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Hey its been forever

One day in my class a friend of mine daydreamed in class that she was dancing to JuJu on that beat. So she got up and went to the front of the room and started dancing to it until she realized what she was doing. XD.

Ok so this happened to me when I was six I still remember him and miss him
When I was to i could see and talk to ghosts we moved into this old house when I turned six there once wasvthis ghost who sat in my garage working on his bike I remember I use to sit in there and watch him he used to ask me queatiibs and I would answer I was the only one who saw him my parents only thought of it as part of my imagination but then things started happening thing fly across the room and sometime things would end up where they weren't in the first place oneday me and my mom dad and older sister were out we didn't come back till 6:30 at night when we walked in our family pictures were upside down books all over the floors and the furniture pillows were stacked against the wall I went to look at the mess and something told me to look up so I looked up and I see goodbye in red letters on the ceiling that was the last time I seen the biker

When I was younger I was sacred of my closet because I would hear rustling, breathing, and footsteps. So one night I fell asleep and something off my dresser fell. So I looked in the closet and I heard talking. And that very week whatever was in there was luring me to the closet I always would say no.

When I was 5 we had a Christmas party at my house. My relatives came and some friends of my parents. I talked and played with my cousins and such. There was a very big snow storm outside. Some people were smart enough to leave early. Later on to it went in my room and took a nap. When I woke up I saw the outline of someone huddled below. 'Um. . . Hi.' I was a kid and had no idea who he was. But he was friendly and we talked a while. I fell asleep again and he wasn't there so I went back to the party. No one noticed I was gone. The people that stayed it snowed us all in. That night I was sleeping on a mattress with my sister and there he was. I talked to him and asked why he left and how he came back he answered some of them.


Before I discovered the little girl I discovered the man...
Its was a beautiful summer morning and I had just woken up.... My dad had went to work 2hours before at 6am...I had walked by my parents room door..a man figure came out the bathroom I said "hi dad" bit he didn't reply "hey princess" like he ..I wasn't aware he was at work...I asked my mom"where is dad!?"...she replied"he left two hours ago"..I looked back in there and the man I was looking at me so I ran downstairs

In July 2nd was around... and my brother went downstairs...we heard a little girl sing
🎵ring around the roseys pocket full of Posey's ashes ashes we all fall down🎵..then she laughed a creepy laugh.... We ran upstairs and never spoke of it again....until now..
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