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Vibgyor Yelahanka would like to share some unknown facts about the musical instruments. Every instrument that we use has some history that has various facts which would surprise us. Vibgyor Yelahanka shares with you some unknown facts about a Violin.

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VIBGYOR Yelahanka band’s new album Nostalgia Trickles features two songs written by our lead guitarist who has a proven mettle to come up with connections to childhood memories.

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Let the magic of VIBGYOR Yelahanka band spread like wildfire, bringing together friends during this scorching summer and create melodious memories.

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The more audience you have, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band assures you, the more subscribers on YouTube you have, the better will be your brand image.
Be your own groupie! You are your biggest fan and no one knows your band, brand or music better than you. Be your own brand ambassadors and don’t miss any opportunity to talk about your music and your brand. Do shows, talk to people, engage with your audience.
There is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which you need to worry about. After much trial and error, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band realized Facebook and Instagram worked best for the brand page. Do your own trial and error before deciding what platforms you want to keep.

Hello everyone! Vibgyor Yelahanka Band would like to take a break from the smashing hit blog series on “advice” to young and budding musicians because the new year is upon us which means it is time to put your party capes on and dance into the night!

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YouTube is the best friend you could have asked for! Vibgyor Yelanhanka Band started its journey with experimenting on YouTube. The only thing you need to remember about this platform is the need to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t with a trial and error method.

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Vibgyor Yelahanka Band is very much like a level-headed damsel weighing every thought, word and deed! The band stands united in its credo to create wholesome music, not just regurgitate Hindi pop or blatently copy and call the shoddy result, ‘inspired work” – in fact, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band steers clear from Bollywood hip-hop and anything that trivializes their art. It may be easy, but it certainly is not their style and they would take the difficult road, especially since they have seen their parents struggle, to beat the odds.

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