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ya peeps want a horror rp idfk

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(A Mystic Messenger rp, Mc's real name is a mystery...., Need a Zen)

(Mc secretly has powers but Zen is able to have powers... if you want)

(This is a multi-fandom romantic rp, no Sexual)

After the Echo Girl incident, and during the party, Mc noticed something strange with her hands so she went into another room noticing her hands were glowing because she was nervous but she calms down and her hands stopped glowing

After the party and next day, Zen woke up next to his side was Mc, She was sounded peacefully asleep she's probably really tired from the party, so you...

(Say Zen for no powers for Zen)

(Say, Zenny for powers for Zen)

(Powers will be shown later in the rp but not now)
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𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪𝘯𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘥. 𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘤𝘦𝘦𝘥?





[June, 2099]

Project "Milli" is SynthCorp's latest attempt in revolutionising the Android industry. Milli's design is based on nearly a hundred years of previous robotics research and experimentation.

This week she was launched for her first official mission, sweeping a total of five blocks for a gang known for physically assaulting young females between the age of 15 and 25. She successfully located the gang, though unfortunately did not pursue after location. In her words, the objective was "unclear".

In the following weeks, we will be altering her objectives so that she is able to capture the group successfully and put an end to this particular crime.

[July, 2099]

Milli has...stopped the gang, though not without incident. She didn't seem to quite understand her objective, which is of course our own fault, thus we have dealt with the issue and given out compensation for those in need.

Three members of the Gang "SHUU" were unfortunately killed in her attempt to bring them to a nearby law enforcement van. She sustained some damage and in response to the danger to her, she threw the closest members into the side of the van. Death was instantaneous.

The remaining four members attacked her, to which she responded with one of her many remarkable features, a tear gas. She followed the tear gas by rushing the four, one by one using on-hand sedatives. Milli gently laid the now sedated members on the pavement, before stepping back to await further instruction.

[August, 2099]

Milli successfully completed her second objective this week. There were no casualties involved, however there were slight injuries and some damage to the surrounding area.

[October, 2099]

Milli has been acting... strangely. She has been far more expressive than before. We believe this to be a sign of meddling. We will be temporarily shutting her down before her next mission, (her 10th) to take a look.

[October, 2099]

Milli is missing. She supposedly stood up from the table while awaiting further instruction from our technicians and simply walked, unnoticed from the building. A city-wide search is currently being conducted.

As a personal note, I do hope they find her. The technician has since informed me that there was evidence to suggest she had been modifying herself.
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UwU, I hope I'm in the right category-
Male and female accepted.
[R O L E P L A Y T I T L E :]
[The White Christmas]

[T R I G G E R W A R N I N G :]
[This roleplay contains scenes of self-harm. If you can't handle this or are triggered by it, please do not read it.]

[R U L E S :]
No text talk.
No one-liners.
Use proper grammar and punctuation.
No emojis.
Please use third person.

[Enjoy the roleplay:]

Thinking to himself, Drake stared out the window at the swirling snow outside. It was cold and snowy outside, and he was very worried about Y/C. They were supposed to be driving to his family's house for Christmas, and would be staying for the week. His brother's house was big enough to accommodate at least fifteen guests, so housing Y/C and Drake wouldn't be a problem. What Drake was actually worried about was Y/C getting there safely. They had insisted on driving on their own and was already fifteen minutes late. The storm was getting worse, and Drake had been sitting at the window for about half an hour now. His brother, Steve, came by every few minutes to reassure Drake that Y/C would be alright.

Leaving Drake to sit at the window and worry, as he normally does, Steve walked off to make sure everyone else was comfortable. Everyone else was already there. Lilly, Drake and Steven's younger sister, was playing games with Steven's kids. Steve had two children - Michael, who liked to be called Mike, and Hope, nicknamed Sunshine. Michael was fifteen and his little sister was eight. Their mother was eight months pregnant with twins and was focused on cooking in the kitchen. Daisy - the mother - had two sisters: Violet and Rose. Rose was the middle child and Violet was the youngest, but all three sisters were only one year apart in age.

The entire house smelled like cookies, pies, and all sorts of hot foods. Drake ignored the smells and the noise of the kids giggling. (And the sounds of Mike trying to get away from the two little girls.) Drake kept staring out the window into the black.

An hour late but alive and well, Y/C eventually arrived at the house. It was almost five in the evening and the sky was already way too dark. Drake was flooded with relief when he saw Y/C's car pull up to the house. He put on some boots and a coat, then went outside to help them bring their things in. Once inside, Y/C was gifted a huge hug from Drake and a kiss on the nose.

"I'm so glad you're okay... The reception is terrible and my texts wouldn't go through..."

First name: "Hello! My name is Zen!"

Middle name: "my middle name is alccik, yes it's weird heh"

Surname: "I don't actually know my last name.."

Age: I'm seventeen turning eighteen tomorrow just like Xen!

Race: " I'm a bunny hybrid,  I'm somewhat like a Neko but just have bunny features"

Gender: I'm a male, what did you think I was? A female?

Eye color: "A charming electric yellow"

Hair color: "A nice whitish color"

Likes: " I like candy, cats, and Xen! I would do anything to protect him"

Dislikes: " anyone hurting xen, you will die if you dare hurt him!"

