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~[Announcement: Stat Removal Update]~

Hello, after a discussion with the moderation staff on behalf of Naruto Roleplay: Fate Unleashed; we have decided that due to one of the members bringing up a valid point. We shall be removing the stat for Kenjutsu and also Dojutsu. This means that the community will be under some change by making updates to the rulings amd also some of the jutsu in the jutsu list but for all members, you are allowed to take the stats you have in those existing catergories and move them to where you please. I would like to thank all of you for your cooperation & I can't wait to see you at the Chunin Exams!


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Karin Meluna,a Genin in the cloud,A member of the Meluna clan,A proud shinobi. Karin was planning on going out for some training today. She woke up in her room got dressed went to eat good and headed out the door. She arrived early in the morning at the training grounds.

First she did her stretches,her legs were very pale since she had such a pale complexion. Her blonde hair wrapped around her tangling up on her arm,she sighed and stopped her stretches to put it up in a ponytail. She finished putting up her hair with her favorite blue elastic. Finishing that she did the rest of her stretches and started some cardio training.

Karin ran circles around the training grounds about two miles and then she stopped. She then did pushups followed with a round of crunches. She turned and faced a wall then threw a kick at the tree. She then did a few punches after putting on some fingerless gloves with padding.

Throwing punch after punch she built up her skill. She knew the exams were coming up and she needed to be ready. She had plans to beat a certain leaf nin as he was cocky enough to threaten to take her on. Her punches became more fierce then she kicked a few more times until eventually collapsing.

mid day had come around and she decided to wrap up her training. Readjusting her hair and removing her gloves she left for home. Today was productive and soon she would be ready for the coming exam. She arrived home collapsing on the couch she fell asleep.

+• Yuko 生活 •
+Riona Garner

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~[Lost Spar to Genin — Genin v. Genin: +10 Stat Points]~

~Wisdom: 0
~Intelligence: 40
~Defense: 15
~Strength: 25
~Speed: 20
~Chakra Reserves: 20 (30)
~Chakra Control: 42
~Ninjutsu: 65
~Taijutsu: 10
~Bukijutsu: 13
~Fuinjutsu: 0
~Genjutsu: 0
~Kekkei Genkai: 0
~Senjutsu: 0

+Faye Heart
+Riona Garner

If two Genin spar, do they both get stat boosts

[ Mission ]

Zen would be getting ready to go on his mission. Zen would start to walk to Raikage office to tell him of him heading out.

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~[Training of the Hotaka: Session #3]~


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~[The Training of the Hotaka: Session #2]~

It was now time to start the second part of his training. Earlier Kenji was training and he did a series of excerises. But now he decided to focus more on his Ninjutsu. He then got up and started to concentrate his chakra. Holding out his palm he would then start to charge up a rasengan

The chakra would then start to circle in his palm. Then it would start to solify into a ball of chakra and twirl around. Kenji would make eyes on his target, being one of the rocks in the distance. He then would lower his arm and get ready to charge. Kenji then charged towards the rock

He leaped up once in the area of the rock and slammed the Rasengan on top of it. The rock shattered into a variety if pieces and Kenji smiled. He was glad he was able to learn this technique early on and knew he had good destructive abilities with it. He then sat down in a blanket spot of sand. And while sitting here performed another Rasengan

His next training test would be how long he could hold it. Kenji calmed himself and closed his eyes. He would then started concentrating his chakra and sustaining the Rasengan. Time would then go by and he would feel his chakra slowly draining. And after a certain amount of time, he would start to get tired

Trying to push himself, he would keep trying to keep it up. After a few mintues of him succeeding in this, he then stopped and began to pant. Sweat dripped from his forehead and he sighed. He then got up and decided to stop his session for now and rest. Kenji then traveled home and stopped his training

~Wisdom: 0
~Intelligence: 40
~Defense: 15
~Strength: 25
~Speed: 20
~Chakra Reserves: 10 (20)
~Chakra Control: 42
~Ninjutsu: 50 (65)
~Taijutsu: 10
~Bukijutsu: 13
~Fuinjutsu: 0
~Genjutsu: 0
~Kekkei Genkai: 0
~Senjutsu: 0

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Dust release claim.

