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Hey peeps!!!!!!

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This is gonna make ya cry, 'cause it made me cry my eyes out, 'cause it's so dadgum emotional!!! :) :( >:( :S XO

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This picture reminds me of my mom and I.

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Name: Riley Andersen
Age: 14
Emotions in my head: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, & Fear
Sport I play: Hockey
Nickname: Riley
Photo of me:

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Hi, I'm Haley "Riley" Morrell, But y'all can call me Riley!!!!!!!

Emotion: Coolness

Gender: Female

Outfit: Shades, blue jean jacket, white t-shirt, jeans, and blue Converse.

Who I control: Riley Andersen

My job: Making sure that Riley is calm, laid-back, and stress free.

Quote: "Relax y'all, Riley needs us, ain't that right, Joy!!!"

Are we allowed to be human OCS or not (I just joined)

Neutral: O_O

feeling: Pain


outfit: black clothes with stylish red jacket, spiky orange hair, shoes and jeans .

Your job is to warn of possible injuries both internal and external, and causes Riley (Riley Anderson) has an attitude of going to the doctor
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