy for moi). Won’t you give us something new?

Let’s celebrate the holiday we pretend we’re someone else.

Fill up our goodie totes, and we’ll be ready to gloat!

It’s time for pooches to stand up on our hind legs in joy, whether we’re a girl or a boy!

Heureux (Happy) Halloween to all dogs, cats, other pets, kids, and their parents!'

P.S. Frank showed us the first image of two dramatic owls, and it sure sets the Halloween tone.

The second pic is me as a fuchsia poodle! But, where are the paparazzi? I’m ready to pose -- very ready.

Mojito, the Chihuahua, dressed as a taco, is the third shot. I hope someone doesn’t mistake him for the real thing!

Ollie, the Jack Russell terrier, is Spiderman, ready to save the day, in the fourth picture.

My handsome Ricardo, the black poodle, who now has more fluff and stuff, is the fifth photo.

Sixth shot: a girl Dachshund dressed as a hot dog with a bun and mustard, but no relish. Maybe she should get together with Mojito. Just kidding! But if they did, their puppies could be Chi-shunds or Dach-uahuas! What a combo!

A determined looking bulldog wearing a bright red cap and a red and black shirt, is the seventh photo.

The eighth pic is a male pooch dressed as Beetlejuice.

An apricot female miniature poodle in a strawberry costume, is the ninth shot. Note to Self: Keep Mojito away from her, or she’ll be added to his long list of potential wives!

A white girl miniature poodle wearing a 1950’s style poodle skirt, is the tenth pic. Where’s the sock hop and the milkshake?

Eleventh photo: a girl Chihuahua dressed in a light pink poodle costume. Better hope Mojito doesn’t spot her, either. Wait . . . Maybe she could be Mojito’s girlfriend. Nah . . . She looks too normal for him.

Tilly, the girl Cocker Spaniel, dressed as a graceful butterfly, is the twelfth picture. What pretty wings she has.

Thirteenth shot: Calling all UPS men! There’s a new dog in town: a retriever dressed to impress! But, where’s my delivery from Doggie Things?

Frank’s pal sent him the last pic of a trio of costumed dogs Trick or Treating: ‘Are you there? We’re waiting, and we can’t ring the doorbell!‘

Having a spooktacular time at the canine Halloween Party in Central Park!
Wish you were here! Maybe next year!


Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle who loves Halloween!

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“The Poodles of Park Avenue” celebrate “Poodle Day” on October 7, 2017! Congratulations to all poodles and their owners!

Simone, the white Standard Poodle star of the book, is excited to share her feelings with you.

FAST FORWARD TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7: “Bonjour! It’s Simone, and Happy Poodle Day!

I hoped to go to sunny California (Carmel) to celebrate Poodle Day with the other poodles. I wanted to be in a parade and win contests. I imagined First Prize for me for everyone to see!

I wanted to swim and run on the Monterey shore, and there’s more. I wished to play in the waves, and eat in ocean view cafes.

My dad, Raymond, couldn’t get away, and mom, Grace, said we had to stay. But, it’s Poodle Day!

I thought I’d make new friends, and the excitement wouldn’t end. I’d meet poodles from all over the US, and that’s a big plus. There’s a big party, and I’d be as thrilled as can be.

Mom felt bad and didn’t want me to be sad, so my parents will take me out to dinner. Raymond and Grace; me; Ricardo (my black poodle boyfriend); and Jorge (Ricardo’s person), will go to ‘Paris! Paris!’ restaurant on the Upper East Side. Frank will come, too, but not the Chihuahua, Mojito. We’ll celebrate, and I hope they make a poodle cake!

Anyway, I’ve taken pen in hand (figuratively) to try and write something grand. I know . . . I know . . . I have paws, but at least they’re not claws.

But, I really dictated this poem to my dog walker’s I-Phone. Frank has dog ESP, and that’s perfect for me!

I dedicate my words to all poodles everywhere. Naturally, I have a lot to say on this special day:

‘Today we get recognized, whatever our size! Whether you’re white (like me), black, apricot, brown, or gray, it’s our day! Standard, mini, teacup, or toy, you’re a poodle, whether you’re a girl or boy! You may be young or old, shy or bold . . . You’re a poodle.