Niki Omi




•Shinobi Rank:



•Residing Village:

•Blood Type:

•Sexual Orientation/Preference:

4 foot exactly

110 lbs




Baki Omi; Non Shinobi
Saki Omi:Non Shinobi

Only Child

His family tree is all deceased apart from His Family.

Fia: Childhood friend; NPC in Iwa




•Current Status:
Learning in the acdemy




•Hair Style:
See Faceclaim

•Hair Color:
Light Brown

•Eye Color:
Light Green

•Skin Tone/Tint:
Pale, as typical in Iwagakure.

•Clothing Type/Trend:
Shinobi sandals
Anbu Style Slacks
Blue T-shirt
Green Jacket


Leather Bracelet around wrist.
Projectile sack tied to both thighs.
Short Katana tied just above rear end.

•Additional Features:
Freckles around nose and eyes.


[Personal Information]


Food, Fun and The Academy

Actually having to put effort in, Teachers, some classmates and His embarrassing parents

What is your OC like? Are they a sturdy type of person, a kind one, a lonely one? Be sure to be descriptive in this section, rather than just listing random traits. Whatever the case may be, list what your OC is like here.

His Family tree died during a family meet up outside of Iwa, He and His parents were lucky to escape. He was lucky enough to make friends with a kind girl his age Fia, together they became best friends. and have been since.

Fia and Niki applied into the Academy together, but she ended up in a different class to Niki. Now they both have graduated at the academy.

Niki recently discovered an aptitude with Katon and Doton, before realising that they were his chakra elements.




Give Up Nightcore, general Theme.

•Chakra Nature(s):
Doton, Katon, (Raiton evantually)




~Chakra Reserves:
~Chakra Control:
~Kekkei Genkai:

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~[The Training of the Hotaka: Session #1]~

With the Chunin Exams near, Kenji already knows what's expected of him. He knows that the Sand is already looked over due to their nature in the exams within the past. This wasn't something he was too fond of and decided to use this as motivation. He would get up out of his bed after just lying there with these thoughts. Kenji then proceeded to get dressed and eventually....start his training

The walk to the training grounds was one that he enjoyed. People of Suna would greet him as he walked by and as he reached the opening to the training grounds, he knew what time it was. He stepped within the grounds and started to stretch to prepare for what he would do first. Kenji then started to do jumping jacks to warm up. Once finished, he would start his actual training

The boy then dropped into the Sand and started to do push-ups. Kenji focused on strength because that was what was going to help him in the Exams. He continued these push-ups and ended up doing ten reps of ten, the total being one hundred. Kenji would switch and do a series of crunches. And these crunches all went by the same accord of the push-ups

He was a bit worn out by doing these strenuous exercises. But all in all, he had to keep pushing. Nearby there was a sturdy place where a pull-up bar would be. Being the height that he was, he looked up at the bar. Using his strength, he would then jump up to get his body onto the bar

Once there, he began doing a max of pull-ups. Kenji had always been strangely strong compared to other and he did a max of 22 pull-ups. He knew he could do more but decided not to as he would have more training to do. Kenji dropped from the bar and went to go sit down on a rock nearby. He would then take a break before his next training session


~Wisdom: 0
~Intelligence: 40
~Defense: 15
~Strength: 25
~Speed: 15 (20)
~Chakra Reserves: 10
~Chakra Control: 30 (42)
~Ninjutsu: 50
~Taijutsu: 10
~Bukijutsu: 5 (13)
~Fuinjutsu: 0
~Genjutsu: 0
~Kekkei Genkai: 0
~Senjutsu: 0
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