Weapon(s): "I love to use my guns, I'm a great sniper"

History: _"I and Xen used to live on the streets and would steal until this damn infection type stuff started

"Wait up Xen!"

cmon slow poke!

First name: The names Xen!

Middle name: you don't need to know

Surname: is that really necessary for you to know? I didn't think so..

Age: I'm seventeen turning eighteen tomorrow

Race: I'm a what?!

Gender: shall I pull down my pants for you to see this large cough cough of mine?

Eye color: A nice charming electric yellow

Hair color: I guess a pinkish color? I don't know..

Likes: I love food, toying with the zombies, toying with people period and bunnies

Dislikes: anyone picking at my best friend and someone stealing my damn kills

Weapon(s): I can use my nail since they are sharp enough to use but other than that I usually use guns, daggers, katanas, ect ect

History: I was abandoned as small kitten with a bunny hybrid and once I was old enough to even walk I start stealing to survive with my best friend

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Rules: 3+ SENTENCES. No control of my character. Decent grammar. No text/emoji in rp. Male needed to play pics.
It was another day at school when the new student showed up. For Hana this student will forever change her life. She just didn’t know it yet. Until she got involved in his problems. Unbeknownst to everyone the new boy has a split vicious, animal like personality who comes out at the sight of blood or when his life is in danger. The night before a few guys tried to take his money but he fought back. After they cut his arm the personality came out and beat the guys to near death. Now they have returned with a vengeance. She tried to help the new student escape but the group caught her. Since she tried to help he didn’t want them to hurt her. Surrendering they hit him with a bat. The force reopened his wound making the bandage soak in his blood. Seeing that his other personality came out with a roar and starts punching them. The sight made her freeze in place. A few of the guys tried to attack only to be punched down instead. What remained of the group that came after him flee in terror. Hesitantly she approaches him with her hands up while speaking to him softly. Lunging at her she quickly stepped aside and wrapped herself around him covering his eyes with one of her hands. Humming gently he soon starts to relax allowing her to let him go. To her surprise he was crying. He told her that he doesn’t like hurting people. Hugging him she wondered what happened in his past to make him like this. Little did she know that now he has become attached to her. And is the only one to bring him back from that state
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Maria was roaming in the town as everyone saw her and they were afraid of her but it didn’t stop her she continues to roam enjoying the view until she saw you a demon getting hurt from the people that were attacking you as you were defending yourself and so after you scared them you left and headed to your home and so Maria followed (Y/N) to their home and then when she arrived she went inside as the door closed and then she heard a voice that was seductive and alluring
((Open to an Male Demon))
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Remnant.. a world filled with hundred of races from the purest of creatures to the most darkness of monsters, a place that has beauty in the most darkness places. The world came to be when two brothers, one older and one younger, filled the world with both life and destruction as the older brother create water, plants and wildlife during the day, while at night, the younger brother would discover his sibling's creations and become disgusted. He created drought, fire and famine yet life had a strong ability to endure, so the younger god of destruction decided to create the Creatures of Grimm. He designed them so that they would have an innate desire to destroy everything and anything. Weary of feuding, the older god of life proposed that the two of them create one last thing together, a masterpiece they could both be proud of. The younger brother agreed and together they created a creature that was gifted with knowledge, creation, destruction and choice. Most important was the capability of choosing whether to use these gifts for light or dark... these creatures became known to be Humanity.

The gifts of the two brothers were also given a physical manifestation, so that four Relics now exist on Remnant, representing each of the four gifts bestowed on humanity. These Relics each contain immense power, and it is said that, if someone were to wield all four, they could change the world. After giving Remnant their last gift, the two left and abandoned the young world as they are never seen from again for a long time. Years later Humanity began to grew as a species, they become more advance in technology and have learn to harness their aura which is a form of innate energy that bestows its user with certain abilities and powers. During the early years Remnant had began to be populated by two intelligent species - humanity and Faunus, a race of human-animal hybrids. As Remnant can be a harsh world to survive, huntsmen and huntresses began to rise that were elite warriors dedicated to slaying the creatures of Grimm and whose duty is to "uphold the peace" of their world.

{Beacon Academy - Room 101 - Second Combat Class}

Within a small classroom at Beacon Academy, there was a lone figure seating behind a desk that had auburn color hair with tan skin while wearing some sun glass and a fancy suit that came with a black tie. The man had sign as today was indeed they day... his second year of teaching at Beacon Academy, he could remember last year since it did get a little out of control. He had hope this year would go fine, now that he learn the right way of teaching thanks to Goodwitch.. he could hear the footsteps coming close to his class as he mental prepare himself.

Rules For Roleplay...
1.)Most have Knowledge of who Gambit is and what he can do.
2.)Most have Knowledge of Rwby
3.) Be very descriptive, no text or 1-2 sentences.
4.)Any gender allow
5.)Any Race allow
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First name: Andrew
Middle: William
Surname: brown
Age: 17
D.o.b: 11/September/2001
Race: human
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: brown
Likes: anime, video games, busty women
Dislikes: bullies
History: Andrew was raised in a village of human that was burnt down by the king himself, he now wants revenge
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