I may live on Park Avenue, and have a great view, but I’m not that different than you.

Poodles have style and poise, and usually don’t make much noise. We take direction and give a lot of affection.

It’s that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ (I do not know what) when we promenade down the street. Our confidence can’t be beat.

Our inimitable strut or prance looks like a dance! We walk like we’re wearing high heels, and we often dine on gourmet meals.

I go to Café Beaucoup with Frank, my dog walker; Ricardo; and you know who (Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner).

Yes, we’ll take some bacon treats, but prefer to eat sirloin meat.

Visits to the salon to be coiffed are part of our routine. We get foot rubs, massages, and, ah, soaking in a bubbly tub. Then come haircuts, styling, and pawdicures --That’s for sure.

Some poodles keep their curls . . . Some want straight hair, while others don’t care. Okay, it’s our humans who decide, but we do have poodle pride.

Leg pompoms, bows, and collars that shine, keep us looking fine.

My hairdo depends on the season, unless there’s another reason. If mom has a soiree, I might get a special look for the day.

Us poodles have smarts and learn quick. We excel at doing tricks, and I don’t mean just grabbing a stick. We have a high Dog Intelligence Quotient, a DIQ. Yes, that applies to me, and to poodle you.

I stand on my hind legs and twirl, and I’m so happy I’m a girl. My beau, Ricardo, tries to copy me, but gets dizzy. I do a mean pirouette, and hear: ‘That’s your best one yet!’

Poodles come from France – maybe that explains my love for classical dance. Ballet started in King Louis XIV’s reign, and the art form remains!

Didn’t mean to divert, but a little culture, doesn’t hurt.

Back to us poodles, and there are oodles.

We get dresses, skirts, and shirts to wear, and sometimes, we go bare. Hoodies, booties, and hats . . . There’s something terrific about that.

I wear a warm down coat in cold weather, and it’s as light as a feather! Fall is time for a doggie sweater, and what could be better?

Poodles are in style, and it’s time for a doggie smile! When cameras click, we’re at ease, and where are the paparazzi, please?

If you live in Beverly Hills or Miami, you wear lighter stuff, but you still have fluff.
Our names have a wide range . . . Whether you’re Fifi, Odette, Duchess, Apollo, Ricardo, or Simone, chances are you love a juicy steak bone!

Our people take us for long walks, and we have talks. Mom, Grace, tells me things, and Frank translates everything.

Sometimes we’re on a leash, and sometimes we’re off, and feel free. I’m as happy as can be, since Frank and my parents watch over me.

My poodle favorite things: I love playing in Central Park, and discovering things, on a lark.

I like strutting down Park Avenue and new streets, and entrancing the people I meet.

Quiet days with my family, mean so much to me. And, of course, there’s often a great party!

I love getting strokes and pets, and hearing bedtime stories are the best thing yet!

I love riding in cars and looking at the stars.

Being with my beau, makes me glow. He gives me a kiss and a sweet glance . . . Ah, there’s nothing like romance.

How I love to live in New York City – it sure is pretty! Tall buildings abound, and beautiful scenery surrounds. Busy people and dogs scurry – they’re in a hurry, and excitement is all around.

Tulips are bright, and the lights glow at night. The trees sway, and the children play. The Big Apple is a great place for a poodle to be; It’s challenging with so much to see.

You can be in the city or country, on the east or west coast, or everything in between. But, wherever you reside, you stride with poodle pride.

Simone is my name, and ‘je suis poodle!’ I exclaim.

I hope all poodles have fun today, and that only great things come your way! This applies to pet parents, too, because your poodle kids really love you!

Good luck to all the poodles who compete at Poodle Day! Congrats in advance to the winners! And, I hope you have a great dinner!’

P.S. The first pic is moi all decked out. I went to ‘Ma Belle Chien’ salon for a Beauty Day,’ in honor of ‘Poodle Day.’ It’s a tres dramatic and chic hair style!

A gray poodle, who looks soulful, is the fourth photo. Frank’s dog walker friend, sent it to him. I wonder what the canine is thinking.

