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I just recently made a FasTrack Layout! It is a 4 x 9 action packed layout. This probably the last track plan I make for myself.
OGR Forum Link:

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I know many of you have made N scale layouts on hollow core doors.

Has anyone made one that you can "Close the door" and fold it up against the wall?

I have limited space, and can't have a permanent display, but I was thinking about creating a 12" "pocket" using 2 x 12's, hinging the door on the bottom with some folding legs on it to use when the door is open(down). I've got a track plan in mind, and the highest elevation on the plan is 5". that leaves me about 5-6" for trees and buildings and other scenery......
Has anyone tried it?
Does anyone see any obvious possible issues I'm missing?
Any thoughts or concerns would be appreciated.
I'm including a copy of my preliminary trackplan for comments as well

The 2 outer loops are using Kato Unitrack, the industry area and runaround are planned for Atlas Code 80 track. I've included the outer loop only becasue I want to be able to run a passenger train and figured on a door, I couldnt do much more than a loop due to curve radius.


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I made a 4 x 9-ish O Scale Fastrack Layout plan with more sidings,
Details in OGR forum:

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I made a 5 x 8-ish Fastrack layout that is action packed! It took a long time to make this detailed track plan, so help me out and give feedback.
Details in OGR forum:

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This is an aspirational layout that I'm thinking of attaching to the walls and hanging from the ceiling on some plexiglass or some such. It mostly hugs the walls except for the part on the left which is basically in the middle of the kitchen's ceiling and the loop part on the right which is over the center of the living room.

Any feedback?

This is an HO-scale layout, using Marklin C track. In theory I'd try to run operations on it, but with it up near the ceiling, I'm not sure how practical that would really be... maybe I'd need to invest in tennis umpire chairs or something. The ceiling near the top right is vaulted so it's possible to reach over there. The rest of the layout would be about 20cm from the ceiling so less room to reach over.

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+Ed McEntee , I did some doodling...
... and came up with a loop to loop concept for your closet. I used Atlas Code 80 track. Curve radii at the right and left legs (bottom) are tight: 9 3/4". Turnouts are mainly #4's. I managed to squeeze in some #6's on the main line for better appearance. If you like it, send me your email in a private message and I'll email you PDF-files which can be printed in any size without loss.
Closet Layout
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I'm a beginner, but would like to take on a somewhat ambitious project. I've got a walkin closet available to me to bulid a railroad in. Not ideal, but it's what I've got. The dimensions are 61" deep by 69 3/4 wide with a doorway in the middle of the front 69 3/4. I'd like to build something multi-level, but the lack of size has got me perplexed. I thought of using 1/3 of the width of the room as an oval helix and make a 3 level layout on what remains, but again, "What's left" doesn't allow for much at all. I was hoping to model something in the '70's era, nothing location specific, just something free form. I'd need to be able to run some sort of continuous loop for the grandkids.. I was hoping to incorporate some sort of a yard. again, Just looking for some idea. I have played around with SCARM and have a general plan, but not real happy with it and was hoping to brainstorm maybe a few more ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Forgot to mention It's got to be N scale and I'm planning on using Atlas Code 80 track

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I got a lot of requests for more tutorials about TRAX, so I made a series of three new movies: 'Getting Started', 'The Basics' and 'Some Advanced Features'.

You can find the tutorials here:

Please let me know if they work for you, and what other subjects you would like to see a tutorial about.

Calling All Modelers!!

Do you have a track plan that you are really proud of and want to show if off? Well then, share it with other modelers!

YouTube Model Builders eMag will be assembling a special section, featuring full page pictures of community members’ track plans! All Modelers are welcome to make submissions.

Here are the specifics:

1. The track plans can be hand drawn, drawn using any track planning software, or any other tools. If the track plan is hand drawn, then it should be a clean drawing with clearly visible track work, labels, geographic elements, Bridges, tunnels, and structure outlines, etc. The same level of clarity applies to plans drawn using track planning software or other tools.

2. The plans can be drawn by you or for you by a third-party. As long as the track plan is for your layout (currently built, in progress, or not yet started), and not someone else’s plan, you may submit a picture of it.

3. You can submit it as PDF, JPEG, PNG file types, or even a drawing inserted into a MS Word or PowerPoint document.

4. The plan can either be landscape (horizontal), or portrait (vertical). Please understand that if your track plan is landscape, we may print it in landscape format to make it fit the full page. We want to print the plans as large as possible so we can show them off for you!

5. If your track plans consist of multiple levels, and therefore you have multiple pages, you may submit the multiple pages. However, you must indicate which page (level) is the primary plan you would like to have included in the eMag.

Please Note: We will do our best to fit all levels of your plan but that will be on a best effort basis.

6. Deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2015. Important: Please include your contact information.

Please provide the following along with your track plan:

1. Your Name as you want it printed
2. Your YouTube channel (preferred) or Google+ page - if you have either one (please include the link if you can)
3. The size of your layout – in feet (example 8’W x 16’L)
4. The scale for your track plan (example: G, O, HO, OO, HOn30, On30, N, etc...)
5. Name of the Layout – real or fictitious (example: Lone Tree Junction)
6. Era and railroad modeled - if applicable (example: 1950s Pennsylvania RR)
7. Any specific area of the railroad – if applicable (example: Brunswick Line)
8. Current stage of your plan layout: Built, In Progress, or Not Yet Started
9. If built, then how long did it take you to build it? Otherwise, an estimate of how long you feel it will take to build.
10. Purpose of layout: Strictly Operations, Both Operations and Entertainment, Pure Entertainment

Please email your picture(s) to Editor-in-Chief, eMag at the following email address:

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I made a mockup of the layout for which I'll be building structures. It's an O scale model of an HO layout...
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