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Welcome to Roleplay Anything. Were you can roleplay Anything (within reason)

-Create profiles and amazing story Arcs and meet lots of new friends. If you have any questions just ask away.

-You must ask permission to share a community.if it's a No don't go ahead and do so anyways you will be banned.

-You Need to post a profile but you don't need your Profile Approved.

-After a clutter of too many posts I removed them to make way for the new ones. Please continue as usual.

-check the about Comunity section for the rules and regulations.


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{Descriptive Roleplay}
{Medieval Scene; 7:25 pm}

There was a kingdom that lived near the ocean. The king and queen lived a peaceful castle ruling over the rest of the land. 25 years ago, the king and queen had a baby girl. It was their pride and joy. They were so protective of the child.

Growing up, the princess had a shut in life. She wanted to explore the rest of the village, but she never went past the castle walls. She dreamt of going past the walls one day.

The princesses name was Willow. Her long blonde hair was silky and her eyes were a bright blue color. Willow was now turning 25, and she wanted to explore the outside. Her parents had been introducing princes for her to marry. But she felt like they were too prissy and didn't care about anything but her Kingdom. It was the most greatest Kingdom in the country.

Willow decided to leave. She then draped her red cloak around her and then jumped off of her balcony. Willow's room was close to the gardens and it was easy to land. She rushed to hide behind a tree as a soldier walked by. It was easy getting through the large gates. She then looked back at her home and smirked, walking to the Kingdom. There she bought food and a couple of new simple peasant dresses with the coins she has. Draping the large bag over her shoulder, she wanted to walk through the forest that is nearby. Willow headed there, but frowned as it seemed oddly quiet. Not like she thought it would be.

Then she felt a man grab her arm. She cried out and gasped, the man covering her mouth. He was a blacksmith and was on his way to another village with supplies. He made her be quiet as he looked up at the trees and then around them. He figured it was an ambush and told her to stay back. It was then he heard an arrow hiss by. It hit Willow in her shoulder and she fell to her knees. She then saw the man rush at her. He picked her up and ran back towards a cave. Willow ripped the arrow out and felt like passing out. The man she just met carried her deep into the cave so that the bandits couldn't find them.

Willow was in so much pain and felt her warm blood cover her shoulder and part of her chest. He quickly wrapped her shoulder up with ripped pieces of her dress.

"Can't let the princess die now."

Willow then was confused as he knew she was the princess. She then frowned a bit.

"What? How'd you know?"

"Easy. I saw you climb out your balcony door. And the royal crest on your cloak. Seems to me you didn't realize that you definitely look like the queens daughter."

He then put pressure on the wound and bowed down, hearing the bandits outside. He made sure that they weren't to be seen. Willow then was slowly losing conscious. He then looked down at her.

"Hey.. stay with me. I'll get you help soon. The bandits are known to never leave anyone alive.."


1. Please be descriptive. 10+ lines
2. If you've read all of this, please comment "Arrow" if you want a private post.
3. Obviously reposts haha
4. Romance involved and keep it Medieval.
5. Thanks for reading! 

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Would anybody like to RP right now or later, since im sure most of you have school.
No text talk or emojis
At least one full line worth of a reply
Hangouts and Discord is an option

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Me, My older brother Jason, and his girlfriend Olivia are in renting a condo in Florida for the summer, and my brother puts together this HUGE party in which I honestly didn't want anything to do with, but I ended up meeting you there, and well, things get interesting.
Name: Alyson Carri
Age: 17
Gender: Female
From: Texas.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 pounds
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dirty Blonde

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Date of Birth:12/28/1997
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Likes:Dark Things , Candy
Dislikes:Jocks,Light Things
History:After being forced to being the prince of Korea, he came to this place as a hunter,then again he was forced to do that, once escaping he trys to live a normal life... +Incorrect Cat Is this right?

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First name: Mika
Middle name(s): Marie
Surname: Amaya
Age: 18
Date of birth: 9/21/1998
Race: White
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Eye Color: grey
Hair Color: black
Likes: Sweets, loose clothes, stockings
Dislikes: sour stuff, really tight clothes
History: Mika was one of the oldest cat girls out of her sisters. Her mother's master got bored with her and auctioned her off as a slave. Mika was able to escape many of her masters, but deciding to stay with one for a while.
Can turn into a black cat.
low quality sorry!!


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-You are my big brother so this is brotherXsister
-If you read all say the password hidden in the story
-Please do more than 2+ lines and be descriptive
-He's dominant and I'm not. He's sweet and loving and caring when it comes to his little sister. But to others hes not.
-I DO NOT want just sex out of this. This is to be a ROMANTIC AND SEXUAL role-play. So DO NOT jump into sex because I will warn you I might leave if that happens..

It was a long cold day during winter close to Christmas, mom and dad went on vacation and left me home and you were out in another state working and I was home alone. I've been home alone for about two weeks so far and mom and dad are to be gone for 6 weeks. I've been going to classes and going to work and parties with friends and being my normal self even though everyone's away from home but me. My friend has been staying at the house with me to keep me company at least two days a week till someone comes back home.

It was a long day and it was only 10 degrees outside and I was walking home from work and it was 11 at night. I finally got home and I got inside and locked the door and hung up my coat and laid my keys down. I heard the fire going and I was confused, because my friend wasn't to be here and mom and dad aren't home, and you were out of state so that left me and I didn't leave a fire going. (Sorry to bother you but password is "princess") I walk further into the house and I kinda shrug it off because its late and I'm tired. I go to the kitchen getting food to eat and I turn on the tv and sit and eats my very late dinner.

After I eat dinner I wash my plate and I go change into sweatpants that are my brothers that I took from him a while ago while he was gone and a crop top. I go back out to the hanging chair and I sit in it with a blanket and a pillow watching a movie. I fall asleep about half way through the movie, you walk out of your room and see the tv is on and you see me and you smile and you go to me picking me up out of the chair and taking me to my room knowing just how to not wake me up. You lay me in my bed and cover me up and you sit with me playing with my hair.

I wake up the next morning about 9am and I smell food in the house and I get up putting my hair in a bun and walking to the kitchen and I see you and my eyes widen and I run and jump hugging you tight. You then...

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Its been awhile since anyones seen any beast show up in the Kingdom of Crystal except one day...
Y/N and Princess Carmen were talking about what they were gonna do togther for the day and of course they were already dating making them techinally king and queen until they get married when they were talking they heard something making a rumbling noise they decided to run outside and check it out they didnt see anything but they quickly ran inside and grabbed their swords and walked back out calling the guards and then started looking around again apparently the noise was coming from the top of the roof so they decided to check it out so they start climbing up and then they see a tail and Carmen whispers to Y/N "Please dont tell me what i think it is" and then he replied "I think it is Carmen its a dragon..." it roars very loudly that it echos across the kingdom Carmen pulls out her sword and charges at the beast Y/N following behind and....
(Sorry its short)
state name
male or female to play the prince is fine
no hentai
have fun and enjoy
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Who wants to roleplay? You are going to have to make it though. I want someone very descriptive. Like, 5+ lines at least.

And yes I know this characters are from Eddsworld but they look so COOL! :3

Say 'Taco' When You Read This All :P
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Rp anyone?

(( Plz PP me if you do ))
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