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That's the player map to the Barrowmaze. Yeah, I got those kind of players.

Tonight, the future of Barrowmaze -

Barovia, 1834.

A handsome gent, and a handsome lass, a savage medicine man, and a vagrant and his flea-ridden mastiff named

+Evan Lindsey

A polisher of sturdy protective antiques, a Mountbanke, a diminutive chef, and a Crimper of Cribs

+Justin Rock

entered into a domain of evil in which the very stones erupted from the Earth to stymie the progress of the rescuers of small children

An ill wind of skeletal floating men, adorned in dead leaves, and a steam-driven trap that enticed stalwart murderhobos to their dooms

Alas, sing a dirge for the mastiff Dragos, rushed headlong into death for no good reason

Also a couple of villagers died but that's not my story to tell


Get your tricorn and bowler hats, and your six-guns, flint-locks, and rapiers ready.

I am still sucking up the ichor of the Transylvanian Adventures thing - been about two weeks and I think I am comfortable with the funnel list, Ruin, and the Fear Save.  Still fondling the new classes.

I think the rest is mostly just stuff I can wing.

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I think that settles it. We can do an anomalous mound and a funnel-run for some people new to DCC our whatever

If you'd like to try a game of swords and magnifying glasses investigative horror tonight, maybe could look for a few players. Else, have set the thing for Monday tentatively

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would anybody be interested in taking pregen psionic characters from my DCC psionics supplement for a spin in their home games? In other words, looking for playtesters! People that can't agree to not publish what I give them need not apply.

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Read this, hale and hardy fellows, and tell me if you would enjoy the twist it gives to combat for DCC

In a last ditch "Before the Baby" kind of thing, I invite every character to take on whichever Patron they might wish, if they so wish it.

I believe there is one more game in the chamber before I close the campaign down and use it as a model and example of my next one.  Lessons learned posted post play, since there have been radical changes in my philosophy if not in actual practice

If you like, we can advance everyone who comes to like level 5 or 6 or something and move the action to the endgame, near the Pit of Chaos, with Sir Whatsisface's Fount of Law quivering and humming in a sack like a Lawful Good Palantir

Of course, this makes for some temporal and narrative discombobulation, but I am totally comfortable with it.  It would be a real shame to miss the end set-piece and frankly I'd love to see all the characters in the game with set-jaws, sweaty backs, and heroic ends, succumbing semi-heroically to the throngs of daemons that plummet forth at Nergal's command.  Do the characters free Helix and the Plane of Aereth from the machinations of the Dead Gods?  Or will the whole of the Flat Earth - all the way past fair (but demon ridden) Helleborine and to the mysterious Jade East - be swarmed over in a dreadful grey tide of walking corpses?

Corwyn is ready to go whenever our next adventure together will take place.  I hope things are well for you all and look forward to adventuring with you all again soon.

A Mok, a Mysteriarch, and an Alchemist walk into a bar called The Unicorn's Balls on the 17th sub level of Gehenna

There's a joke there somewhere but I can't recall it.
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