The purpose of nasal gaze meditation, especially for men, is to lift up your mental health, body health and spiritual protection from harm etc.
Next is you influence your family prosperity.
Or influence directly to your family if you are head of family.
Women can't have this.
And monks, sandhus and single celebrites can't have this too.
Next you influence your relatives, friends and country men.
Your country shall get better.
Buddha can't do this so his families and country were wiped out.
Next, if you are president or king, you transform your country and the world as well.

Sealing the Mark on our forehead is actually Dharma Transmission.

Next day the Patriarch came secretly to the room where the rice was pounded. Seeing that I was working there with a stone pestle, he said to me, "A seeker of the Path risks his life for the Dharma. Should he not do so?" Then he asked, "Is the rice ready?" "Ready long ago," I replied, "only waiting for the sieve." He knocked the mortar thrice with his stick and left.

Knowing what his message meant, in the third watch of the night I went to his room. Using the robe as a screen so that none could see us, he expounded the Diamond Sutra to me. When he came to the sentence, "One should use one's mind in such a way that it will be free from any attachment," I at once became thoroughly enlightened, and realized that all things in the universe are the Essence of Mind itself. (Tao is in everything.)

"Who would have thought," I said to the Patriarch, "that the Essence of Mind is intrinsic pure! Who would have thought that the Essence of Mind is intrinsically free from becoming or annihilation! (eternal) Who would have thought that the Essence of Mind is intrinsic self-sufficient! Who would have thought that the Essence of Mind is intrinsic free from change! Who would have thought that all things are the manifestation of the Essence of Mind!" (Bodhi is translated here into Essence of Mind. It is actually our soul or spirit and named Tao in Taoism.)

Knowing that I had realized the Essence of Mind, the Patriarch said, "For him who does not know his own mind, there is no use learning Buddhism. On the other hand, if he knows his own mind and see intuitively his own nature, he is a Hero, a 'Teacher of gods and men,' 'Buddha'." (Hui Neng was a lay man and had no Buddhist teaching from any one and he cannot read or write. A person who is fated to be an enlightened person will achieve his goal no matter how. Gautama Buddha was predicted to be a holy man when he was just born as a baby and some wrote that he pointed one index to the sky and the other index to the earth. Also Jesus when still a baby wealthy merchants visited him. This is a PLAN by the mysterious One. We are only actors and actresses. Once you are handed a role of a beggar, you have to act a beggar, a king, act as a king and an enlightened man as a Buddha, Saint, prophet etc. act as one of them.)

Thus, to the knowledge of no one, the Dharma was transmitted to me at midnight (sealing the mark on the forehead), and consequently I became the inheritor of the teaching of the 'Sudden' School as well as of the robe and the begging bowl.

"You are now the Sixth Patriarch," said he. "Take good care of yourself, and deliver as many sentient beings as possible. Spread and preserve the teaching, and don't let it come to an end. Take note of my stanza:-- 'Sentient beings who sow the seeds of enlightenment, in the field of Causation will reap the fruit of Buddha-hood. Inanimate objects void of Buddha-nature, sow not and reap not.'

He further said, "When the Patriarch Bodhidharma first came to China, most Chinese had no confidence in him, and so this robe was handed down as a testimony from one Patriarch to another. As to the Dharma, this is transmitted from heart to heart, and the recipient must realize it by his own efforts. From time immemorial it has been the practice for one Buddha to pass to his successor the quintessence of the Dharma, and for one Patriarch to transmit to another the esoteric teaching from heart to heart. As the robe may give cause for dispute, you are the last one to inherit it. Should you hand it down to your successor, your life would be in imminent danger. (a change of order to transmit Dharma to many) Now leave this place as quickly as you can, lest some one should do you harm."

Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible u

This is today's Facebook memory.
Mustard seed is referring to Mark on our forehead, which is smaller than mustard seed.
This is Suan Kuan acupuncture point.

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I am the only One revealing Jesus Christ as the High Priest in our face or temple.
So Singapore is Patmos Island, the New Holy Land.
To see the article click .
Then click My Articles then My Handiwork or .
Again click Election 84 or .
4 photos are police photos for the court case in 1994.

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Our face is the Holiest of the Holy, temple.
God inside us is now named Jesus Christ as Psalms 110 and Hebrews 1 verse says that you will be a High Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.
Now is the ERA of Melchizedek or Salvation ERA.

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Breath of Life is your spiritual SELF. 

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Read Books of Kings to understand Confucianism.
King sins, the whole country suffer.
The family suffer too.

Therefore a head of state should be a holy man.
A woman cannot be a head of state.
See England from an empire reduced to an island state.

I don't preach any religion.
We are all Gods.
What religion do we need?

My preaching is mainly 2.
Get Sealing on the Mark on your forehead.
And 2 is nasal gaze meditation.

You can understand scriptures better with meditation.

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