A happy apricot poodle cutie is the third shot. Love the hair color!

My very dashing Ricardo, posing in the park, is the fourth pic.

The fifth shot: A white Standard Poodle; a gray Standard Poodle; and an apricot Standard Poodle. What a striking trio! The white poodle isn’t me, Simone, but I wonder: ‘Who could it be?’

My dog walker’s pal saw the poised pooches, and sent this to him.

The last image is another handsome black poodle with a touch of white, for Poodle Day.

Happy Poodle Day!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle, who is very proud!

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” can be purchased at:…/1122407386
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THE POODLES OF PARK AVENUE wish everyone a Happy National Walk Your Dog Week, October 1 through October 7, 2017!

Simone, the poodle star of the book, can’t wait to extol her dog walker:

“Hi! It’s Simone, the Park Avenue poodle, and now, let’s celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week!

I salute all humans who walk their dogs. Whether you’re an owner or have a job as a walker, you deserve praise every day.

Yes, it takes time to walk your furry friend, but the rewards do not end. Hours together in all kinds of weather . . . Sharing precious moments and having fun . . . Bringing your dog home when the day is done . . .

You gain so much, and life become less of a rush. Strokes here, and pets there, and you (and your pooch) feel like you don’t have a care.

Dogs can’t just sit and watch TV. To be healthy, they must move, and get in their groove. They should thrive and socialize.

I’m so lucky I have Frank, my devoted dog walker. He walks me seven days a week, three times a day!

Frank takes me and my Chihuahua walking partner, Mojito, up and down Park Avenue; all over the East Side; to bistros for lunch; and to Central Park. When he finishes walking us, it’s dark.

Befitting this terrific occasion, I wrote a poem for my dog walker:

‘Frank, I am overwhelmed with thanks!

You give me so much attention, and there’s a lot more to mention.

You’re not distracted by texting friends or talking; you’re focused on dog walking.

You are patient and dedicated to me; you’re just like family. Why, you’re as wonderful as can be!

You dress me each day, and get me ready to play. I might wear a hoodie or no clothes; I might wear a dress with matching bows. It could be a wool coat and warm booties, and you tell me: ‘I’m a cutie!’

I get lavished with pets and dried when the rain gets me wet. You appreciate me with lots of TLC.

My hair gets fixed up when it is mussed. It’s not just: ‘One . . . Two . . . And three.’ You give me many brushes so I’m as coiffed as can be!

I eat lunch at Cafe Beaucoup on Madison Avenue: you, me, and you know who. The French food makes me so happy, but let’s not talk about little Mojito, who is very yappy!

Don’t know how you put up with Mojito, who prefers Fritos. He says ‘Blah’ to fancy food, and he’s rude -- has no manners and is crude.

The lucky Chihuahua gets fed on your lap, and sometimes he takes a nap. Has high-strung moods and an arrogant attitude.

Mojito’s temperament varies, so you’re wary. Sometimes he’s calm, but then he gets scary. You scold him, and when that doesn’t work, you hold him.

But, whether I’m on a leash or running free, you watch over me. A toss of the Frisbee, and I catch it with glee.

You show such pride and make sure we don’t hide.

Us dogs need to exercise and be wise. That’s rarely been a problem for us poodles who have a good noodle. Still, we love to strut and prance, and as for moi, I must dance! I must dance! You watch me pirouette, and tell me it’s my best one yet.

You escort me to my Beauty Days (at Ma Belle Chien salon), and you stay. You wait until I promenade with the ‘Don’t I Look Pretty?’ gait. I get my ‘Here She Is!’ walk, and you show me off.

There aren’t enough ways to appreciate you today and every day.

Your devotion to me doesn’t end, and you are a true friend.

Mom and dad wanted a walker they could trust – That was a must. And, we got so much more – a dog walker we adore!

You speak poodle and have dog ESP – You definitely understand me.

When I’m upset, you calm me, and turn my frown upside down.

You let Ricardo, my love, come along, and sometimes you belt out a song. In my eyes, you can do no wrong.

I burst out in a smile, and did I mention you have great style? Your sense of fashion is simply smashing! Other than moi (and the gang), strolling down the avenues, all eyes are on you!

You’re a great daddy to your little girls; You’re a super walker to me with poodle curls.

You bring me treats made of bacon, and sometimes, a steak bone. You dictate my words to your I-Phone. It’s a breeze since you translate with such ease!

My parents get constant updates, and you’re never late.

As a precocious poodle, I need a lot of activity, and you give it to me. I don’t get bored, and you should get an award!

What more can I speak about the ‘Dog Walker of the Week?’ Better yet, you’re the ‘Best Walker There Is,’ and this is coming from your favorite four-legged kid!

Love, Simone’

P.S. The first shot is a drawing for National Walk Your Dog Week.

The second pic is moi, Simone, when I was at the park with Frank (and, uh, Mojito).

A group of curious canines waiting for their dog walker is the third photo.

The fourth picture is an adorable brown pooch holding his leash: ‘Hey, where are you, mom?’

Fifth photo: Two walkers with their four-legged friends. Dog talk: ‘Let’s do a play date! Are you available?’

The sixth pic is Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner, in one of his few quiet moments.

In the seventh shot, cute canine siblings are being walked in the park: ‘This is fun! Can we come tomorrow? Can we?’ Frank’s dog walker friend saw them, and sent the pic to him.

Eighth picture of a black dog: ‘I’m waiting, and I’ve got the leash!’

A National Walk Your Dog Week Image is the ninth shot.

Here’s hoping all canines and the humans who walk them, have a great time at National Walk Your Dog Week!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” can be purchased at:…/1122407386
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THE POODLES OF PARK AVENUE wish all black dogs a Happy National Black Dog Day on October 1, 2017! And, best wishes to all owners of black canines!

Simone, the white poodle star of the book, wants to shout out her happy feelings:

“Hip-Hip Hooray! It’s National Black Dog Day, October 1!

Before I emote or even gloat, here’s my spin:

Black dogs are cute, whether they’re big or small, hefty or skinny, mixed breed or pedigrees. They’re as striking as can be. They may be bold or even shy, but black dogs are special, and I’ll tell you why.

I’m ready to burst – in joy since my love is a black poodle boy!

And, finally, the day has come for me to celebrate my wonderful boyfriend!

I’ve written some prose, and now, here goes:

‘Ricardo, I salute you on National Black Dog Day, and there is so much I want to say.

You’re handsome and kind, and everything good that comes to mind.

You’re black and fine, and you’re all mine! When we walk down the street, you entrance everyone you meet. I hope you know that I’m so proud that you’re my beau.

You’re dazzling as the night, and it feels undeniably right.

Your words of love are as beautiful as the sky above.

I’m treated like a poodle queen, and you’re never mean.

You’re there for me in every way and brighten up each day.

Prancing down Park Avenue . . .
You, me, and you know who (Mojito, the Chihuahua) . . .

Walks in Central Park . . .
Playing until it’s dark . . .

Frank, our dog walker, tossing us Frisbees and feeling free . . .

Strolls on the beach in Amagansett . . .
Watching the sunset . . .

Jumping in the waves . . .
That’s one of my faves . . .

Sweet words when I’m sad that make me glad . . .

Eating at Café Beaucoup . . .
Sharing a steak bone for two . . .

Pets on my head . . .
Good night kisses when I go to bed . . .

Snuggling when it gets chilly . . .
Laughing and acting silly . . .

As dogs in love will do . . .
And, I’m thrilled I have YOU!

Whatever we do, the best part is spending time together, in all kinds of weather. It can be cloudy or sunny, but you’re still my honey. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, I truly enjoy it all.

In any season, I don’t need a reason to love you more.
Je t’adore (I adore you).’

P.S. The first pic is my soul mate, Ricardo, in the park.

My dog walker, Frank, took the second photo of a black cocker spaniel.

The third shot is a black Scottish terrier.

And, the fourth pic is a black retriever.

Happy National Black Dog Day to all, and it’s in the Fall!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” can be purchased at:…/1122407386
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